News from the Continent June/July 2016 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here is a selection of releases from the first half of 2016

BMW M4 Coupe M Design (4)

071246 BMW M4 Coupe “M-Design”

The miniature is accurately shaped. The body is painted in white with the striking BMW M-stripes and the typical, finely cast wheels. The detailed brake shoes and carbon roof show the high standard of finish.

Bonnet and boot can be opened, a detailed engine is fitted and a well detailed baseplate.

Wartburg 353 NVA (2)

092487 Wartburg 353 1985 “NVA”

Chlorbuna was the name of the typical matt green of vehicles used by the National Peoples Army of the former GDR. The model appears in this colour fitted with authentic lightbar on the roof and the National emblems on the front doors.

Scania R 09 6x2 Tractor (1)

110792 Scania R´09 6×2 rigid tractor “Coles and Sons”

Images of Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe adorn the new Scania R topline rigid tractor of the freight handler Coles and Sons from Great Britain. The blue Scania is equipped with a light box and is released in a high-quality showcase box.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2013 (2)

092531 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2013 Bus with high roof “Postbus”

As well as using coaches for long-distance lines the brand “Postbus” operates this new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for local traffic.

Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace (1)

306003 Mercedes-Benz Actros Gigaspace artic. box-truck “Brian Yardley GB”

Another promotional model for Brian Yardley. This time a Mercedes-Benz Actros lowliner with a box trailer used for events haulage. This follows an earlier Volvo for the same firm.

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News from the Continent June/July 2016 – Wiking

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Wiking Releases expected in August 2016. All items moulded in plastic in Germany.

New models – Scale 1:87

18571 Wiking 17_022603_000226 03 Morris Mini Minor (right hand drive)

18572 Wiking 17_022404_000224 04 Renault R4 French Gendarmerie

18573 Wiking 17_086137_000861 37 Volkswagen Beetle Fire Chief staff car

18574 Wiking 17_027340_000273 40 Volkswagen T5 GP California

18575 Wiking 17_038912_00 0389 12 Claas Lexion 770 TT combine harvester with V 1050 grain cutter

18576 Wiking 17_067204_000672 04 MAN TGX Euro 6/Meiller exchangeable body

18577 Wiking 17_048004_000480 04 Krupp Titan platform flatbed truck

18578 Wiking 17_063403_000634 03 Mercedes-Benz 1620 Breakdown truck

18579 Wiking 17_042001_000420 01 Magirus S 3500 Platform flatbed drawbar

Upgraded Models – Scale 1:87

18580 Wiking 17_082710_000827 10 Opel Manta A GT/E

18581 Wiking 17_009203_000092 03 Dethleffs 530 Caravan

18582 Wiking 17_014101_000141 01 Mercedes-Benz 200/8 saloon

18583 Wiking 17_079719_000797 19 Volkswagen T1 Bus ADAC

18584 Wiking 17_046201_000462 01 Volvo N10 steel platform truck

18585 Wiking 17_068002_000680 02 Demag Mobile crane

18586 Wiking 17_041603_000416 03 MAN “Pausbacke” platform drawbar

18587 Wiking 17_038814_000388 14 Krampe halfpipe dumper trailer

18588 Wiking 17_036302_000363 02 Claas Axion 850 tractor

Scale 1:160

18589 Wiking 17_096203_000962 03 Magirus Fire Service DL 30

New Items – Scale 1:32

077395_Raeder_ClaasArion.indd 18591 Wiking 17_077395_01 18592 Wiking 17_077395_03077395 Wheel set: Row crop wheels for Claas Arion 400

Unbenannt-1 18595 Wiking 17_077396_01 18594 Wiking 17_077396_020773 96 Wheel set: Winter wheels for Valtra model range T4

18596 Wiking 17_077394_00 18597 Wiking 17_077394_010773 94 Square bales, 6 items 66 x 35 x 25 mm

18598 Wiking 17_077393_00 18599 Wiking 17_077393_010773 93 Round bales 6 items 54 mm diameter

18601 Wiking 17_077392_01 18600 Wiking 17_077392_000773 92 Round bales in bale silage film, 6 items – 35 mm diameter

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News from the Continent June/July 2016 – Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here are the products announced by Schuco for release in June and July 2106

June 2016

Edition 1:43

18620 Schuco 450266700_00 450266700 Opel Olympia Caravan “Messerschmitt Service” with trailer, loaded with a cabin scooter

