Atlas Dinky Trucks – 905 Foden Flat Truck with chains

By Maz Woolley

The latest truck to appear is the Foden Flat Truck with chains. Like Dinky they have used the same flatbed, chains and stanchions on another eight wheeler chassis. The Atlas Dinky 935 Leyland Flat Truck with Chains has already been pictured in a post in MAR Online at

The Dinky model started life as 505 with an earlier Foden cab and was converted to the second type of Foden cab part way through its life. It was subsequently re-numbered 905 as it has been presented by Atlas with the second type cab only. This all over Green model is authentic though it is one of the scarcer alternatives with red cab and grey rear and Maroon cab and rear being more common.

Like the Leyland eight wheeler this is a heavy model and well made. The painting and the silver printed grille and bumper are excellent. A small 20 roundel even appears on one rear mudguard reminding us that Lorries were heavily restricted in the 1940s and 50s to running speeds much below those of the current day.

The stanchions and chains are well replicated and give the plain load area some interest.

I think that this model will be well received by collectors as it is a classic supertoy.

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