News from the Continent June 2016 – Mattel

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

18556-05-2016 18558-05-2016
CMC95  Aston Martin DB5 “James Bond”
James Bond’s pool car used first in the film “Goldfinger” has been issued in 1:18 scale. An authentic body shape captures the original and it is the expected steel grey metallic paint.

Lots of separate parts are used: doors can be opened, steering works and the roof has the insert to cover the ejector seat. The bullet proof shield at the rear is only hinted at and the rotating knifes in the wheel hubs are fixed. More intricate features like machine guns behind the front-indicators and turning registration plates are simply not modelled.

The interior is nicely detailed and includes good representations of the console and dashboard. The registration plate is correct for the car as it appeared in the film. Whilst the baseplate has some good detail the wire wheels are rather crude.

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Atlas Jaguar Collection – Jaguar MK IX

By Maz Woolley


The latest release in the Atlas Jaguar collection is a Mark IX. The Mark IX was the final evolution of the large saloon car which had started as the  Mark VII in 1951 powered by the new XK engine unit. Often known as the “Poor Man’s Bentley” these were luxurious and well made cars selling at very competitive prices. It was replaced by the entirely different Mark X.


The Atlas model is again made by IXO and is a nice model though rather plain in Black compared to the nice two tone grey Oxford model of the same car.  The car captures the shape of the original well and apart from IXO’s usual failings of over scale silver windscreen wipers it is a nice model to have.


So far the Jaguar collection has been notable for rather better quality control than many IXO re-branded models enjoy.

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News from the Continent June 2016 – Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Schuco is inviting their fans to the “Collector´s Meeting 2016”in Fürth. It will be held on the 29th of October. Collectors will, as usual, be able to see “behind the scenes” at the company headquarters. Entrance costs 15 Euros but included in the price is a special model, this year a Piccolo Mercedes-Benz bus, a lottery ticket, and some lunch. Collectors will get an advance view of what is coming in 2017.

Attendance can be booked by contacting Dickie Spielzeug GmbH & Co.KG, Sammlertreffen 2016, Werkstraße 1, 90765 Fürth; or by e-mail to


18450 Schuco 450986500 450986500 Set Schuco Espresso-cup “Edition VI – Varianto”

With Piccolo Ford FK 1000 box van.

Edition 1:43

18451 Schuco 450238900 450238900 DKW van “Büssing Customer Service”with trailer and two truck-tyres.

18452 Schuco 450282000 450282000 Mercedes-Benz O 319 with driver figurine

18453 Schuco 450369400450369400 Volkswagen T1b “Persil Delivery van”

18454 Schuco 450303900450303900 Magirus S6500 “ARAL” Tank truck

Edition 1:32

18455 Schuco 450762400 450762400 Schlüter Compact 1250 TV6 with front loader
18456 Schuco 450771700 450771700 Kirovets K-700A tractor – blue

Edition 1:18

18457 Schuco 450028400450028400 Volkswagen T1b Samba-Bus black-brown/red

Edition 1:87

18458 Schuco 452620600452620600 Mercedes-Benz O 321 Bus “German Bundesbahn”


18459 Schuco 450111700450111700 Studio I Racing car “cut-out-model” – red

18460 Schuco 450186400450186400 Examico 4001 sportscar – blue

Edition PRO.R43

18461 Schuco 450894600450894600 Borgward Tractor

18462 Schuco 450899700450899700 Chevrolet Blazer “Amity Police Department”

Edition 1:32

18463 Schuco 450773100 450773100 John Deere 6400 Tractor

Edition 1:18

18464 Schuco 450029200450029200 Volkswagen Beetle 1600 “Ultima Edicion – snap orange”

18465 Schuco 450035000 18466 Schuco 450035000_1450035000 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Cabriolet


18467 Schuco 450654800450654800 Kreidler Florett motorcycle with leg protection


18468 Schuco 452621700452621700 Porsche Diesel Junior Tractor with mowbar and rollbar

18469 Schuco 452621200452621200 Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS Coupe – red

18470 Schuco 452621500452621500 Porsche Macan S – silver metallic


18471 Schuco 450012900450012900 Lanz Eil-Bulldog with hood “Lanz-blue”

18472 Schuco 450028300 18473 Schuco 450028300_10450028300 Volkswagen T1b Samba-Bus “Hippie” with roof rack and surf boards

