Neo 1933 MG Magna F

By John Quilter

1933 MG F Magma Salonette #1

NEO has launched its third MG model, a rare early MG, a Magna F saloon from circa 1933. This follows on from the MGTD and the rebodied MGTD, the Arnolt MG coupe.

This Magna model is quite attractive in cream and dark green with accurate matching dark green wire wheels and twin side mounted spares. Like an MG Airline coupe the roof has four glass panels for a lighter cabin even if the roof was not slid open.

1933 MG F Magma Salonette #2

The grille on this car is one of the earliest examples of the grille shell design that survived for many decades until the MGTF of 1954-55. There is even a red MG octagon on the centre medallion as well as one in the centre of the boot lid.

1933 MG F Magma Salonette #3

This car ran a very small 1271cc overhead camshaft six cylinder engine. The model appears to be modelled after one listed on UK sale site. There were Magna roadsters but this small two door saloon accommodated four.

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Oxford Diecast – Rolls-Royce Phantom III

By Maz Woolley


This is the first of the Rolls-Royce models announced recently by Oxford to reach the shops. It is a very substantial model and is sold at a very competitive price. It is diecast to 1:43 scale in Oxford Diecast’s own Chinese factory.


Rolls-Royce Phantom III SdV HJ Mulliner

The Rolls-Royce Phantom III was the final large pre-war Rolls-Royce. Produced between 1936 and 1939, only 727 were manufactured. It was the only V12 Rolls-Royce until the 1998 Silver Seraph. Many of the original chassis have survived. Ace wheel discs were often fitted as accessories as shown on the model.  This model is is based on TYJ 716 and is fitted with HJ Mulliner bodywork. It is a Sedanca de Ville with an open driver’s section and covered rear passenger seating.


The model is finished with deep and regular black paint and the trim lines are neatly printed. The grille is imposing with a tiny RR logo printed finely and there is a battery of separate front lights.  The bumpers are good if a little “plasticky”. The Spirit of Ecstacy is well moulded and although overscale looks like it will stand up to handling.


A lot of attention has been given to the interior where the door cappings, printed ash board and neat slightly matt salmon coloured seats are well moulded. Sadly the roof lining is not moulded which would have set the interior off beautifully.

The only slight fault I can see is that the front number plate is rather obscured by the bumper and should be lower.

I hope that Oxford will use this vehicle as the basis of a closed saloon at some point since there were different and many attractive bodies on the Phantom III chassis.

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Brooklin News – July 2016

By Maz Woolley


Here are some of the latest professional pictures made available by Brooklin who seem to be gradually getting back to normal after an extensive set of building works to improve their factory. All these models are cast in white metal to 1:43. They are designed, cast and finished in the United Kingdom.

BC-08aBC-08a 1934 Buick 4-Dr Phaeton Model 98C

BML-04 1938 Cadillac V-16 Series 90 Fleetwood Town Car

BML-05 1938 Chrysler Imperial Coupe

BML-06 1937 Studebaker Dictator Coupe

BRK.166a 1960 Chevrolet Impala

BRK.182x 1955 Packard 400 hardtop

Yenko Racing Set
Yenko Racing Set 1961-1962 Yenko Corvair towed By Corvair Greenbrier

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More Matrix – July 2016

By Maz Woolley


Matrix has announced another set of releases for later this year. These are all resin models to 1:43 scale produced in  China. In many cases these models capture specific prototype vehicles. All pictures shown below are provided by Matrix, as are the expected release dates.

Bentley 4 25 litre All Weather Tourer by Thrupp and Maberly green 1937

MX40201-131 Bentley 4 ¼ Litre

An all weather tourer coachwork by Thrupp and Maberly  based on a 1937 Bentley chassis. This model is due to be released in August.

Bentley 8 Litre Mayfair Close Coupled Saloon #YX5124 black and green 1932
MX40201-111 Bentley 8 Litre

This a 1932 Mayfair Close Coupled Saloon YX5124 and is painted in black and green. This is expected to be released in October.

