Atlas Dinky Trucks – 32 AB Panhard SNCF

By Maz Woolley


The latest model from Atlas in this series is a replica of a French Dinky model 32 AB Tracteur Panhard et Semi-Remorque S.N.C.F.

This model was first introduced by Dinky in 1952 and the livery had an outline of France with a railway engine on it. This was deleted in 1953 and in 1954 a second type as modelled by Atlas appeared with an outline of France with SNCF across it. The second version was renumbered 575 in 1959 and was finally deleted from the catalogue in 1963. A very long run but the French Railways livery is very attractive and the model a neat one.

Dinky got their value from this tractor unit and trailer as it appeared in Kodak, Calberson, and Esso liveries as well. The tractor unit also appeared hauling an Esso fuel tanker.

The Atlas replica is generally well done though there is clearly some imperfections on the cab casting which have not been disguised by the paint. It is otherwise a rather nice replica with good printing of the SNCF livery and nice masked painting of the chrome.

Investigations show that the second release of this model had two different liveries over time. One which not only had SNCF over an outline of France surrounded by light blue but the initial letters S N C F printed in blue as well. This was used on vehicles with concave hubs. The second type with France surrounded in green and no contrast colouring on the leading letters was fitted to vehicles with convex hubs.  Atlas has chosen it to be printed in the second style which is appropriate as the vehicle has convex wheels.

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