Edition 1:64

18474 Schuco 452013200452013200 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 – red

Edition 1:87

18475 Schuco 452622400452622400 Volkswagen Beetle

18476 Schuco 452622800452622800 Lanz Bulldog with bandsaw

18477 Schuco 452622900452622900 Lanz tracked tractor

Aviation 1:600

18478 Schuco 403551666403551666 Airbus A340-300 “Konrad Adenauer”

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Skoda models – Skoda 100 and 110R

By Maz Woolley



DeAgostini Skoda 100

This model appears in the vivid orange colour often used on Skoda cars in the 1970s. The 100 was produced from 1969 to 1977 and over 600 thousand were made. They were the dominant car in the Czech home market and Skodas were also widely sought in other Comecon countries and sold well in the West due their low sales prices.


The 100 addressed many of the handling issues experienced by drivers of its predecessor the MB1000 but was still known to be a little tail happy. It was still powered by the 1000cc unit used in the MB1000.

The DeAgostini model is to typical partwork standards and was made for distribution in Eastern Europe. It is sold in a blister pack on a card base. It is probably made by PCT.  The models is neatly tampo printed with badging and only the very simple baseplate and entirely black moulded interior give its budget price away.


Abrex Skoda 110R

The 110R was the model used as a basis of a rally car and since less than 60 thousand were made it must have only been those in favour with the regime that were allocated one. It had a tuned version of the 1100cc engine unit.    Abrex have chosen to model it in various colours but I have chosen this vivid green which is so typically “1970s”.


The Abrex model is clearly a cut above the DeAgostini one with those period wheel covers captured really well as well as all the vents for the rear engine intakes as well as the outlet grille at the rear. Lights are well modelled too.  All in all a very nice model of an unusual car.

German visitors to the Czech Republic have brought to our attention the closure of the shops run by Abrex in Prague which started speculation that Abrex themselves have closed. In a Facebook reply they have told us that Abrex has not ceased trading but has closed their shops. Sadly they have also informed me that the Skoda Rapid 130 which had been announced is now not going to appear which is a shame. One wonders if Abrex are struggling in a market place flooded with PCT models being sold at very low prices as part works and from a reduction in support from Volkswagen group?


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Atlas Dinky Trucks Collection – Austin Covered Wagon

By Maz Woolley


The latest model in the Atlas Dinky trucks series is very considerably smaller than the first three. The Austin covered truck was produced by the simple expedient of taking the Austin Wagon 30j and adding a tin tilt to create 30s. #413 was created when Dinky renumbered the range in 1954.  A military variant of this model existed in green and was only sold in North America.


Atlas have chosen to model this vehicle in light blue with yellow wheels and tilt which is one of the colour options produced by Dinky. This looks jaunty but most would have been painted in dark colours in real life.

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News from the Continent June 2016 – Wiking

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here is news of the latest releases from Wiking.

