A look at the latest Autocult models

By Maz Woolley

All photographs supplied by Autocult.

Again Auto Cult’s releases mix the obscure with the every day. Auto Cult’s models are resin cast to 1:43 scale in China for Germany.

Auto Cult Intermechanicca Murena 429GT

#05006 Intermeccanica Murena 429 GT

Two Americans, Joseph “Joe” Vos and Charles Scwendler partnered the Italian company Intermeccanica to produce a luxury two door estate car similar in some ways to the Reliant Scimitar from the UK. The long bonnet concealed a Ford 7 Litre V8. The car had premium leather seats for all four passengers, a stereo sound system, air-conditioning, electrically operated windows, and high quality carpets in the floor area. Shown for the first time at the New York Auto Show in 1969 at the booth of the Murena Motor Corporation. The car cost over 14.000 US$, and despite its style and exclusivity  between 1969 and 1970 just ten cars were sold before Joe Vos and Charles Scwendler called it a day.

Auto Cult Mercedes C111 study Bruno Sacco

#06008 Mercedes-Benz C111 Sacco-Studie

The Classic uncompromisingly angular C111 with its gull wing doors often in vivid orange is a well known Classic which trialled the Wankel rotary engine which promised much but never made it into routine production vehicles at Daimler Benz.
This version was a car styled by Bruno Sacco and used as a test car in the C111 programme. This neat car has shades of Opel Junior and Ferrari Dino styling and although pretty lacks the presence of the better known C111 cars.

Auto Cult Otto Mathe Fetzenflieger

#07002 Otto Mathé Fetzenflieger

Otto Mathé was well-known in Austria in 1950s car racing circles. His “do-it-yourself” car made from VW components and a 130 bhp  Porsche engine created a “beast” which upset even significantly better financed factory teams from time to time.
In 1952 he had created one of the first mid-engined sports cars. The car was skillfully covered by an aluminum skin with open access to plugs and carburettors.

Today the car is on exhibition at the Automuseum PROTOTYP in Hamburg

Auto Cult Citroen 350 Belphegor Guinard

#12002 Citroén 350 Belphégor Guinard

Here is a rather more prosaic vehicle, but a rather attractive one. In 1965, the French manufacturer Citroen produced its first truck and production of trucks under the Citroen name continued until the 1970s. This truck was nicknamed Belphegor, though officiall, it was simply called the type 350.

The truck had idiosyncratic styling which was not to everyone’s taste but which I find distinctive in an era when everything was becoming box shaped. Like a BMC FG small windows at the height of the feet to enabled the driver a better visibility on the street and allowed easier parking.The type 350 was the smallest version in the modular system with a four cylinder petrol or diesel engine.

Many fire services used this model where the driver´s cab was integrated in the body which had a second row of seats fitted leaving storage space for equipment behind.  A large roof track allowed further tools to be carried. This vehicle started in service in the fire department “D´incendie et de secours du haut-rhin” which later became Departement SDIS 68, of the city Colmar.

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