Another Miniature Ford Prefect 100E?

By Mike Harvey

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Editor: This article is based upon Mike’s recent posting on our Facebook page which is so interesting that it is reproduced here so all our readers may share it. This follows up Dave Turner’s recent article on the 1953 Ford Prefect which can be found here

I have just rediscovered my Premier’s plastic kit of an English Ford. Despite the box front artwork the kit is a left hand drive 100E but with a Prefect grille. The box side artwork shows a left hand drive car but with a missing B pillar on the driver’s side. Moulded in light blue plastic it scales out at 1:25.

There are two tone chromed parts with wheel hub caps a slightly different colour to the surrounds, and the grille surround different from the slatted part. The chromed V emblem for the bonnet top helps date it. 

The instructions for putting the parts together are shown below.

I have not had the heart to put it together, and dry runs show that 60+ years after manufacture a considerable amount of fettling would be needed to produce a good result now.

Mike points out that although the grille and other fitting are clearly those of a Ford Prefect it has a two door body shell and the Prefect was a four door in the UK. Perhaps Ford sold two door cars with Prefect trimmings in other markets or maybe the car is a hybrid between a Prefect and Anglia.

This model  was joined by several other UK cars in the original series. In addition to the Triumph TR3 shown on the box side below there were also a Jaguar XK120 as well as a Nash Rambler a.k.a.  Austin Metropolitan.

Editor: Mike also pointed us to the Onethirtysecond web site where there is a page dedicated to the kit and the one piece resin body created from it. Onethirtysecond was run as a hobby company and seems to currently be on a back burner due to the owner’s other commitments so the resin reproduction may no longer be available.

onethirtysecond 100E Photo © onethirtysecond

onethirtysecond Ford 100E Photo © onethirtysecond


Matt Irvine, famous for his books on making plastic kits, confirmed to onethirtysecond  that Premier was a kit line made in the US making it a puzzling choice for a US maker.

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