Horch 930S Stromlinie maroon 1948
MX40803-031 Horch 930S Stromlinie

This model is finished in Maroon and is based on a car from 1948.  Again it is expected to be released in October.

Freestone and Webb Continental Sports Coupe on 1933 RR Phantom II Chassis 42PY maroon
MX41705-141 Rolls Royce Phantom II

This is a Freestone & Webb Continental Sports Coupe based upon a 1933 Rolls Royce Phantom II Chassis and finished in Maroon based upon 42PY. Another model expected to be released in October.

Dodge Firearrow II Concept Ghia Exner yellow 1954
MX50405-021 Dodge Firearrow II

This is another concept car from Matrix. The design was by the Italian house of Ghia with Virgil Exner’s involvement for Chrysler Corporation. The car was first shown in 1954. Another planned for release in October.

Lincoln Model K LeBaron Convertible Sedan grey metallic 1938Lincoln Model K LeBaron Convertible Sedan grey metallic 1938 2
MX52106-041 Lincoln Model K LeBaron

This model is of a 1938 Convertible Sedan in  grey metallic paint.  Of particular note is the table in the rear which is shown open and with bottle and glasses.  Another scheduled for release in October.

Maserati 3500 GT Spyder by Frua AM101 268 white 1957
MX51311-021 Maserati 3500 GT Spyder by Frua

This 1957 car bodied by Frua is well presented. It is in white with a pale blue interior. This model is scheduled for a November release.

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A foursome of Kovap Tinplate models

By Maz Woolley


On a recent holiday in Prague I came across some Kovap tinplate models. These models are still being made in a factory in the Czech Republic. Many, but not all, of their products are based on tooling purchased from the German Kellerman CKO firm. The same firm also produced the Miniauto range of plastic Skoda and Tatra model cars to 1:43 scale. I already had the Büssing Deutche Bundesbahn coach in my collection from the days when Hawkins Bazaar imported Kovap models into the UK so I decided to add some more to the collection. The appeal of these nicely made and finished tin plate models is largely nostalgic. They re-capture the past in the way that Atlas Dinky replicas do. The tinplate tractors and agricultural equipment are beautifully made and mechanical not an electronic feature in sight.

The models pictured are all still available in the Kovap range though distribution of the range seems to patchy outside the Czech Republic and even eBay has only a small choice. The range can be seen on the company website  and if you look at the company profile page you will see some interesting photographs of the machinery used to produce the models.

KOVAP Büssing Autobus 1959

I have owned this model for a number of years. It has CKO still pressed into the base so its origins are clear. It is a very nice model with excellent printed details. The tinplate is cleverly used in sections to allow a lot of folded detail to be used on the side panels to form the door and windows.

Sadly the model is only available in yellow with a wind up mechanism in the current catalogue rather than in the period livery shown on this model which does not have a clockwork motor.

This model is stated as 1:43 scale.


Kovap 0648 Volkswagen 1200

Again bearing the CKO logo on the base plate this is the standard saloon version of this model which is also sold as a steel grey saloon. It is also sold in Police, Fire, Circus and Post liveries as well as with a roof rack and skis. The moulding is not particularly crisp making the model rather smooth like some ceramic Volkswagens.  However it is a nice shape and size.

This model is stated as 1:32 scale

 Kovap 0632 Volkswagen Transporter T2 Polizei

This T2 is currently only listed as available as an Orange Minibus. However, shops in the Czech Republic had it for sale in various liveries. The model has also been available in Ambulance, Post, and Fire liveries and as a pickup. Apart from the fact that it lacks glazing to the side and rear for some reason this is a nice model.

This model is stated as 1:43 scale.

