Atlas Dinky Collection

By Maz Woolley

The UK Atlas Dinky series continues with a mixture of models originally released in the UK and France. The quality still remains consistent and deliveries seem to have quickened again. As ever the models released have been seen in the continental series already.

23C Mercedes-Benz Racing Car

I have finally received this model which many collectors were sent some time ago. This model is issued in ‘saxe blue’ with silver detailing, black hubs and a tan driver. It is a replica of the model as reissued in 1946. I suspect that all of these models were sold in trade trays so the yellow box though attractive is probably not authentic.

The model is based on the famous and successful Mercedes-Benz W25 racing car launched in the 1934 Grand Prix season and originally launched by Dinky in the same year.

This casting has also been released in the range sold by Atlas on the continent as a Mercedes Benz Voiture du Course in silver with red exhaust and wheel hubs with a white driver.


104 Aston Martin DB3S

Here Atlas choose to paint the model shocking pink which is an authentic Dinky colour even though I believe that no-one would ever have painted a real car that colour. Here the box is a neat replica showing the model in pink on one side and blue on the other. Personally I would have preferred the model in blue the other colour available when the model was launched in 1957. The driver sits much too high which is again authentic to the original toy.

On the continent Atlas used the casting to produce #506 launched in 1960 as the Aston Martin DB3 Sport using UK castings in racing green with race number 15 with silver hubs. A rather nicer model to my eye and one we may yet see in the UK range at some point perhaps.


551 Ford Taunus Polizeiwagen

This model is a replica of a model from the French Dinky range. Launched in 1965, based upon a casting for the saloon car which had been in production since 1962, the original model is rare and sought after. The replica is attractive and was also sold in this form in the continental series. The original saloon painted yellow was also produced by Atlas for the French series in a boxed set with the BMW 1500 in blue.

The model features replicas of the Dinky steering front wheels and the box is printed in German.


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