Edition 1:10

18621 Schuco 450664900 450664900 Hercules K 50 RL motorcycle, red.

Edition 1:87

18622 Schuco 452621600452621600 Volkswagen T1 delivery van “Persil washing powder”

Aviation 1:600

18623 Schuco 403551672403551672 Airbus A340-300 “Cathay Pacific”

18624 Schuco 403551660403551660 Boeing B777-300 “Air France”

18625 Schuco 403551662403551662 Airbus A321 “Swiss International Airlines”

18626 Schuco 403551643_00_00403551643 Airbus A350-900 “German Lufthansa”

July 2016 Releases


18627 Schuco 450117900_00450117900 Piccolo Pop-Art Edition I “Mercedes 1936”

Edition 1:43

18628 Schuco 450278800450278800 Hanomag R40 tractor with roof

18629 Schuco 450284600450284600 MAN 4 S2 tractor

# 18630 450219000 BMW 3,0 CSL Coupe, golf yellow

18631 Schuco 450374000450374000 Volkswagen T1c Pickup with trailer, loaded with Allgaier tractor

18632 Schuco 450305500450305500 Opel Blitz pickup “HOREX” loaded with motorcycles Horex Regina

18633 Schuco 450238800450238800 DKW Schnelllaster “DKW” with trailer, loaded with motorcycles DKW RT 125 and DKW RT 350

Edition PRO.R43

18634 Schuco 450899600 450899600 Ford GT40 “Le Mans camera car”

Edition 1:32

18635 Schuco 450769700450769700 Lanz Ackerluft tractor with trailer “Schenker”


18636 Schuco 450028500450028500 Volkswagen T1b Delivery van “Martini”

18637 Schuco 450036600450036600 Volkswagen T1b Delivery van “Persil washing powder”

Edition PRO.R18

18638 Schuco 450008500450008500 Kleinschnittger F-125 roadster – silver metallic

Edition 1:87

18639 Schuco 452620900452620900 Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S Coupe – white

18640 Schuco 452622200452622200 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Coupe, red

Aviation 1:600

18641 Schuco 403551664403551664 Concorde “Singapore Airlines/British Airways

18642 Schuco 403551663403551663 Airbus A380-800 “Thai Airlines”

Aviation 1:250

18643 Schuco 403551669403551669 Junkers Ju52 “Manfred von Richthofen”

18644 Schuco 403551670403551670 Concorde „Singapore Airlines/British Airways“


18645 Schuco 450148200450148200 Microracer 1046 “Volkswagen Beetle, white/blue”


18646 Schuco 450955100450955100 Mini-Display I with Piccolo Mini van and Piccolo Morgan +8

18647 Schuco 450569500450569500 Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon

18648 Schuco 450570500450570500 Dodge Charger “General Lee”

Edition 1:43

18649 Schuco 450345500450345500 Borgward B2500 pickup “Messerschmitt Service”,  loaded with Messerschmitt cabin scooter

Edition PRO.R43

18650 Schuco 450896500450896500 Auwärter Bus “Shell Racing Service”

Edition 1:18

18651 Schuco 450039500450039500 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet – white

18652 Schuco 450039000450039000 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Coupe – crimson

Military 1:87

18653 Schuco 452624100452624100 Marder 1A2 armoured personnel carrier “German Bundeswehr”

18654 Schuco 452624200452624200 Marder 1A2 armoured personnel carrier “Camouflage”

18655 Schuco 452625200452625200 Mercedes-Benz LG 315 “German Bundeswehr” drivers cab with foldable roof

18656 Schuco 452625300452625300 Mercedes-Benz LG 315 “German Bundeswehr” closed driver cabin

Aviation 1:600

18657 Schuco 403551671403551671 Boeing B747-400 “Delta Airlines”

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Range Rover Evoque Convertible – Premium X

By John Quilter

Evoque Publicity

Premium X has launched a 43rd scale model of the newly introduced Range Rover Evoque convertible. There have been previous models of the four door and two door versions under the IXO brand which is also part of the Premium Collectibles Trading group based in Macau with production in China.

