Atlas Deluxe Dinky Toys

By Maz Woolley

Atlas‘ web site is now showing the new Deluxe Dinky Toys range with models with opening parts as test marketed in mid 2015.  The starter model at a reduced price is the Aston Martin DB5 Convertible and it will then be followed by:

  • Honda S800
  • Simca 1500 Estate
  • Mercedes-Benz 230L
  • Ford Galaxie 500
  • Citroën DS 19

So all the follow up models promised in the new series are French Dinkies and no indication that any of the models originally shown in the test marketing will be made available. The original test marketed list of models was:

  • 164 Ford Zodiac Mark 4
  • 129 Volkswagen Deluxe Saloon
  • 212 Ford Cortina Rally Car
  • 151 Vauxhall Victor 101
  • 135 Triumph 2000
  • 250 Police Mini Cooper
  • 116 Volvo 1800S

In France the arrival of this series happened as the original Dinky Series was concluded one wonders if that will now happen here?

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