1:87 scale

18378 Wiking 0227 010227 01 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 saloon Exclusive

18379 Wiking 0227 020227 02 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 saloon Exclusive

18380 Wiking 0800 130800 13 Audi 100 saloon “Taxi”

18381 Wiking 0693 270693 27 Still RX 70-30H forklift truck

18382 Wiking 0270 460270 46 Borgward B611 Camping bus

18383 Wiking 0861 360861 36 Mercedes-Benz short-nose truck Fire service tanker

18384 Wiking 0023 03

0023 03 ATV Quad fire service

18385 Wiking 0354 010354 01 Opel Blitz Refrigerated lorry

18386 Wiking 0520 010520 01 Magirus S3500 articulated refrigerated lorry

Upgraded Models

1:87 scale


18387 Wiking 0183 040183 04 BMW 2002 racing version

18388 Wiking 0162 030162 03 Porsche 911 SC convertible

18389 Wiking 0039 010039 01 Volkswagen 181 Reconnaissance car

18390 Wiking 0092 390092 39 T@B Mobile home

18391 Wiking 0797 180797 18 Volkswagen T1 camping bus

18392 Wiking 0260 020260 02 Mercedes-Benz O 319 Panorama bus

18393 Wiking 0653 040653 04 Kramer 280 wheel loader

18394 Wiking 0521 010521 01 Chevrolet articulated truck “Mc Lean”

18395 Wiking 0651 080651 08 Liebherr wheel loader

18396 Wiking 0410 020410 02 Magirus 235D steel flatbed drawbar

Scale 1:160

18397 Wiking 0944 07 0944 07 Mercedes-Benz L 2500 box truck “Haulier Hamacher”

New Items – 1:32 scale

077812_Claas_Jaguar.indd 18399 Wiking 077812_02 18400 Wiking 0778 12_03 18401 Wiking 0778 12_04 0778 12 Class Jaguar 860 forage harvester with Orbis 750 and pick up 300

18405 Wiking 0778 25_030778 25 Claas Direct Disc 520 with cutting unit trolley

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Another Model of the Oak Ridge Quad

By Robin Godwin

Harvey Goranson’s great post on the real Quad Tractor, Trailer and 25-Pounder Gun, with his reference to the Dinky #697 set, reminded me that I recently acquired the plastic Politoys copy of the Dinky model. The Politoys is derived from the Dinky, and appears to be to the exact same scale (Dinky used 1:59 for military vehicles, but Politoys calls these plastic vehicles 1:41 scale, clearly inaccurate). Some modifications are evident in the Politoys versions, most likely concessions with the use of plastic, such as pin and hole/hole couplings (with separate pins that can get lost, or broken, like one of mine) to attach the three pieces together. The pin is actually a friction fit into the “top hole” (see pictures). Dinky used a steel “tongue” and die cast metal hole couplings, which would not have had sufficient strength in plastic. Politoys added some detail, such as bolt head/rivet fasteners on the gun chassis. For some reason other than just using plastic, they also made the Quad Tractor front windows considerably larger, which effectively lowered the hood (bonnet) line. My Politoys Quad has two square metal slugs attached to the inside base of the model, which gives it some heft; they definitely look factory installed, but I don’t know for sure.

My Dinky vehicles are separates; the #688 Quad is a later version than Harvey’s, with interior windows and plastic wheels. The #687 25-Pounder is also a later issue with plastic wheels. The Politoys also comes with wheel variations – a patterned wheel and smooth disc wheels, but I’m not sure which came first. While Dinky sold theirs as a set alongside separate models, the Politoys was only ever sold as a set, #6 in their Veicoli Militari form the early ’60s.

Image 1#1 Same 1:59 Dinky scale evident

Image 2#2 Plastic pins are press fit into top holes, and hook through bottom holes. Note patterned wheels

Image 3#3 Larger windows and lower bonnet line on the Politoys

Image 4#4 Coupling details for the Politoys. The pin for the trailer is broken at the 90 degree point. Previous owner of this model added some black paint to the gun for detail, which I’m a bit afraid to try and remove

Image 5#5 Additional detail in the Politoys casting

Image 6#6 Metal weights visible in wheel arches

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Atlas Dinky Collection – Opel Kadett

By Maz Woolley


The latest model released by Atlas in what they now title the Atlas Classic Dinky Models collection is a French Dinky Opel Kadett. It is modelled as #540. Atlas has chosen to paint the model in a bright “sky blue” colour. The model also appeared in the Dinky Junior range with no windows or interior as #106 for a limited period. The French Dinky was produced to 1:43 scale from 1963, a year after the original was launched. This model is identical to one which appeared earlier in the French Atlas Dinky collection. Interestingly the French Atlas Dinky collection also included a reproduction of the Dinky Junior version as well.  Atlas have had Norev reproduce the sliding window feature as well as the steering and the correct white interior.

Many readers will be familiar with this generation of Kadett from the television series “Top Gear” where Richard Hammond drove a yellow one in an African adventure, christened it “Oliver” and brought it back to the UK to be rebuilt. The Kadett A was made between 1962 and 1965 was very similar to the original Vauxhall Viva launched by GM in the UK in 1963.


The model has been well made and finished and has a real period feel to it. I am still wondering though if we will see any more British Dinky models in this series.

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News from the Continent June 2016 – M4 Models

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

The releases covered below are from April and May 2016. M4 Models are diecast to 1:43 scale in Italy unless otherwise stated.

