A Car Collector ‘Widow’

To the Editor:

Today was a scorching hot Sunday best spend on the couch lazily watching old black and white movies. To my delight Sabrina was on. Not the 1995 version with Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts but the 1954 version with Audrey Hepburn and  Humphrey Bogart.  Sigh… great actors, beautiful sets and witty dialogue.

I even managed to coax my CC (car collecting) husband away from his online editing of this magazine to watch it half way through.   And then it happened,   IT always happens at some point when we are watching an old movie.  Audrey and Humphrey are coming up the sweeping drive after a night on the town only to be confronted by William Powell.  Karl sits up and stares intently at the pivotal scene.  And then it happens “I don’t recognize that car” and he is gone. Off to his office to log onto THE WEBSITE.   www.imcdb.org, The Internet Movie Car Database. I’ve lost him for the duration.  So I smile and call my dog Elijah Doolittle (yes I am a big Audrey Hepburn fan) on to the sofa with me and together we finish watching Bogart get the girl.  The car??  It was a …

1953 Nash-Healey with body by Pininfarina

Margie Schnelle

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