Leyland Sherpa Conversions

By John Quilter


Leyland Sherpa Van - James Bond

John’s photographs of his conversions may be seen at the end of the article.

There was a partworks issue of vehicles in James Bond 007 movies and one of them was a circa 1980 Sherpa van in telephone service truck livery from the movie “The Spy that Loved Me” as seen above.   Since these are interesting diecast models in accurate 1:43 scale I have collected a number of them over the past years although they have to be purchased from Europe via EBay since the partworks series is not offered in the USA.  The Sherpa range was a product of British Leyland and was made in many versions for many years and in fact there is an Auto Review book on them by Rod Ward.  AUTO REVIEW AR61 The Sherpa Story.

There were minibus versions, a pickup plus others.   Since the partworks models are reasonably priced I acquired a few extras and converted one into a minibus and one into a pickup.   They were distributed by GE Fabbri Limited and these particular ones were made by Universal Hobbies although others are IXO products.    One of the things one has to consider with the this series is some come with “movie damage” and the Sherpa was one of these with a dented bonnet and right hand door as the picture of the unmodified van shown in the picture.   When I did the conversions I “repaired” this damage bringing the model to as new condition.   The minibus conversion required drilling out the side and plenty of filing the holes  into the correct shape windows.  The glazing was with clear plastic shaped to fit.  I was lucky to have a few Sherpa sales brochures to assist me in accuracy.   The interior needs to be modified to include some additional seats which I made out of styrene plastic.   Most of these 007 vehicles come with figures and if you are not using them in a particular project they make great additions to other models.

The Pickup required cutting off the upper rear body and fabricating a tailgate, bed floor and cab back.  So now I have three versions of the Leyland Sherpa small commercial vehicle to add to my British vehicle model collection.

1980 Sherpas #1e

1980 Sherpas #2e

1980 Sherpas #3e

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News from the Continent – Busch Q1 2016

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

All models in Busch and Espewe ranges are moulded in plastic to 1:87 scale. Releases due in March 2016 are shown below.

18289 Busch 4006940060 Tractor Kramer KL11 with band saw device

18290 Busch 4092540925 DKW 3=6 Delivery Van “Electric”

The 3=6 were fitted with two-stroke-engines, but approximately. 100 vehicles were fitted with an electric engine – a novelty in the 1950s – one ran for many  years on the German island Wangerooge, where no vehicles with internal combustion engines are allowed. After an extensive restoration, this van is the  property of the Audi Oldtimer collection.

18291 Busch 4092640926 DKW 3=6 Delivery Van with roof rack, loaded with soap box racer

18292 Busch 41839 41839 Ford E-350 “St.Luke Ambulance N.Y.”

18293 Busch 42838

42838 Tractor “Progress ZT 300” – light green

18294 Busch 42864 42864 Liquid manure tank trailer HTS 100 “Red October”

18295 Busch 4381643816 Mercedes-Benz MK 94 1224 Fire Engine “Fire Service Warendorf”

18296 Busch 4427044270 Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model “POLITI”(Norwegian Police)

18297 Busch 45800 45800 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia 1600 Coupe – red

18298 Busch 45802 45802 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia 1600 Coupe – white

18299 Busch 4671046710 Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet – open – red

18300 Busch 4671446714 Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet – open – green

18301 Busch 4755847558 Ford Mustang Coupe  “Las Vegas”

18302 Busch 4848248482 Piaggio Ape 50 “German Red Cross”

18303 Busch 4848848488 Piaggio Ape 50 “>Technical service”


Since the end of 2008 this tiny vehicle has been in service at the German Bundeswehr-Navy-Harbour Kiel

18304 Busch 4900149001 Ford Crown Victoria “FBI Police”

18305 Busch 4917449174 Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model “Fire Service”

18306 Busch 4976749767 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class “Rescue Service Lahn/Dill Germany”18307 Busch 49819