ART Models

18414 ART338 18415 ART338-BACK
ART338  Ferrari 500 Mondial –  Spa 1954  – H. Roosdorp #14

18416 ART339 18417 ART339-BACK
ART339  Ferrari 290 MM – Mille Miglia 1956 – J.M. Fangio #600

18418 ART340 18419 ART340-BACK
ART340  Ferrari 315 S – 500 Miles America Road 1957 – P. Hill #41

18420 ART341 18421 ART341-BACK
ART341  Ferrari 500 Mondial – Santa Barbara 1955 – B. Kelsey – #7 – Resin

18422 ART342 18423 ART342-BACK
ART342  Ferrari 500 TR – Giro of Sicily 1957  – G. Munaron – #329

BEST Models

18424 BEST9619 18425 BEST9619-BACK
BEST9619  Porsche 550 RS – Le Mans 1957 – Hugus/Godin de Beaufort #35

18426 BEST9620 18427 BEST9620-BACK
BEST9620  Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4 – Rally Monte Carlo 1983 –     Gauthier/Gauthier  #129

18428 BEST9621 18429 BEST9621-BACK
BEST9621  Lola T70 Mk.2 – Can-Am Mosport 1966 – Mark Donohue #6

 18430 BEST9622 18431 BEST9622-BACK
BEST9622  Ferrari 250 LM – Winner Monza 1964– Nino Vaccarella #31

18432 BEST9623 18433 BEST9623-BACK
BEST9623  Lancia Beta Montecarlo – Winners 6 hours of Watkins Glen 1981 – Patrese / Alboreto #1

18434 BEST9624 18435 BEST9624-BACK
BEST9624  Jaguar E-Type Coupe – Rita Pavone personal car

RIO Models

18436 RIO4493 18437 RIO4493-BACK
RIO4493  Citroen ID19 Break – 1962 – Bordeaux red / grey

18438 RIO4494 18439 RIO4494-BACK
RIO4494  Alfa Romeo P3 – Grand Prix of Monaco 1932 – B. Boracchini #24

18440 RIO4495 18441 RIO4495-BACK
RIO4495  Fiat 1100/103E – 4-door saloon 1956 – light blue

18442 RIO4496 18443 RIO4496-BACK
RIO4496  Fiat 1100 TV – Taxi of Mumbai, India

18444 RIO4497 18445 RIO4497-BACK
RIO4497 Alfa Romeo P3 – Grand Prix of Monaco 1933 – Louis Chiron #16

18446 RIO4498 18447 RIO4498-BACK
RIO4498 Citroen DS 19 saloon – Radio Monte Carlo Tour de France 1962

18448 RIO4499-P 18449 RIO4499-P-BACK
RIO4499/P Isotta Fraschini 8A Torpedo – Fleetwood body – Rudolf Valentino´s personal car 1925 with two figurines.

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Editorial – July 2016

With all the news of terror incidents, economic problems, and political unrest it is good to be able to focus on the positive by taking part in our shared hobby. I am fortunate that several collectors clubs send me their magazines, and jolly good reads they are too. They not only chronicle club activities, but also include articles written by members about their models or their collecting theme. Some even manage to include  a little light-hearted silliness along the way to lighten up the day. These clubs are a really positive and supportive environment, many having regular charitable activities.  Here at MAR Online we see ourselves performing a similar role, in drawing together contributors and readers from round the world and sharing the information and enthusiasm we have with others, so please feel free to contribute information and features you can share. It doesn’t matter if you are not confident about your use of English; that can always be edited. Your enthusiasm for our hobby will always be of interest to others. if you have anything you wish to contribute, please email me at

News has reached the editor that Adidas and Nike are building new factories in Germany and America to make trainers on entirely automated production lines. The flexibility and efficiency of new production systems, as well as the removal of time delays and transport costs seem to be the reason behind such investments. It does make one wonder if mass-produced toys could also return to the  USA and Europe, to be made on automated lines at some point? They would have to be automated, as ‘hands-on’ assembly skills have now been lost in Western countries.

If you haven’t visited our Facebook page why not try it? You will find that readers have added interesting comments on our articles and it is an easy way for you to provide the editors with feedback about MAR Online.

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