Atlas Dinky Supertoys – Guy Warrior “Heinz”

By Maz Woolley

The Atlas Dinky Trucks series has finally been launched after the test launch some time ago. The Leyland Octopus Tanker also posted on MAR Online, after it was test launched, has been sent out to subscribers and has been followed by the second model.

#920 Dinky Guy Warrior Box Van – Heinz 57 Varieties.

The original Dinky model upon which this replica is based is extremely rare only being in production from 1959 to 1960 and is only affordable in original and mint condition by those able to spend thousands of pounds at auction.  It is an attractive Dinky toy with added play value from the opening doors to the rear of the vehicle.

The Atlas model is housed in a simple blue and white striped box, as was the original, replica box shown below:

Atlas Dinky 920 Box

The model itself is a nice replica of the original in the vibrant colours of the original.

Atlas Dinky 920 Guy Warrior Heinz Atlas Dinky 920 Guy Warrior Heinz Atlas Dinky 920 Guy Warrior Heinz Atlas Dinky 920 Guy Warrior Heinz

For those subscribing to the series a “free gift” was shipped with the Guy. It is the French Dinky Toys #592 Panneaux de Signalisation Routiere.

Atlas state that the next part is a Bedford TK Tipper which looks like a nice replica in the publicity material.

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