49819 Mercedes-Benz M-Class with bicycle carrier and  mountain bike

18309 Busch 50236 50236 Robur LO 2002 A “Fire Brigade”

18310 Busch 50324 50324 Land Rover Defender “Police U.K.. NB this is incorrectly fitted with left hand steering !”

18311 Busch 5041550415 Tractor Progress ZT 323-A/M with heavy grubber

18312 Busch 5051450514 Lada 1500 saloon with radar device SRD 77 of the DDR Peoples Police

18313 Busch 5066150661 Mercedes-Benz Citan Combi with bicycle carrier and mountain bike18315 Busch 50810

50810 Hanomag AL 28 MKW mobile hospital

18316 Busch 5111151111 Mercedes-Benz Vito “Merz & Pilini event agency

18317 Busch 5116251162 Mercedes-Benz V-Class “German Police”

18318 Busch 5120051200 Framo V901/2 box van – grey (new mould)

18319 Busch 5120151201 Frama V901/2 box-van – green (new mould)

18320 Busch 5130051300 Belarus MTS80 tractor – orange (new mould)

18321 Busch 5130151301 Belarus MTS82 tractor – orange (new mould)

EsPeWe Models to 1:87 scale

18322 Busch EsPeWe 9501795017 HW 80 HTS Trailer with manure tank “Red October”

18323 Busch EsPeWe 9501895018 HW 80.11 Trailer “LPG Golden Ear”

18324 Busch EsPeWe 95145

95145 IFA W50LA 3SK (three-way tipper) with snow plough

18325 Busch EsPeWe 9516295162 IFA W50L Sp (haulier flatbed)

18326 Busch EsPeWe 9522395223 IFA W50LA PV (flatbed re-inforced) orange

18327 Busch EsPeWe 9522495224 IFA W50LA PV (flatbed re-inforced)  blue

18328 Busch EsPeWe 9552395523 IFA L60 DSK ND (3 way tipper) prototype

18329 Busch EsPeWe 9552595525 IFA L60 SHA (heavy duty chaff equipment) “LPG Golden Ear)

18330 Busch EsPeWe 9552995529 IFA L60 ETK (spare part box) “Malimo”

 Mehlhose Modelcars to 1:87 scale (Distributed by Busch)

18331 Mehlhose 210004401210004401 Tractor Famulus with mowing bar – red with yellow wheel rims

18333 Mehlhose 210004700-0002210004700 Tractor RS09 loading arm with shovel – red

18335 Mehlhose 210004800-0002210004800 Tractor RS09 loading arm with fork – red

18336 Mehlhose 210009002210009001 Tractor Famulus with twin tyres, grey with grey wheel rims

18337 Mehlhose 210009402210009402 long timber trailer – blue with grey wheel rims

18338 Mehlhose 210009403

210009403 long timber trailer – grey with red wheel rims

18339 Mehlhose 210010105210010105 Tractor Famulus – green with red wheel rims

18340 Mehlhose 210010124210010124 Tractor Famulus – blue with red wheel rims

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News from the Continent – Norev Q1 2016

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here are some of the recent releases by Norev. All models made in China for France.

18252 NOREV 157009_1

157009  Citroen DS19 Cabriolet 1965 Chapron – Coral red – Scale 1:43

18253 NOREV 157054_1

157054  Citroen DS21 Cabriolet 1971 Chapron – Dawn blue – Scale 1:43

18254 NOREV 159958_1

159958  Citroen C4 Picasso 2013 – Aluminium silver – Scale 1:43

18255 NOREV 159959_1

159959  Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 2013 – Shark grey – Scale 1:43

18257 NOREV 181583_2

181583  Citroen SM 1971 – Scarabee brown metallic – Scale 1:18

18258 NOREV 183496_1

183496  Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 2015 – red – Scale 1:18

