Atlas Dinky Trucks – 29E Autocar Isobloc

By Maz Woolley


The latest models shipped in the Dinky Trucks series is accompanied by a card saying it is another fine Supertoy. In reality it is neither a Supertoy or a Truck! The Autocar Isobloc is a Coach and is a replica of French Dinky release 29E. The colours used for this release are blue and silver as shown on one side of the box though the model was also available in the rarer red and silver as shown on the box artwork below .

The model was first introduced in 1951 and withdrawn by 1955 and was issued in three versions. The Atlas Model reproduces the third and final version with the ridged roof rack. One feature of this model is that the front axle is held by a clip a feature shared with only the Ford Vedette from French Dinky and the Standard Vanguard from Binns Road.

Although the Isobloc looked daringly continental it was based upon technology licensed from the US firm GarWood. It was powered by V8 Matford petrol engines or Panhard Diesels fitted to the rear of the vehicle.

The Atlas replica is made for them by Norev in China as usual and is well masked and sprayed.

The ladder is nicely replicated and fitted well. It complements the cleanly cast roof rack though what it must have been like loading and unloading the rack with heavy cases one can only imagine.

By the third edition the casting had fully raised silver “wing” pressings as well as the ribbed roof.

As can be seen the rear mounted engine had large air vents which have been modelled in some detail.

All in all an unusual and well made replica even if it is definitely not a Truck. One hopes that this is not a sign that this series will now taper off with a “random” set of castings from French Dinky used just to keep those sticking with the collection paying each month.

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