Atlas Dinky Collection – 1423 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet

By Maz Woolley


This series launched with pictures of Binns Road and UK Dinky models but few replicas of UK models are now being produced and most models are French Dinky models already seen in the Continental series.  The model shown in this posting is another French Dinky model originally introduced in 1969.

#1423 Cabriolet 504 Peugeot


Only about 8,000 of this cabriolet based upon the 504 saloon underpinnings were made by Pinifarina in Turin, Italy between 1969 and 1983. It was a beautiful car styled to look good hood down in the sunny South of France.

The Dinky model is rather good and surprisingly was only made from 1969 to 1971. It featured a new style of turning wheels supposedly operated by the ridged steering wheel, these have been replicated by Atlas but do not work properly, indeed one wonders if trying to force them work would break the plastic components. It came with a road sign which Atlas has again included though they have not reproduced the leaflet that also came with the original.

Again the model shows just how much closer French Dinkies were to being models than their UK counterparts. There are no opening parts to spoil the lines and the extra effort went into fitting it with separate plastic lenses for the distinctive front lights printing the grille centre and providing realistic number plates.

If we are to get French Dinky models in this collection then at least this is an excellent model to include. Others who had already collected French Dinky models on eBay may well consider this collection no longer worth collecting and if they stop subscribing I wonder how much longer it is likely to last.

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