Atlas Dinky Collection – Ford Thunderbird and Triumph TR2 Competition

By Maz Woolley

This article was originally written for the first MAR Online site in March 2014. It is one of the items which we have collected from the old site before it is eventually turned off. It has been adapted to the new site. 

All Atlas Dinky Toys models and boxes carry modern Mattel copyright details and are made by Norev for Atlas. The first two vehicles issued were an Austin Mini Countryman and a Dinky Toys liveried Bedford CA.

The third vehicle issued is a replica of Dinky 111 Triumph TR2 in competition guise with driver in ‘helmet’.

Many of the original models have faded over the years but the Atlas replica is in the striking original shade of pink which I am sure was never seen on any production vehicle.

However, with the reproduction box it is a very acceptable replica of a toy from the past.


The fourth model released is a replica of the rare South African variant of Dinky 555.

This Ford Thunderbird is painted in a shade of blue never used elsewhere and the originals reach higher prices at auction than more common colours.

This is a very nicely produced model and includes a driver figure as well as white tyres and the one-piece screen. One thing that differentiates these new models from the old ones is the very neat printed ‘chrome’ and lights. The originals had detail hand painted and were never as neatly finished.

Each of these models comes in a replica box and in this case the model features are listed in both English and what looks to me like Afrikaans which would be appropriate. Features such as the ‘finger-tip steering’ are reproduced when authentic and work like the originals.


Future Releases

As this is being re-published the Author has reviewed the list below and any items marked with an asterisk have not yet been received.

Atlas supplied enquirers with details of models to be expected in the range. Those yet to be seen when the article was originally published are listed below, though Atlas states that they may not appear in this order. These models will take over two years to release at one per month. Many of the models listed have already been released in the various continental Atlas Dinky series:

VW Swiss Post
Opel Kapitan
Auto Union
Ford Zephyr
Austin A90
Citroen ID 19
Morris J Post Office
Dodge Royal Sedan
Austin Healey 100
Morris Oxford Saloon
Buick Roadmaster Sedan
Jaguar XK 120 Coupe
Packard Eight Sedan
Volvo 122S
Aston Martin DB3
Hotchkiss Record
Porsche 356 Coupe
Panhard Coach
Studebaker State Commander
Renault 4 Berline
Citroen Light 15
Bedford 15cwt Ovaltine
Ford Taunus Polizei
Renault Dauphine Mini Cab – Do not believe that this has been released yet (3/17)
Mercedes 190 SL
Morris J 10 Cwt

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