18260 NOREV 187592_1

187592  Porsche 911 Cabriolet 1994 – silver – Scale 1:18

18262 NOREV 472109_1

472109  Peugeot  J9 1982 – ceramic beige – Scale 1:43

18263 NOREV 473807_1

473807  Peugeot 308 2011 – Steam grey – Scale 1:43

18264 NOREV 475806_1

475806  Peugeot 508 2012 saloon – Aluminium grey – Scale 1:43

18265 NOREV 475807_1

475807  Peugeot 508 SW 2010 estate – Pearl near black – Scale 1:43

18266 NOREV 476502_1

476502  476502  Peugeot 605 1998 saloon – Rhodes blue – Scale 1:43

519549  Renault Reinastella 1936 “Albert Lebrun” – Scale 1:43

This car was the parade car of President Albert Lebrun of the French Republic, who ruled the French from 10th May 1932 to 10th July 1940. The model is authentically shaped and has excellent details. The body is painted in black, interior is finished in brown. Many small parts are added. Photographs of the time show that the registration plates are correct. Steering wheel and dashboard are very well executed, and so is the baseplate. An interesting piece from French history.

18278 NOREV 580023_1 18286-03-2016
580023  Talbot Lago T26 Presidentielle 1950 “Vincent Auriol” – Scale 1:43

This car was the parade car of President Vincent Auriol of the French Republic, who ruled the French from 16th January 1947 to 16th January 1954. The miniature is well shaped and has excellent details. The body is painted in black, and the interior is in light grey. Many small parts are added to give fine detail. The car can be seen in contemporary photographs and registration plates and other details are all correct with the president´s badge correctly modelled on the bonnet. Steering wheel, dashboard, and baseplate all well done.The wide white-wall-tyres help to create an impressive appearance.  Again another interesting piece of French history.

18287 NOREV 820533_1

870533  Glas V8 2600 cc Coupe 1967 – box of 4 pieces – signal red – scale 1:87

18288 NOREV 840092_1
840092  Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe 1980 – box of 4 pices – Pearl orange -scale 1:87

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News from the Continent – Herpa Q1 2016

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here is a selection from the releases made during the first quarter of  2016
305365  Büssing 8000 Box-drawbar “Haulier Wandt”

A classic 1950s design with reworked cabin and box back. Ths is the Büssing 8000, released featuring  the logo of Wandt an haulier based in Brunswick in Lower Saxony.

092302  Borgward Isabella saloon “Taxi”
Until 1971 cabs in Germany were not light-ivory coloured but black. The reliable Isabella was used only in a few numbers as cabs, because it was only available with two doors. Herpa has released the version built between 1958 and 1961. The body is moulded in black. It is fitted with a number of chromed parts and a Taxi sign on the roof.
745352  Ford G 997 T Fire engine “Fire Brigade of Königsberg”

The tanker was one of the fire engines, which fought an hopeless fight against the terrible fires during the battles at the end of the second World War in the East Prussian capital Konigsberg. Which was under siege the Russian army.



745376  Opel Blitz Pick up with canvas cover “German Post”

After end of the war, the colour of German Post vehicles was changed from red to yellow. This truck was used by the Postal authorities in the city of Nuremberg.

745383  Opel Blitz with box body “Fire Protection Police Königsberg”

Today it sounds strange. Why did the Nazis changed the name from fire brigade to fire protection police. And why paint the vehicles police green and not red? The original for this model was operated in the city of Königsberg during the second World War.

092272  MAN TGM Metz turnable ladder L32 “Airport fire brigade”

This turntable ladder fire appliance is operated by the fire brigade of the “Konrad Adenauer airport Cologne-Bonn”. The model has excellent details. The ladder is fully poseable. The livery is authentic.

028646/038645 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 – Indian red/Achat grey metallic

This model is of the new all wheel Carrera 4. This is an accurate model with fine detailing.

