Atlas Dinky 25B Peugeot D3A “Mazda”

By Maz Woolley


The latest release I have received in the Atlas Dinky Toys collection is another French Dinky: 25B Fourgon Tolé Peugeot.  I hesitate to say the latest release as I frequently hear of other collectors getting the models from Atlas in a different sequence to me.

The D3A was originally launched by Chenard-Walker in June 1946 with a little 1,000cc two cylinder engine and a flat fronted forward control layout.  Citroen launched the H van late in 1946 creating strong competition so a 1133cc engine was bought in from Peugeot and the “pigs snout” added at the front to accommodate the longer unit.

The D3 was smaller than the H and well adapted to light and urban delivery activities. Peugeot took over Chenard-Walker in 1950 as it was a major creditor and could see Chenard-Walker going out of business. It took the van and uprated the engine again to a four cylinder 1290cc unit and called it the D3A. An identical looking D4 with a 1496cc engine from the Peugeot 403 replaced the D3 in 1955 and it ran until the introduction of the J7 in 1965.

The Lampe Mazda livery is interesting. “Mazda” was a trademarked name registered by the US General Electric company in 1909 and licensed to companies around the world to allow bulbs to be made to a standard tungsten filament design and a standard socket design. In France Compagnie des Lampes were licensed  to produce them and traded as Mazda.

The Mazda Lamps liveried version of this model was launched by Dinky in 1953 and was one of their earliest models sold in a yellow box. It was deleted in 1955 by which time Dinky had started on a  long series of alternative liveries on this casting which include Postes, Cibie, and Esso, The rarest D3A versions seem to be those produced with no livery at all. The D3A casting seems to have been produced in one form or another until the early 1960s.

The Atlas replica is very well painted and printed and a nice item for the collection. I wonder what French Dinky model we will see next in this series.

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