Atlas Dinky France – DAF & Opel

By Maz Woolley


Models from the French” Dinky™ Toys de mon enfance, la saga des ouvrants” series continue to be found on eBay from vendors in China and Hong Kong. Two purchased recently are featured in this article.

508 DAF

This model of the DAF 33 comes in a small box little bigger than later Matchbox ones. Opening doors,, a driver figure, jewelled headights, and suspension are all featured. The original Dinky was made between 1966 and 1971 in beige, bronze and red. Atlas has chosen to have it made in red.


The paint is stretched over ridges and there is a paint fault on the roof of my mode suggesting that this was probably a factory reject. That aside this is a nice model full of period charm.

513 Opel Admiral


Dinky France were fond of producing Opel models perhaps because they were very popular in Eastern France. The Admiral A series was introduced in 1964 and was the one of the larger cars in the Opel range along with the Kapitan and the Diplomat. All shared the same body shell with different levels of trim.   Initially only offered with a six cylinder engine the Admiral was later available with the Chevrolet V8  used in the top of the range Diplomat. The Dinky model was issued in 1966 and was withdrawn in 1969 a year after the real car was replaced.


The Dinky model was available in metallic blue and metallic red and Atlas have chosen to have it made in red. Again the paint is a little thin over panel joints but it is a good red metallic finish with well masked chrome grille, bumpers and lights. The bonnet opens to reveal a mask painted engine, and the boot opens to hold the three small plastic cases supplied with the model.


Like the DAF the interior is moulded white plastic but in this case there is no driver. All in all it is  very nice re-creation of a good model for the late 1960s.

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