Atlas Dinky Trucks – 512 Guy Flat Truck

By Maz Woolley


The latest Atlas Dinky to arrive is #512 Guy Flat Truck. The flat truck is just one of several variants Dinky made using this chassis units. Others included a flatbed with tail board and a version with “wooden sides” round the rear platform. Each of the versions was made in multiple colour combinations as well so the original toys are fairly common at toyfairs though not cheap.

From 1954 the toy was sold in the Supertoy striped box that Atlas have had replicated and the blue and red combination with mid blue wheels was sold from 1955 onward. The model was renumbered over time to 912 in 1956 and 432 in 1958 when it was also updated with a newer Guy cab.

I believe that the Guy modelled by Dinky was the Vixen Four Ton Chassis.

The Atlas model is to the usual standards with crisp casting and detailing. It replicates the original well and has a lustre to the paint that few originals now share.

This is another classic Binns Road Supertoy which will be welcomed by collectors.

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