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News from the Continent – Schuco February/March releases

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Scheduled for February 2016


18175 Schuco 450111300_00 18176 Schuco 450111500_00

450111300  Pop Art Edition 1 “Studio 1” – pink

450111500  Pop Art Edition 1 “Studio 1” – green


18177 Schuco 450500600

450500600  Citroen Traction 11B

18178 Schuco 450518900_00
450518900  VolkswagenT1 Box Van “Kicker” (Well known German soccer  magazine)
18179 Schuco 450558700_00
450558700  “The little Porsche Junior mechanic”  Porsche Junior tractor assembling kit

18180 Schuco 450558800_00

450558800  “The little Opel Manta mechanic” Opel Manta assembling kit

18181 Schuco 450567400_00450567400  Krupp Titan flat bed truck loaded with two Piccolo Fiat 500s

 18182 Schuco 450567600_00
450567600  Steyr Puch Haflinger

18183 Schuco 450572600_00

450572600  Volkswagen Beach Buggy “Happy Birthday 2016”

18184 Schuco 450583300_00

450583300  Ford Mustang Mach 1

18185 Schuco 450589000_00

450589000  Fiat Bartoletti race car transporter, loaded with Piccolo Ferrari 250LM and 250 GTO

 Edition 1:43

 18186 Schuco 450211600_00
450211600  BMW Isetta beige-rot

18187 Schuco 450235500_00

450235500  BMW 600 – turquoise

 18188 Schuco 450249500_00
450249500  Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe – Bordeaux

18189 Schuco 450262800_00

450262800  Fendt equipment carrier GT with potatoes

18190 Schuco 450292500_00

450292500  Setra S6 Coach with roof rack and luggage

18191 Schuco 450295800

450295800  Hanomag Kommissbrot van “German Reichspost – red“

18192 Schuco 450295900

 450295900  Hanomag Kommissbrot convertible – blue

18193 Schuco 450333800_00neu

450333800  Volkswagen T2a Pick up loaded with 2 soap-box racers

18194 Schuco 450333900_00

450333900  Volkswagen T2a luxury bus red-white

18195 Schuco 450367500_00

450367500  Porsche 911 Coupe – blue

18196 Schuco 450387700_00

450387700  Volkswagen Split window Beetle – grey-black

18197 Schuco 450753800_00

450753800  Mercedes-Benz S-Class saloon – grey metallic


18198 Schuco 450895500_00

450895500  Setra S6 Coach “Falcon of Kraichgau”


 18199 Schuco 450027900_00450027900  Volkswagen T1 Delivery Van „Nürnberger Nachrichten“   ( Newspaper from Nuremberg)

Edition 1:64

 18200 Schuco 452012600

452012600  Porsche 911 Turbo S (991) Coupe “Concept black”

18201 Schuco 452012700

 452012700  Audi R8 “Concept black”

 18202 Schuco 452012800
452012800  Volkswagen Beetle #53 (Herbie)

18203 Schuco 452012900

452012900  Volkswagen Beetle “German Police”


18204Schuco 452615900

452615900  Mini Cooper – green

 18205 Schuco 452616000
452616000  Mini Cooper – red

18206 Schuco 452616100

452616100  Mini Cooper – blue

18207 Schuco 452617100

452617100  Porsche 911 (991) Targa 4S

18208 Schuco 452620000

452620000  Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon – silver metallic

