Atlas Classic Dinky Models 532 Lincoln Premiere

By Maz Woolley


The latest model issued here in the UK is another French Dinky. This time it is 532 Lincoln Premiere. A large model and one Dinky France made to 1:48 scale when they normally made models to 1:43. Despite this it is an impressively long model.

The model was introduced in 1959 and withdrawn by 1965. The model is most commonly seen in metallic green with a dark green roof or in sky blue with a grey roof.  Atlas have chosen to have it painted in metallic grey with a garnet red roof which was a much rarer version.

The model is well made with features replicating those on the original well down to the domed chrome wheels and white tyres.

The large window unit has been well replicated though it has a clarity that I doubt the original models ever had and that emphasises the lack of any interior.

The Dinky itself rather simplifies some of the original cars details, particularly at the rear .

If Atlas provide more replicas of the French produced US cars it may encourage people to stay with the collection.

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