Atlas Dinky Collection – Auto-Union, Panhard, Hotchkiss and Triporteur

By Maz Woolley

This posting has been adapted from an article originally published on the old website that is no longer available. 

This series is made by Norev in China for Atlas. These are not made from the original moulds but are copies of the originals. The UK Atlas Dinky collection was launched in 2014 whilst the continental series has been running for over three years.

23D Auto-Union Racing Car

This model was part of Dinky’s pre-war 23 series of racing cars and appeared in red, blue, green or silver.

Dinky chose to model the car in its fully streamlined form which was a rare sight. This supercharged sixteen cylinder racing car set a record of 320 KPH in 1935 driven by Hans Stuck.

When re-released in 1946 the car was only available in red and silver. Atlas have decided to have it produced in red for the UK collection whilst it produced it in light green for the Continental collection. I would rather have had it in the more realistic silver.

The model is very simple and is complemented by a post-war style box.

524 Coach Panhard 24 C


This model was made by Dinky France but was catalogued and sold in the UK.

In France the model was available in steel grey and in white and was available from 1964 to 1969. Here in the UK it was only available in grey and was sold from 1965 to 1967. The model had two unusual features: plastic light lenses; and sliding front windows both replicated on the Atlas model. The Atlas reproduction box seems rather fuzzy and with more saturated colours than those of the original packaging.

The 24 C was one of the last Panhards launched before Citroen took them over and Panhard Cars were dropped altogether. Panhards were powered by small two cylinder engines of 848cc which were highly tuned to give them a good turn of speed when combined with a light body created through much use of lightweight materials. The 24 C was a rather good looking Coupe but failed to sell in the volume needed to keep Panhard independent.

The Atlas model is an excellent reproduction of the original toy.

23B Hotchkiss Racing Car


Dinky introduced this model in 1935 in blue, red, yellow and orange and production ceased in 1941.

It appeared again in 1946 and was produced until 1948 in the UK and 1951 in France in red with a silver flash or silver with a red flash.

Atlas have chosen to reproduce the car in its post-war Silver with red flash finish. The model would be more accurately described as a record car rather than a racing car and is based upon the car driven by Captain George Eyston in 1934 to take several speed records.

14 Triporteur


Another model having its origins before the Second World War, and produced by Dinky France from 1935 until 1952.

Atlas have chosen again to replicate the model as it appeared after the war with the number plate moulded into the box. Atlas suggest that the model was imported into the UK and sold as 14z but I can find no trace of this in my reference books, perhaps a reader can confirm whether this was the case.

None of the lists produced by Atlas so far suggested that this model would be released in the UK range.

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