18209 Schuco 452620800

 452620800  Porsche 934 RSR – red

18210 Schuco 452621400

 452621400  Porsche 918 Spyder “Concept black”

18211 Schuco 452622000

452622000  Volkswagen T5 “German Police”

18212 Schuco 452622100

452622100  Volkswagen T5 “Fire service”

 18213 Schuco 452622300

452622300  Volkswagen Beetle

18214 Schuco 452622500

452622300  Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

18215 Schuco 452622600

452622600  Volkswagen T2 Bus

18216 Schuco 452622700

452622700  Volkswagen T2 Delivery Van „Märklin

Scheduled for March 2016

18217 Schuco 450986400_00

450986400  Set Schuco Espresso cup Edition V “Grand Prix Racer”    With Piccolo Grand Prix Racer

 Edition 1:43

18218 Schuco 450387800_00450387800  Volkswagen Beetle “Open Air” – green

18219 Schuco 450387900_00

450387900  Volkswagen Beetle “Open Air” – white

18220 Schuco 450227000_00neu

450227000  Mercedes-Benz 170V saloon loaded with 2 Brütsch  Mopetta

18221 Schuco 450899400

 450899400  Jaguar E-Type “Shooting Brake”

Edition PRO.R32

18222 Schuco 450892700

 450892700  Volkswagen T1b delivery Van “Holder Customer Service”

 18223 Schuco 450892800

450892800  Volkswagen T1b “Schlüter Service”

18224 Schuco 450892900

450892900  Volkswagen T1b Delivery Van  “Persil washing powder“


Edition PRO.R18

 18226 Schuco 450007600 b 18228 Schuco 450007600 d

450007600  Mercedes-Benz 600 “Pollman Hearse”

Edition 1:87

18229 Schuco 452620400452620400  Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S – red

18230 Schuco 452620500

452620500  Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S – black

18231 Schuco 452623200

452623200  Setra S6 Coach “Falcon of Kraichgau”

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News from the Continent – BBR Models

By Hans-Georg Schmitt


Here are some of the latest releases from BBR. Photographs have been supplied by BBR.

18152 BBR CAR32 (1)-1
BBR CAR32 Ferrari 365 California 1993 – blue
Scale 1:43 – edition of 72.
The model is based upon a Ferrari 365 California restored and presented at Pebble Beach in 1993 by William Kontes, a well known Ferrari collector.

18155 BBR1203BCF (2)
BBR1203BCF  Ferrari 488 GTB
Scale 1:12  – edition of 48
Painted in iron grey. The model will be supplied on a handmade display contained in a wooden box.

18162 BBR CARS1804 (6)
BBR CARS1804  Ferrari 275 GTB/$ Spider NART Conversion S/N 10917 2011
Scale 1:18 – edition of 36

18164 BLM1809 (7)
BBR BLM1809  Ferrari 340/375 MM s/n 0286AM  1959
Scale 1:18; edition of 150
The drivers Phil Hill and Richie Ginther were placed second in the 5th Carrera Panamericana  in 1954. The car was modified by Allen Guiberson, who had repainted it white and added a headrest and an aerodynamic fin. In 1955 this 340 MM was used successful by Carroll Shelby in the Torrey Pines Race

18168 BBR39 (7)
BBR39 Ferrari 375 AM “G. Agnelli” 1955
Scale 1:43
Painted in metal green and red. Ferrari and Pininfarina, who were just entering a mutual beneficial relationship, wanted to impress each other and the Fiat boss with the creation of the Agnelli 375. The demanding build resulted in an timeless and striking Ferrari. This last 375 America, chassis 0355AL, was shown at the Salon of Turin 1955.

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Ford in Miniature – 9th Generation T-Bird

By Dave Turner

Excitement Regained, Thunderbird, the Ninth Generation 1983-1988

5 Matchbox 28

After the rather square-rigged and perhaps a little un-exciting pre-ceding T’birds of 1980-82, the new aerodynamic cars for 1983 came as quite a shock. There were two main aims when this car was planned, better fuel consumption and appeal to the under forty buyer. Work in the wind tunnel achieved the former while up to the minute styling and technology certainly attracted the younger generation.

Initially two versions of the ’83 T’bird were the regular, or standard issue, and the Heritage featuring an electronic instrument panel and other modern gadgets. A single engine choice was the 3.8 litre V6. However early in 1983 the Turbo Coupe was announced featuring a 2.3 litre 4 cylinder turbo-charged engine. At the same time a 5.0 litre V8 became another option.  All this must have been what the public wanted as production of Thunderbirds for 1983 was three times that of the old model in 1982.

No real changes came for 1984 other than a bit of range juggling – the Heritage became the Elan while a fourth version  was introduced – the FILA  the latter inspired by the sportswear range favoured by contemporary “yuppies” . More minor changes identify the 1985 cars, larger and fewer apertures in the grille, a new instrument panel and a new tail light layout with the back-up lights included together with a smaller Thunderbird insignia. In January 1985 a 30th Anniversary limited edition came with a blue metallic finish, around 5,000 were produced. Little change came for ’86, the FILA was dropped and a high level brake light was incorporated  on the rear parcel shelf.

