Atlas Dinky Trucks – 25O Studebaker Laitier

By Maz Woolley


The latest Atlas Truck sent to subscribers is the French Dinky  25O Studebaker Laitier (Milk Truck) in Nestlé livery. The original model was launched in 1949 and remained in production until 1954. Interestingly the same rear section was sold with a Ford chassis/cab from 1951 to 1955 and under the same serial number. Dinky France certainly got good use out of this Studebaker cab and chassis as it also appeared as a tow truck, a farmer’s truck, and a tipper.

The box for this model is a replica of the original box used for this model. Completely different to any others seen in the series so far but nicely made and as the photograph below shows it has been replicated internally as well to a high standard.

The model itself is nicely painted and detailed. As can be seen below the silver painted lights are painted as dots and are much too small for the real vehicle but this is entirely faithful to the original model. The model is unglazed as all these Studebakers would have been.

The rear section fitted out to carry the milk churns supplied is also very faithful to the original model. It has the tin tow hook and spare wheel of the original too.

This model was never sold in the UK but was sold for short periods in the Netherlands and the USA.

A different but interesting model and I believe that means that the last of the models listed on the original paperwork supplied by Atlas has now been produced.

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