Atlas Dinky 24B Peugeot 403 Berline

By Maz Woolley


The latest Atlas Dinky to ship in the UK is a casting already seen several times in the Continental series. That series appears to have included both the original unglazed release and the later glazed one. For the UK Atlas has presented the earliest form of the casting in black with white tyres and numbered 24B. The casting was later re-numbered 521 and glazed. The model first appeared in 1956 and was re-numbered in 1959 lasting in the range until 1961.

This model is a nice replica of the original which was a good likeness of the real Peugeot 403 Berline. Many readers will be aware that the Tin Tin comic books featured many cars, and the 403 was one of them. I am convinced that Hergé often drew the pictures from toys rather than pictures of the real car, the picture below illustrates what I mean.

(c) Tin Tin copyright owners

The model certainly has a period charm that Dinky Toys on both sides of the channel had in the mid-fifties. It is an excellent reproduction of a toy that captured the real car, albeit in a stylised way. It was a good seller in France at a time when children wanted models of the cars they saw around them.

I can find no record of this model ever being listed by Dinky in the UK so it would have been a very unusual model for a child in the UK to have.

Atlas has given an estimate of 45 issues to be made in this series and it would appear likely that most or all of the rest will already have been seen in the French series already.

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