Atlas Dinky Collection – Morris Oxford, Mercedes 190 and Porsche 356

By Maz Woolley

This article was originally written for the first MAR Online site. It is one of the items which we have collected from the old site which is now turned off. It has been adapted to the new site. The models featured were issued some time ago.

The Atlas Dinky collection is made by Norev in China for Editions Atlas Group under licence from Dinky brand owners Mattel. All are reproductions and are not produced using original Dinky moulds. Many models in the UK collection have been of toys released in the UK, albeit that some have been finished in rare South African colours. A number have been based upon French Dinky models. In some cases these models were never released in the UK market.

159 Morris Oxford Saloon


This moulding first appeared numbered 40G in realistic single tone colours but in the mid-fifties Dinky changed the numbering to 159 and re-finished them in two-tone colours.
Atlas have chosen to release this model in what they call cerise and ivory. Others have called it maroon and cream. I don’t believe that BMC ever sold any Oxfords in a two-tone scheme like that used by Dinky.

This model was finally deleted by Dinky in 1959 long after the prototype had been replaced by the Farina saloons.

The Atlas reproduction is well done and although I would have preferred the cream and green finish the colours chosen are entirely authentic.


526 Mercedes 190 SL


As far as I can determine this French Dinky was never listed by Dinky UK for sale here.

Initially released in France as 24H in 1958 it was renumbered 526 in 1960 and stayed in production until 1963. When it was re-numbered in 1960 it gained windows and this is the version Atlas has chosen to model.

Again the reproduction is well made and for the UK collection Atlas have had the model painted in cream with a black hardtop which is one of the original colours. This model has previously been released in silver and black in the continental collection.

182 Porsche 356A Coupe


Here is another UK Dinky release though from the printed detail on the reproduction box I am sure it was sold across Europe.

This model was in production from 1958 to 1966 and appears to have been released with windows and to have retained the same number throughout.

Atlas has chosen to have the model painted in red with silver concave wheels and white tyres. Dinky also used this casting in red in the “Goodwood” sports car gift set, though in that case it had black tyres.

This is another moulding released previously on the continent. In that case it was painted in cream with blue wheels.

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