Atlas Dinky Collection – 534 BMW 1500

By Maz Woolley


The latest Dinky model from the UK Atlas Dinky collection has arrived. Again a replica of a French Dinky model previously seen in the collection issued by Atlas France. The BMW 1500 was produced by Dinky France between 1963 and 1968.

Atlas UK has chosen to have this modelled in pale green with a red interior. It was also originally produced in dark red as well by Dinky as shown by the box art.

The replica made by Norev in China is finished to a high standard capturing the original toy very well. As always the baseplate is clearly marked as made by Atlas and Mattel.

Nice though this model is I am sure that more collectors may cancel their subscriptions. Atlas advertising for this series focused on Binns Road and its products yet there have been no new UK Dinky castings for some months. One wonders if the current Dinky Vans range which has just launched with an Oxo liveried Trojan van  was launched in an attempt to get some of the collectors who have abandoned this collection back.

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