2016 Range Rover Evoque convertible PRO475R

The Evoque convertible is based on the two door closed vehicle, and was first shown at the Geneva motor show in 2012 but is now just reaching the market. The US version is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged in line four cylinder petrol engine putting out 240 BHP and 250 foot pounds of torque at a low engine speed of 1750 RPM which gives a wide range of power from 1750 to 5800. As with all Land Rover and Range Rover products it is all wheel drive with their Terrain Response feature of electronic control of the distribution of power to the four wheels although in the UK a two wheel drive version is offered as is the new Ingenium 2.0 diesel engine. A six speed manual or nine speed automatic is available. As is common Range Rover practice, there is a plethora of exterior colors, interior colors and no less than 12 wheel choices some in chrome finish, black finish or white finish and from 18 to 20 inch diameter. This model appears to have what Rover calls the 20 inch five split spoke style and the interior is a duo tone Pimento and Ebony. This is the first Rover offering of a convertible vehicle other than the Defender which could be ordered as an open vehicle. Is this new product a sort of bridging of a small SUV and a sport car?

2016 Range Rover Evoque convt #1

2016 Range Rover Evoque convt #2

Like most Premium X items they are produced in limited quantity and this one is their number PRO475R. Other colors may follow at later dates. Land Rover’s official UK website shows a considerable number or 43rd scale Evoque models two door and four door in many different colors, green, blue, black, red and white but as of this writing the convertible is not shown. But for some reason the Land Rover USA site does not include an accessory and boutique section with model vehicles.

2016 Range Rover Evoque covt #3

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Interesting Comparisons, Or Then Again, Maybe Not

By Graeme Ogg

A package arrived this week containing the BoS Chevrolet Caprice wagon. Not always keen on BoS models, some of them have quite drab or insipid colours and weak-looking trim detail, and look built down to a price (which of course they are). But I’d say this wagon looks pretty good.


I did my own version some years ago, based on the fairly crude Road Champs sedan, so couldn’t resist comparing them side by side. The main thing that strikes you is the apparently huge difference in length, although that impression is partly due to the Road Champs being too tall in the body and sitting high on oversize wheels, making it look dumpier. Still quite a striking difference in the look of the two models, though.


I wondered if the RC body was too short in 1:43, or the BoS version was a little too flattened and stretched, so I got the calipers out. I have the BoS sedan (the New York taxi version – also one of their better models) and surprisingly the RC and the BoS sedans are identical in length at 128 millimetres.


The real sedan was 17’10” (5435 mm) long, which in 1:43 should be 126 mm so both models are pretty close, although the excessive height of the RC makes its proportions less convincing.


The wagon was 18’4″ (5740 mm) in length and in 1:43 that is 133 mm. The BoS wagon is spot-on, whereas my version lacks the rear-end stretch so comes up short. Mind you, 6 inches in 1:43 is only 3.5 mm, and the BoS wagon has a stretch of just under 5 mm, so it’s surprising just how much longer it looks compared with the taxi.

But the real moral of the story is – give a nerd a cheap pocket calculator and he’ll bore the socks off you.


Also in my package were the BoS Valiant sedan and wagon. They are OK, but not exciting. They will go on a shelf to fill a gap in the 1960s Yank section, but will never be much of a turn-on.


And of course I also did my own Valiant wagon some time ago, so once again a comparison was in order. I think I come out of it pretty well, all things considered, but obviously my views are not entirely unbiased. By the way, mine does actually have the “valley” down the middle of the roof, it just didn’t show very well in the photos.


Since my wagon is based on the Trax model of the Australian Valiant, there are small detail differences which nerdy nitpickers might criticise as “unauthentic and un-American”. But we don’t have people like that around here (loud cries of “Damn right we don’t”) so I may just get away with it.

Thank you for listening.

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Alfa Romeo – Back to the US with the 4C!

by Karl Schnelle


4C 3 times

3 of the 4C’s Described Below

Post-war Alfas were sold in the US for many years up to 1995 when they stopped importing the 164.   Then,  in the 2000’s, rumors started about their return to the US market.  Every year it seemed it was the same story:  next year Alfa will be back ran the headlines!

In 2008 finally the low volume, high cost 8C was imported in very low numbers.  I have never seen one so far!  But the real return happened in 2014 with the US launch of the more ‘affordable’ 4C. Then the Spider was launched as a 2015 model in the US.

If you backup a few years, the 4C Concept was introduced at the Geneva and then Frankfurt auto shows in 2011.   I saw it first at the Chicago auto show in 2015, and by then, both production versions were shown.