Kovap 0615 Tatra Fire Appliance

Still listed in the catalogue in this form it has also been sold as a truck in the past. This is a very detailed model with lots of additional parts like the foam gun, ladders,lights, spare wheel, exhaust stacks, and even some shutter door handles. Although marked Feuerwehr this is a distinctive Czech model with no sign of CKO on the base plate but a pressed in A. It is almost as if the Czech Engineers were showing what they could do because it is a very impressive model and far from just being a toy. The gallery below  allows you to see some more pictures of this model.

This model is stated as being to 1:43 scale.

If any readers have collections of Kovap models, particularly the agricultural models we would be very interested in seeing pictures of your models and information about them.


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Premium X Jaguar XE

By John Quilter

Jaguar (and Land Rover) are keeping up with promoting their products with scale models of current vehicles in the popular international collecting scale of 1:43.    Although in the USA the much larger 1:18 scale models are an alternative collecting hobby  and these are often made with greater detail and operating features the sheer variety of models made in 1:18  is much more limited.   Perhaps the size of these larger models, measuring about a foot in length, limits the number an inveterate model collector can reasonably display.   And this may be even more the case for Europeans with more compact homes.

The latest 43rd scale offerings are of the new Jaguar XE compact sedans marketed by Premium X who are based in Macao outside Hong Kong.  They have a very extensive range of 1:43 scale vehicles from all over the world, including most of the current and historic Jaguars.   Jaguar UK licenses them to produce these replicas and they provide specifications, dimensional details and exterior and interior colours to ensure accuracy.    Traditionally, high accuracy collectible models in this scale were produced in diecast for larger volume production or white metal for lower production.   Now, due to the cost of producing dies for metal models many model makers have shifted to resin that speeds launches and keeps costs lower.    In prior decades American auto companies licensed their products to makers of 1:25th scale promotional models such as AMT or Johan and these were often available in the dealerships at the time of the new model launches in the fall.     Now many European car makers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, and others have long produced similar items but downsized to 43rd scale which makes for a car about four inches long.    The Jaguar UK website offers a range of current and vintage Jaguar models in their accessories and lifestyle boutique, but availability has not been expanded to the Jaguar USA website.   Some of the UK offerings are in the very large 1:8 scale with prices of £6,500!  Truly limited production collectibles.  The Jaguar UK website shows a red Premium X  XE model in red produced for Jaguar’s boutique sales.   Since this is not available in the USA a quick check on line one here in North America can find and buy these 1:43rd XE replicas from Premium X products in silver, green or white.    Premium Collectibles webstore is at

2015 Jaguar XE rh side

The models reviewed here are two versions of the Premium X Jaguar XE which was launched at the September 8, 2014 at the London motor show,  Now after a period of sales in the home market the Ian Callum styled car is to be launched in the USA in the spring of 2016.  This is after a gap in this compact executive segment of the market in the USA  from 2008 to now  Jaguar comes back with a new and completely different car from the previous X Type.  Following Jaguar’s precedent the XE is an aluminum bodied car to pare weight off and improved fuel mileage and performance.   It is reported to be the first car in its segment with an aluminum monocoque structure.  Production commenced April 13, 2015  in Land Rover’s Solihull plant which is between Coventry and Birmingham.  The XE promises to greatly ramp up Jaguar’s sales volumes worldwide, and in the USA, with its lower price point and greater affordability yet continues the X Type’s all-wheel drive feature although making it optional at buyer’s choice.

2015 Jaguar XE rear

2015 Jaguar XE R Sport white

The Premium X models reviewed are a white replica billed by Premium X as an XE R-Sport which is fitted with the red leather with jet suedecloths inserts sport seats and “19 Star 5 Twin Spoke Sparkle Silver Wheels”  as billed by Jaguar in their UK brochure.    This car is a left hand drive example and is fitted with the optional carbon fibre mirror covers and black front fender vents.   The lower front side grills are in black mesh without the windsplits that is part of some of the other versions such as the SE, Prestige and Portfolio editions .   With a flashlight it is clever to note that one can see the video display in the centre of the fascia is imprinted with the opening screen of the Jaguar leaper.   With the demise of the hood mounted chrome leapers of the past the iconic emblem continues on the boot as a chrome badge and a red growler is part of the front grill badge.  The XE car has available an optional panoramic sunroof but this is not duplicated on these models.  Since wagon and coupe versions of the XE are planned it will be interesting to see if Premium X adds these to their future Jaguar range as they did with the X Type estate in the past.

