Another KTM X-BOW

By Hans Nordström

Text by, and copyright of the Author. Photographs from the Manufacturer

Maz Woolley recently wrote about two KTM X-BOW models from Spark and Siku, click here to read. Actually there is a third KTM X-BOW model available. This has been available in 1:43 and 1:32 scale from the German slot car manufacturer Carrera. This has been available for some time as I bought the1:43 scale version back in 2008  from a toyshop in Germany and it wasn’t expensive either about 15 euros if my memory is correct.

It is not a bad model at all, though not of course not as good as the Spark one, but for the low price very good indeed. It does have a driver, like most slot cars do, and personally I prefer civilian cars without drivers, not even James Bond. But for famous racing cars it’s an altogether different matter, as part of such a car’s history, the driver is the person who made the car famous and therefore even his helmet is part of the car’s history! The colour of the model I bought is the most common KTM one orange and black!

Carrera has produced the X-BOW in several colours shown below with images from their web site.

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