Atlas Dinky – 506 Aston Martin DB3 Sport

By Maz Woolley


Reproduction Box

As predicted in an earlier post we now have the racing version of this model to go with the road version issued earlier in pink. This model has already been seen in the Continental Dinky Collection.

The car as modelled is a French Dinky variant based upon castings made in the UK and was sold in 1960 for a year. The only variation known is that the racing numbers varied from one to nineteen. Atlas have chosen to model it as number 15.

In the UK the model appeared numbered 110 with red painted hubs.

The original Aston Martin DB3S was made between 1953 and 1956 and was a successful sports racing car often seen in the racing press. With placings at Le Mans as well as Sebring and the Tourist Trophy it was a considerable success although overshadowed by the Jaguar C and D Types.

The Atlas replica is very nicely made with smooth and glossy paintwork and a well finished driver. Lights and grille are silver painted and the rear lights are painted red.

Atlas Customer services say that there are 55 models to be released in this series and that 41 have been issued so far. This is very substantially fewer that were issued in the French Atlas Collection and perhaps indicate that sales have fallen off considerably as the collection has progressed. A Dinky Vans series has been test marketed with an OXO Trojan Van. As far as the collection of later Dinky’s with opening features is concerned , which they test marketed with the DB5, Atlas say that they have still to decide whether they will go ahead with that.

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