A restyled body came for 1987 but it is still considered to be part of the ninth generation. Flush headlights in a streamlined nose combined with even more aerodynamic body lines  made for an even more slippery outline. Standard engine was the 3,8 litre V6. The Sport model came with the 5.0 V8 and this was optional on the LX. The Turbo Coupe continued with the 2.3 in-line 4 and was easily identified by its smooth nose omitting the shallow grille of the other models. 1988 cars were little changed in anticipation of the forthcoming new 1989, tenth generation model.

Very few actual ‘models’ of 9th gen. T’birds have surfaced, the vast majority of miniatures being contemporary toys of one sort or another.

The Models.

Contemporary toys comprise the vast proportion of miniature 9th generation Thunderbirds, typical is the 1:64 diecast offering in the Road Champs/Road Tough range. Whizz wheels, suspension and opening doors complement the play value while the cast body is quite accurate in a simple way while the grille approximates a 1983/4 vehicle. Along the same lines but slightly smaller and even simpler is a 1:68 ’83/84 from Yatming and another similar toy came from the Zee Toys/Zylmex range in the 1990s, possibly even using the same tooling as the Yatming. Both these have an outline that suggests they are meant to represent  Nascar racers but at least the Yatming features a simple but stock plastic interior.

Majorette joined in the activity with their ’83/84 coupe as part of their 200m Series from the mid 1980s for around ten years. Fast wheels, suspension and an opening hood were included to appeal to the play element while a huge tow hook meant it could be attached to some of Majorettes varieties of trailers. A split diecast body allows for a black plastic insert to represent  the bumpers and side mouldings. Yet another entry into this small toy group is the 1:66 example from Ertl although this one featured the ’85/86 Grille pattern.

The French Starter range of resin kits invariably features competition subjects but on at least one occasion they re-tooled a racer into a 1:43 road car with their ’84/85 Turbo Coupe. Although listed as an ’86, it features the earlier grille pattern while the smaller details including the instrument panel decal are correct for a Turbo Coupe. During its almost 30 year wait to be built on the ‘kit shelf’ the resin body seems to have shrunk in relation to the plastic base.

A rather larger plastic toy came from the US Bergman/Processed Plastic operation carrying decals announcing that the car is ‘Sonny’s Streaker’ . Sufficient detail is present to identify the ’85/86 grille. Even bigger is the remote control ’85/6 coupe from Scientific Toys and this features a trigger control for forward or backward movement.

Moving on to the sleeker ’87/88 cars, all of which found so far feature the Turbo Coupe. Matchbox joined in with several variations of their Turbo Coupe and that turns out a be quite a nice miniature. However the issue under the ‘World Class’ label not only features plated windows but rather unattractive maga-wide wheels that detract significantly from the otherwise pleasant appearance. Tootsietoy offered a couple of Turbo Coupes, a reasonably well-detailed 1:43 Chinese made diecast and a huge US made plastic toy. Even bigger is a plastic toy from New Bright and this is nicely detailed complete with the correct aluminium pattern wheels.

Monogram were on the ball with their 1:24 plastic kit for a Turbo Coupe as the box is dated 1986. Finally we have a little and very basic Turbo Coupe the base of which carries a stylised “Z” together with J102 and the inevitable ‘Made in China”.

Photographs by the author are included in the gallery below with a list of illustrations below the gallery.