The Spider was shown in bright yellow (Giallo Prototipo) to contrast the Alfa red coupe!4C Spider


The Models

After the European introduction in 2013, the scale models and toys have trickled out from various manufacturers.   Starting with the big boys, AUTOart makes them in six colors in 1:18 scale.  At more than twice the price, BBR has both the coupe and Spider in multiple colors.   They also have the coupe in red or white in 1:43 scale.  More my size, but not my budget!

With other  1:43 resin makers at half the price, I can not justify a BBR at this time.  So the following are now in my collection!  First up was the Spark coupe in red.

Spark 4C

If you can see the detail, the Spark is a model of the original concept car with exposed projector beam headlights and a different side vents.

More recently, TSM introduced their Spider version. Their website labels it a 2014 concept but the box says 2015 concept and the base says 2014!  So I am very confused (not too unusual!)…


But they are great models and nice to compare.   Both come in an outer box and inner clear plastic display case.  The  red Spark has the projector beam headlights of the concept car.  The wheels and mirrors are also different on the two 1:43 cars.  The edges of the Spider’s grill seems to be less defined when you examine it closely.  Overall, they are both great models of this new Alfa.

Going down in size is the 1:55 scale SIKU, which is really more of a toy but very nicely done.  SIKU does weird scales but are very nice toys, I think.

Siku Alfa 4C

And finally, the small 1:64 scale 4C from Matchbox:  another fine toy Alfa.  The overall shape represents the real car very well, but those generic wheels do bother me a little.  Much less detail than the others is present, but at this scale it still looks very nice.

4C Matchbox

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Atlas Dinky Trucks – 935 Leyland Flatbed with Chains

By Maz Woolley


The latest release from Atlas makes use of the Leyland eight wheeler chassis again. This time it appears with a flat bed and chains. This has been diecast in China by Norev for Atlas.  Perhaps we will see this again as replica of 934 Leyland Octopus Wagon or even 944 the later tanker in Shell BP Livery.

935 Leyland Octopus Flat Truck


This model was first issued in 1964 and the originals are scarce and expensive at auction ranging from several hundred pounds to well over a thousand UK pounds in first class condition. Originally available in two variations one with a baltic blue cab and the other, as modelled here, with a mid-green cab. The scarcity of this model is because it was only in the range for two years.


The Atlas model is a good replica of the original down to the chains and posts. The box art work is reproduced well and the Atlas is certainly a “Supertoy” like the original.


To the rear the spare wheel and tow hook are all present. The baseplate clearly states the Atlas and Mattel details so there is no mistaking this as an original.

Another good model in this series.

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News from the Continent June/July 2016 – Busch

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Listed below are the expected releases from Busch.

Releases June 2016

All are moulded in plastic to a scale of 1:87.

18674 Busch 4621446214 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Customs” black

18675 Busch 46215 46215 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Customs” white

18676 Busch 46216 46216 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Customs” silver metallic”

18677 Busch 4828948289 Chevrolet Pick up “ostrich farm”

18678 Busch 51112-0002 18679 Busch 51112-000451112 Mercedes-Benz Vito “Heavy duty transport guiding vehicle”

18680 Busch 5116451164 Mercedes-Benz Vito “Autobahn-Police”

18681 Busch 59906 59906 Threshing machine old timer (new mould)

Busch Aircraft models

18682 Busch 25014 25014 Messerschmitt Bf 109 F4/B German fighter-bomber


18683 Busch 9516195161 IFA W50L RTGW (Rescue equipment truck)

18684 Busch 9516395163 IFA W50L Sp (haulier pickup) ATB supply transports

18685 Busch 9552495524 IFA L60 DSK (three-way-tipper) Exhibition vehicle

Mehlhose Distribution also in scale 1:87:

18686 Busch Mehlhose 210009501210009501 Trailer/E-Karre – green with grey rims

18687 Busch Mehlhose 210009503210009503 Trailer/E-Karre – grey with grey rims

Busch Releases July 2016

All in scale 1:87 except one item

18688 Busch 4170841708 Pontiac Firebird TransAm – white

18689 Busch 4170941709 Pontiac Firebird TransAm – yellow

18690 Busch 4499544995 Agricultural trailer, loaded with apples

18691 Busch 4620846208 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Police”

18692 Busch 4621746217 Smart Fortwo Coupe 2012 “Flinkster”

18693 Busch 50233 with ladder50233 Robur LO 2002 A with raised hide

18694 Busch 5990759907 Lanz “Rubber-Bulldog” 1921

EsPeWe Models in scale 1:87


18695 Busch 95154 95154 IFA W50L FP pick up

With long-distance-lorry-driver-cabin “Driving school”

