Atlas Dinky Collection: Morris J Capstan

By Maz Woolley

We have already seen the Morris J casting in the Atlas Dinky range as 260 Post Office van. Like Dinky Atlas have re-used the same casting in Capstan livery as released in 1957 and kept in the range until 1959. The advert from the Meccano magazine announcing the Dinky model is shown below.

Meccano Magazine March 1957 Dinky 465 Morris J Capstan


The Atlas model is again a good reproduction of the original with the mask painting being rather more regular than many originals.  Like the original Dinky it retains the security fittings on the rear door which would not have been realistic for many liveries but Cigarettes were high value goods and maybe the vans carrying them might have had added security.

Atlas Dinky Morris J Box

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