Illustrations: Ford Thunderbird 1983-88
  1. Tootsietoy: 1:43 diecast from China: 1987 Turbo Coupe.
  2. New Bright, 1:17 plastic from Hong Kong: 1987 Turbo Coupe
  3. Bergman/Processed Plastic, 1:27 plastic from USA: 4605 1985 Coupe
  4. Road Champs, 1:64 diecast from China: 6500 1984 Coupe.
  5. Matchbox 1:67 diecast from Macau: 28 1987 Turbo Coupe
  6. Majorette 1:65 diecast from France: 217 1984 Coupe
  7. Monogram 1:24 plastic kit from USA: 2735 1987 Turbo Coupe
  8. Tootsietoy 1:19 plastic from USA:  1987 Turbo Coupe
  9. Matchbox 1:67 diecast from Macau: 11 1987 Turbo Coupe in the “World Class” series.
  10. Scientific Toys 1:20 plastic: 7112TR 1985 Coupe, remote control.
  11. Ertl 1:66 diecast from China: 1329 1985 Coupe
  12. Yatming 1:68 diecast from Hong Kong: 1033 1983 Coupe
  13. “Z” 1:75 Diecast from China: J102 1987 Turbo Coupe
Model Summary Details
Maker Source model # Produced Type Length Scale Material
Road Champs China 6500 ’83/84 78mm 1:64 Diecast
Yatming Hong Kong 1033 ’83/84 74mm 1:68 Diecast
Zee Toys/Zylmex Hong Kong P390 ’83/84 1:64 Diecast
Majorette France 217 1985-96 ’83/84 77mm 1:65 Diecast
Starter France 1987 ’84 Turbo Coupe 118mm 1:43 Resin kit
Ertl China 1329 ’85/86 76mm 1:66 Diecast
Bergman USA 4605 ’85/86 187mm 1:27 Plastic
Scientific Toys 7112TR ’85/86 247mm 1:20 Plastic remote
Matchbox Macau 28 1987 ’87 Turbo Coupe 77mm 1:67 Diecast
Matchbox Macau 11 ’87 Turbo Coupe 77mm 1:87 Diecast
Tootsietoy China ’87 Turbo Coupe 119mm 1:43 Diecast
Tootsietoy USA ’87 Turbo Coupe 268mm 1:19 Plastic
New Bright Hong Kong 1988 ’87 Turbo Coupe 304mm 1:17 Plastic
Monogram USA 2735 1986 ’87 Turbo Coupe 1:24 Plastic kit
“Z” China J102 ’87 Turbo Coupe 69mm 1:75 Diecast

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Atlas Dinky Supertoys – Leyland Octopus Tanker Esso

By Maz Woolley

Having recently posted the second model in this series from Atlas in the UK I thought that I would show pictures of the model which started the series. It was featured in MAR284 in June 2015, when we were part of the Zeteo web site. That was the time Atlas did a test marketing exercise for this series.

943 Leyland Octopus Tanker – Esso

This model used the tank from the previous Foden Tanker with an entirely new Leyland chassis and cab. Launched in 1958 this toy stayed in production until around 1964 by which time the Shell Tanker based on the same chassis and cab but with a more up to date style of tank had been introduced. A rare promotional model for CPC products was also produced using the same castings.

This is a large and impressive model and the quality of the casting, painting, Esso printing and tank fitments is first class. Indeed I suspect that the finish is rather better than that many of the original models enjoyed even when new.


Atlas Dinky Leyland Octopus Tanker Esso Atlas Dinky Leyland Octopus Tanker Esso Atlas Dinky Leyland Octopus Tanker Esso Atlas Dinky Leyland Octopus Tanker Esso

More in the series?

The accompanying leaflets suggests that the series will include British Supertoys, commercial vehicles from the standard range as well as some French Commercials that have already appeared in the Continental range. Those specifically mentioned are:

  • 920 Guy Van ‘Heinz’ which has already been shipped and which can be seen in a posting on this site.
  • 435 Bedford TK Tipper which has been advertised as the next to ship

Others mentioned in the publicity material are:

  • 512 Guy Otter Flat Truck
  • 34B Berliet Flat Bed container
  • 413 Austin Covered Wagon
  • 443 Studebaker ‘National Benzole’ Tanker
  • 586 Citroen 55 Milk Lorry

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Atlas Dinky Supertoys – Guy Warrior “Heinz”

By Maz Woolley

The Atlas Dinky Trucks series has finally been launched after the test launch some time ago. The Leyland Octopus Tanker also posted on MAR Online, after it was test launched, has been sent out to subscribers and has been followed by the second model.

