Atlas Dinky Collection – Mini Traveller and Bedford CA

By Maz Woolley

This article was originally written for the first MAR Online site in January 2014. It is one of the items which we have collected from the old site before it is eventually turned off. It has been adapted to the new site. 

Regular readers will be aware that Atlas Editions have recently launched a Dinky Toys series in the UK similar to the one that has been running on the continent for several years. These models are made by Norev for Atlas and are replicas of original models but are clearly marked as licensed by Mattel, who own the Dinky brand rights, on the base and on the replica boxes. As is often the case Atlas have given some “free gifts” to those subscribing to the collection. Readers of Model Collector magazine had a special subscription offer that included an additional free gift, a Dinky Borgward Isabella Coupe from the French Dinky Collection.

Regular Subscribers then go the same car later in the series as a pay for release.


All subscribers will get a facsimile of the 1959 Dinky Catalogue, a replica club badge as a key ring, and a set of petrol pumps, which are again the French release, and already seen in the French collection.


The replica vehicles announced so far are:

197 Morris Mini Traveller (Green)
482 Bedford CA ‘Dinky Toys’ (Yellow/Orange)
111 Triumph TR2 Competition finish (Pink)
103 Austin Healey 100 (Red)
555 Ford Thunderbird (South African Issue colour – Blue)
260 Morris J ‘Royal Mail’ (Red)
262 Volkswagen PTT Car (Yellow/Black)
162 Ford Zephyr Saloon (Two tone Blue)

Collectors who subscribed later have received models in a different sequence with the Ford Zephyr only being sent out a couple of months ago to some.

All are sold packed in replica boxes. My first reaction to the boxes is that they are so small compared to modern packaging. They are made to ‘just fit’ the model contained rather than surrounding them with a large empty space. Unlike the original Dinky company Atlas provide internal packaging. Each model sits on a plastic tray, wrapped in paper, and protected by a small square of foam packing at each end.

The Mini Traveller and Bedford CA can be seen below

I am sure that this series will prove popular beyond the normal collectors’ market due to the nostalgic appeal of the toys and the way that Atlas advertise them. There is already an active trade in the models on eBay, due to the fact that they are not be sold by Atlas outside the UK. I expect that some models, such as the Volkswagen PTT car, will be very popular due to the scarcity, and high cost, of the original.

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