Atlas Dinky Collection – Studebaker Coupe, Renault 4 and Bedford CA

By Maz Woolley

This article was originally written for the first MAR Online site in September 2015. It is one of the items which we have collected from the old site before it is eventually turned off. It has been adapted to the new site. 

39F Studebaker Coupe

Again taking full advantage of castings that Norev made for the Continental series where this model appeared in an almost metallic blue.

Here in the UK series it is issued in a solid dark blue. Originally introduced in 1939 the model more closely resembles a post war issue with ridged hubs.

The model was phased out in 1950. It is based upon a Studebaker State Commander Coupe. The post war colours offered in the UK were grey, green, blue, red, brown and yellow.

518 Renault 4L

This is a French Dinky model which was sold in the UK for a short time from 1962 to 1963 and only ever in mid-brown.

Here we have the model in pale blue a French colour. This model is of course to 1:43 scale and several details show how much better products from France were at this time.

The nicely moulded interior with the seat rails even reproduced was way ahead of the generally vague interior details. When originally issued in France this model was offered in brown, blue, light blue and red.

A Renault 4L is dark blue was the last model issued in the original French Atlas Dinky series. Although numbered 518 this features an updated casting with the later full width Renault 4 grille.

481 Bedford 10 cwt Van Ovaltine

Introduced by Dinky in 1955 the model was deleted in 1960 by which time the CA had been significantly restyled.

The model was made in three liveries “Dinky Toys”, which has already appeared in the Atlas Dinky Collection, Ovaltine and Kodak.

The model replicates the original Dinky well capturing the shade of blue used originally well.

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