#920 Dinky Guy Warrior Box Van – Heinz 57 Varieties.

The original Dinky model upon which this replica is based is extremely rare only being in production from 1959 to 1960 and is only affordable in original and mint condition by those able to spend thousands of pounds at auction.  It is an attractive Dinky toy with added play value from the opening doors to the rear of the vehicle.

The Atlas model is housed in a simple blue and white striped box, as was the original, replica box shown below:

Atlas Dinky 920 Box

The model itself is a nice replica of the original in the vibrant colours of the original.

Atlas Dinky 920 Guy Warrior Heinz Atlas Dinky 920 Guy Warrior Heinz Atlas Dinky 920 Guy Warrior Heinz Atlas Dinky 920 Guy Warrior Heinz

For those subscribing to the series a “free gift” was shipped with the Guy. It is the French Dinky Toys #592 Panneaux de Signalisation Routiere.

Atlas state that the next part is a Bedford TK Tipper which looks like a nice replica in the publicity material.

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News from the Continent February to March 2016 – M4 Model Group

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here are the new releases for March and April 2016 from the M4 Model group. These are diecast in Italy to 1:43 unless stated otherwise.

ART Models

18118 ART332 18119 ART332-BACK
ART332  Ferrari 500 Mondial –  Mille Miglia 1956 – G. Casarotto #535
18121 ART333-BACK 18120 ART333
ART333  Ferrari 500 TRC – Nassau 1959 – A. Markelson #106
18122 ART334
ART334  Ferrari 275 P – 500 km Bridgehampton 1964 – P.Rodriguez #81
18123 ART335 18124 ART335-BACK
ART335  Ferrari 290 MM – Winner of Mille Miglia 1956 – E. Castelotti – #548
18126 ART336-BACK 18125 ART336
ART336  Ferrari 500 Mondial – Santa Barbara 1954 – Porfirio Rubirosa – # 235
18127 ART337 18128 ART337-BACK
ART237  Ferrari 330 P – Winner of Monza 1964 – L.Scarfiotti – #50

BEST Models

18129 BEST9613 18130 BEST9613-BACK
BEST9613  Ferrari 512 BB LM – Mugello 1981 – Del Buono/Govoni #29
18131 BEST9614 18132 BEST9614-BACK
BEST9614  Lola T70 Spyder – Winner Mosport 1964 – J.Surtees #11
18135 BEST961618136 BEST9616-BACK
BEST9616  Ferrari 308 Group 4 – Alitalia – Team Makela Auto Tuning
18137 BEST9617 18138 BEST9617-BACK
BEST9617  Fiat 750 Abarth – 12 hours of Sebring 1959 – Cussini/Cattini – #62
18139 BEST9618 18140 BEST9618-BACK
BEST9618  Jaguar E-Type Spyder – Cantagiro 1962 – Adriano Celentano – Green metallic

 RIO Models

18141 RIO4487 18142 RIO4487-BACK
RIO4487  Alfa Ricotti 40/60 HP open – 1915 – dark red
18143 RIO4488
RIO4488  Ford Thunderbird – Daytona Beach 1957 – C.Daigh
18144 RIO4489 18145 RIO4489-BACK
RIO4489  Fiat 128 – 2-türige Limousine – Garda blue
18146 RIO4490-P 18147 RIO4490-P-BACK
RIO4490/P  Mercedes-Benz 770K 1938 – 2 figurines “Eva Braun and guard –  White – It is hard to believe that this is accurate because all big Mercedes 770s used by Nazi “big wigs” were painted in black.
18148 RIO4491 18149 RIO4491-BACK
RIO4491  Ford Thunderbird 1956 – red
18150 RIO4492 18151 RIO4492-BACK
RIO4492  Alfa Romeo P3 – Winner of Grand Prix of Nice 1934 –        Achille Varzi  – #28

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