A foursome of Kovap Tinplate models

By Maz Woolley


On a recent holiday in Prague I came across some Kovap tinplate models. These models are still being made in a factory in the Czech Republic. Many, but not all, of their products are based on tooling purchased from the German Kellerman CKO firm. The same firm also produced the Miniauto range of plastic Skoda and Tatra model cars to 1:43 scale. I already had the Büssing Deutche Bundesbahn coach in my collection from the days when Hawkins Bazaar imported Kovap models into the UK so I decided to add some more to the collection. The appeal of these nicely made and finished tin plate models is largely nostalgic. They re-capture the past in the way that Atlas Dinky replicas do. The tinplate tractors and agricultural equipment are beautifully made and mechanical not an electronic feature in sight.

The models pictured are all still available in the Kovap range though distribution of the range seems to patchy outside the Czech Republic and even eBay has only a small choice. The range can be seen on the company website http://www.kovap.cz  and if you look at the company profile page you will see some interesting photographs of the machinery used to produce the models.

KOVAP Büssing Autobus 1959

I have owned this model for a number of years. It has CKO still pressed into the base so its origins are clear. It is a very nice model with excellent printed details. The tinplate is cleverly used in sections to allow a lot of folded detail to be used on the side panels to form the door and windows.

Sadly the model is only available in yellow with a wind up mechanism in the current catalogue rather than in the period livery shown on this model which does not have a clockwork motor.

This model is stated as 1:43 scale.


Kovap 0648 Volkswagen 1200

Again bearing the CKO logo on the base plate this is the standard saloon version of this model which is also sold as a steel grey saloon. It is also sold in Police, Fire, Circus and Post liveries as well as with a roof rack and skis. The moulding is not particularly crisp making the model rather smooth like some ceramic Volkswagens.  However it is a nice shape and size.

This model is stated as 1:32 scale

 Kovap 0632 Volkswagen Transporter T2 Polizei

This T2 is currently only listed as available as an Orange Minibus. However, shops in the Czech Republic had it for sale in various liveries. The model has also been available in Ambulance, Post, and Fire liveries and as a pickup. Apart from the fact that it lacks glazing to the side and rear for some reason this is a nice model.

This model is stated as 1:43 scale.

Kovap 0615 Tatra Fire Appliance

Still listed in the catalogue in this form it has also been sold as a truck in the past. This is a very detailed model with lots of additional parts like the foam gun, ladders,lights, spare wheel, exhaust stacks, and even some shutter door handles. Although marked Feuerwehr this is a distinctive Czech model with no sign of CKO on the base plate but a pressed in A. It is almost as if the Czech Engineers were showing what they could do because it is a very impressive model and far from just being a toy. The gallery below  allows you to see some more pictures of this model.

This model is stated as being to 1:43 scale.

If any readers have collections of Kovap models, particularly the agricultural models we would be very interested in seeing pictures of your models and information about them.


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