Atlas Dinky – 811 Caravane

By Maz Woolley

Yet another French Dinky in this series. It is now some time since the Aston Martin DB3S which was the last model from the UK Dinky range in this series and that was issued at the end of 2016. I imagine that many collectors are now stopping collecting the series if postings on the web are any indication.

811 Caravane was issued by Dinky France in 1959 in beige or cream with a white roof. Dinky never stated the make of Caravan modelled but it is stated to be a Hénon in many reference books. This Caravan was never sold by Dinky UK. At some point in production it was slightly modified so the tab holding baseplate down at rear looked like a number plate.  Atlas have chosen to reproduce the model in Cream with white roof. The Caravane had been withdrawn by 1964 by which time it was looking old fashioned.

Although Dinky chose a “real” caravan to model, rather than make a generic one as earlier Caravans in the range had been,  it seems very plain as the big windows open on a completely vacant interior. Indeed the full length window on both sides makes one wonder how the interior was arranged.

Although glazing is boasted on the box it merely emphasises the lack of interior. Pictures of the Caravan suggest that they mostly had lots of curtains and some representation of curtains would have lived up this model,

A large tow hook is fitted at the front of the Caravan suitable for use by French or British Dinkies. This gave the Caravan great play value.

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