Atlas Dinky Trucks – 412 Austin Open Wagon

By Maz Woolley


The latest model released in the Atlas Dinky Trucks series is 412 Austin Wagon. This casting started life in 1950 in the 30 series as 30J supplied to retailers in trade packs of six and they were then sold to the customer loose for two shillings and four old pence. It was then re-numbered 412 in 1954 and still came in a trade box of six until part way through production when it was packed in an individual yellow box as replicated by Atlas. The model was painted in a  number of bright colours designed to appeal to the customer which were actually very unlikely to feature on any real vehicle. The model was deleted in 1960 by which time the original was long out of production.

The Austin K2 was sometimes referred to as the Birmingham Bedford due to the close resemblance of their cabs and radiators. It had been produced in great numbers during the Second World War for the British and other Commonwealth Armies, particularly as an Ambulance,  and the civilian version quickly went back into production after the end of the war.

The Atlas is a good replica with the yellow paint covering the model very well and the radiator chrome parts and lights being nicely printed on.

This trucks series continues to feature Binns Road models rather than just re-issuing the models already made for the continental series which is good. Maybe the level of subscribers remains high for this series.

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