18696 Busch 9515895158 IFA W50L BTP LF16-TS8 Fire engine of voluntary fire brigades

18697 Busch 9522195221 IFA W50LA PV Flatbed re-inforced, sand-coloured

18698 Busch 9552895528 IFA L60 ETK Box truck “Deutsche Post” – green

Mehlhose Distribution

18699 Busch Mehlhose 210006603 210006603 Dumper Picco 1 three wheeler – grey with red rims

18700 Busch Mehlhose 210006604210006604 Dumper Picco 1 three wheeler – green with grey rims

18701 Busch Mehlhose 210006605210006605 Dumper Picco 1 three wheeler – blue with grey rims

This model of dumper was built between 1957 and 1964 in Brandis, Saxony. It was fitted with a one cylinder air cooled Diesel engine.

18702 Busch Mehlhose 210009601 210009601 Multicar M21 three way tipper – green

18703 Busch Mehlhose 210009603210009603 Multicar M21 three way tipper – grey

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Atlas Dinky Collection – Simca Versailles and Chevrolet Corvair

By Maz Woolley


Here are the two latest models shipped by Atlas in their UK Atlas Dinky toys range. Again they are models of French Dinky toys and not UK products from Binns Road. Diecast for Atlas by Norev in China these models are to roughly 1:43 scale as were most French Dinky models.

24Z Simca Versailles



This model was introduced in 1956 and was available in yellow with a black roof and blue with a black roof. The casting as later modified to produce the Ariane Taxi. The model was made until 1959 by which time 24K SImca Chambord was available with fitted glazing.


This model is very nicely painted with good yellow paint which covers the model without filling the shut lines. The roof is black and shiny with neat masking.


Although still clearly a toy with no glazing or opening features this is a well mastered model capturing the US influenced model very well.

552 Chevrolet Corvair

This model has now been released in the Atlas Dinky series here in the UK. It has been previously been available in green on eBay at various times and the green version can be seen elsewhere on this site at


The pale blue shown above is thought to be a colour used fro the French edition of the model which was made from 1961 to 1966 when the moulds were shipped to South Africa. The French made model came in blue, grey, red and turquoise.


The casting again shows how good the French mould makers were at creating a scale model with a high level of detail for the period. Again a white interior is supplied.


The model captures the original car very well and though lacking the Corgi models opening parts it is a really good model of its time.

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Rod Parker – Swallow and other new releases

By Maz Woolley


Rod Parker is one af a small number of UK Artisan producers of white metal models to 1:76 scale.  Primarily aimed at the railway modeller these kits are also of interest to the car collector since they include many interesting models which have not appeared in 1:76 scale before. As Oxford have generally moved forward in time with their 1:76 range Rod has begin to make models in this scale again.

The latest models are:

  • VE67 1935-37 Ford Model CX
  • VE68 1926-29 Austin Seven Swallow Saloon
  • VE69 1936-37 Wolseley Series II 10/40
  • VE70 1932 Morris 8cwt “Flatnose” light Van

VE68 Austin Seven Swallow Saloon


This is the first of this release of model kits that I have made up. Rod Parker has seldom made models from the twenties before leaving it to DG Models and John Day to cover that period. I have previously made the DG 1930 Swallow kit shown below and found it rather easier to paint and finish as the wings and chassis which need painting a different colour are a completely separate part in the DG model making painting in two different colours easier.

DG Models SwallowDG Models 009 Swallow rear

The Parker model is of the original Austin Swallow from 1926 with the more sloped radiator grille and is neatly cast with the slightly exaggerated lines that make Parker models seem more “real” and easier to paint in duo tones. The Swallow company which produced these stylish bodies on the Austin 7 chassis was created by William Lyons who went on to make SS and then Jaguar cars.


Although the models look a little crude when photographed and shown at twice their size on the screen they look rather more convincing in real life.


DG models also model a 1930 Swallow roadster so I wonder if Parker Models will add a 1926 roadster to their range. As I finish the other models I will post them on this site.


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