2015 Jaguar XE green


The second example reviewed is of a SE-S version in a very handsome metallic British racing green with the light oyster and jet black two tone seating.  Again this is a left hand drive version and it is fitted with the 20 inch Propeller 10 spoke silver/diamond turned wheels.   It is worth pointing out that per the UK brochure there are no less than 16 different wheels offered from 17, 18, 19 and 20 inch.  Some are noted as Sparkle Silver, some Silver Diamond Turned, some Black Diamond Turned and two in Smoke Black with such interesting names as 17” Aerodynamic, 17” Lightweight, 18” Star, 18” Arm,  17” Turbine,  17” Crux,  17” Projector, need I go on?   The wheel designers have been very busy.   And the interior designers have not been far behind with eleven veneers and finishers  five of which are of wood (including the traditional Jaguar burl walnut)  and six of other materials such as brushed , embossed, etched, or meshed aluminium or carbon fibre,   Plenty of choices to create a bespoke car of your wishes but Premium X does not go to quite these lengths in their attractive models although the models are labelled as “Limited Edition” which means in that particular color and other colours may follow at later dates.  These XE models show some limited detail relief on the underside which includes a large transverse rear silencer, front and rear suspension and the company’s internal  designation “Jaguar X760”.

2015 Jaguar XE X2

As with previous promotional models of current Jaguar production vehicles these are nicely done and great additions to a collector’s fleet of miniature Jaguars.


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News from the Continent June 2016 – Norev

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

This news article shows some recent Norev releases these are diecast in China for Norev.

18406 NOREV 188477

188477 Volkswagen Polo R WRC World Champion Spain 2014 #1

Drivers Ogier/Ingrassia – 1:18 Scale

18407 NOREV 188051

188051 Nissan GTR R-35 2008 – red

1:18 scale

18408 NOREV 155594

155594 (Citroen) DS5 saloon 2015 – shark grey

1:43 scale

18409 NOREV 150922

150922 Citroen Mehari 1983 – kirghiz-orange

1:43 scale

18410 NOREV 154543

154543 Citroen HY delivery van 1962 – silver metallic

1:43 scale

18411 NOREV 479988

479988 Peugeot Concept Car Exalt Version 2015 – dark blue/glossy black

1:43 scale

18412 NOREV 473820

473820 Peugeot 308 GTi saloon 2015 – pearl white

1:43 scale

18413 NOREV 473821

473821 Peugeot 308 SW (estate) 2013 – pearl white

1:43 scale

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News from the Continent June 2016 – Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here is a selection from the releases during the first quarter of 2016
028639/038638  Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe racing yellow / Metallic rhodium silver

 These are new moulds. The visible differences between the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and Carrera 4s are the exhaust system and the wheel rims.

18483-05-2016305730  MAN F8 artic. box truck with walking floor “Deutrans”
 This truck was operated in the GDR with a “push floor” trailer. The vehicle was also temporarily chartered by the IGK Potsdam to transport broken glass. The GDR used these striking orange trucks for intelligence gathering during their tours through West-Europe. The drivers were mostly Stasi-officers (State-Security Officers)
 305778  Volvo FH GL XL artic. refrigerated box truck “Ralph Davies Ltd.”

 The first model in the livery of the forwarder haulier Ralph Davies from the South of England was released in 1989. This is the welcome addition for all of those collecting models of this carrier.

305709  DAF XF 105 Euro & SSC articulated box truck “DAF Promotion Truck”

Herpa has released the new DAF XF 105 SSC Euro 6  as a DAF promotional truck with a refrigerated box trailer. The Super Space Cab and the matching trailer feature the original´s multi-coloured design.

