Atlas Dinky Collection 520 FIAT 600 D

By Maz Woolley


The Atlas Dinky Collection features another French Dinky model a FIAT 600 D.  Binns Road also produced a 600 but that was a cruder model  with one piece solid wheel and tyres based upon an earlier version of the car so perhaps we can be grateful that Atlas chose to use the French Model as the basis for their replica. The replica box shows off the nice Dinky art work well though the model lacks much of the detail shown on the box.

Atlas have chosen to have the replica made in cream. The model was also available in red when launched by Dinky France in 1963. It remained in their catalogue until 1970. This model has already been issued in this colour in the continental Dinky series from Atlas in France and other European countries.

Looking at pictures of the original model the replica is cast to a higher standard as it does not show the mould marks that many of the originals seem too.

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