Atlas Dinky Chevrolet Corvair

By Maz Woolley

Here is another model in the Atlas Dinky series obtained on the secondary market. I am not sure which official Atlas series this model will appear in. Pictures on the web suggest that Atlas has already sold this Corvair casting in Blue and Turquoise in mainland Europe This green model is replica of the rare and expensive South African made edition with a replica box with Afrikaans on one side and English on the other. It is possible that this model will appear in the UK series in the near future if it has not already been sold on the Continent.

The French Dinky Corvair casting was introduced in 1961 and production in South Africa was from 1966 after production finished in France and the moulds were exported. The Atlas model is a faithful replica and is painted and detailed beautifully – rather better than any original models would have been perhaps. The original casting captured the original well and showed off the high standard of masters produced in France.

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