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News from the Continent June 2016 – Minichamps

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


The Aachen based company have made two models to be distributed by others.

Opel Experimental GT

This model is based upon the design study first shown at the IAA Frankfurt Motorshow in 1965. It was penned by Erhard Schnell who guided the GT into production.

The model is well shaped and painted in the original silver metallic ans is fitted with a black interior. This is a limited edition of 500 pieces and is distributed under their own label by a firm in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany and has also been sold by Opel at the shop in their headquarters.

18373d 18373aClay Model – as used to develop the production GT

The pictures show a clay model made by Opel Design. This shows the differences between the Experimental GT and the later production version.

Opel GT Concept Geneva Motor Show 2016

Opel Boss Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann proudly presented this study to journalists at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 t as a highlight on the Opel stand.

The GT Concept is an up to date prototype to the latest trends. However, it has some styling cues drawn from the first GT launched in 1965. A low front end and distinctive flared wings are set off by a bonnet pressed with many styling lines and the car has short overhangs. The red coloured front wheels are an homage to the Motoclub 500 motorcycle of 1928.

The excellent model was distributed by Veritas  of Wiesbaden in  Germany as a limited edition of 500. Again the model can be obtained from the Opel headquarters.

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Resin Roundup – Looksmart and BBR

By Maz Woolley with contributions from Hans-Georg Schmitt


Whilst the number of Formula One models from mainstream manufacturers seems to have slowed down Looksmart and BBR are both making detailed resin models available.


P18132A (1)P18132A Ferrari 126C2 G.P. USA Long Beach 1982

This model is in BBRs Project 18 range and is made in resin to 1:18 scale. Designed by Harvey Postlethwaite and based on a new chassis this car eventually won 1982 Constructors championship.  The car show is as driven by Jacques Villleneuve. The model is to be released shortly.

BBR also continue to  produce detailed models of contemporary Ferrari cars. Two new models are shown below.

P18122 (1)

P18122 Ferrari 488 GTE press version

This model is to 1:18 scale from BBR’s Project 18 range.

P18123 (2)

P18123 Ferrari 488 GT3 2015

Another model in 1:18 scale from the Project 18 range.


There are no pictures of these models available yet as the models are not expected until September 2016. The car is to be modelled to 1:43 and 1:18 scale.

LSF103 – Ferrari SF15-T Sebastian Vettel Belgium 2015 900th GP Scale 1:43
LS18F103 – Ferrari SF15-T Sebastian Vettel Belgium 2015 900th GP Scale 1:18

Another Looksmart model announced recently is the special edition of the current Aventador coupe that pays tribute to the Miura. Created by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam department, the Aventador Miura Homage reflects the colors and specifications of original Miura models. The upper body in one color is complemented by the lower body and sill in a contrasting tone.

The models to be produced to 1:43 scale are:

LS384MHA – Rosso Arancio Miura / Gold – Black Interior
LS384MHB – Verde Scandal / Gold – Black Interior
LS384MHC – Blu Tahiti / Gold – Terra Emilia Interior
LS384MHD – Giallo Fly / Silver – Black Interior
LS384MHE – Giallo Miura / Silver – Terra Emilia Interior

And the same prototypes are also modelled to 1:18 scale

LAMBO06MHA – Rosso Arancio Miura / Gold – Black Interior
LAMBO06MHB – Verde Scandal / Gold – Black Interior
LAMBO06MHC – Blu Tahiti / Gold – Terra Emilia Interior
LAMBO06MHD – Giallo Fly / Silver – Black Interior
LAMBO06MHE – Giallo Miura / Silver – Terra Emilia Interior

Looksmart Bentley Speed Six

Finally from Looksmart to 1:43 scale is a model of the famous Bentley Speed Six “Blue Train”. This model looks to be a fine model of this well known Bentley. In this car Bentley Boy Woolf Barnato raced and beat the famous “Train Bleu” northwards from the Côte d’Azur to Calais.

Looksmart Bentley Speed Six b


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