The Ford Car in Miniature – Ford Mustang 4th Generation

By Dave Turner

The Fourth Generation Mustang  1994-98

 1994/5 Mustangs

In view of the trouble Ford USA had in the late ‘80s when first trying to replace the third generation of Mustang the next attempt was taken with care. When it was realised in the 1980s that the next Mustang could be a Japanese inspired, front-wheel-drive creation various groups such as motoring writers, clubs and many Ford dealers themselves let Ford know their feelings in no uncertain terms. That car in the mid ‘80s became the Ford Probe and the old Fox body third generation Mustang carried on until 1993. This writer can clearly state that the two cars are so different as I have owned both a ’96 Probe 11 and a ’91 Mustang GT for around twenty years and love each one for totally different reasons.
Certainly the new fourth gen. cars had to have a bit more refinement than the tyre shredding straight line blast of the 5.0 V8 Fox Mk 111 but at the same time must retain rear wheel drive and the satisfying low down torque of a big V8. Despite the origins of the Fox based cars going right back to the Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr of 1977 it was dusted off once again, stiffened up more than a tad and presented for 1994 as the 4th incarnation of Mustang, now designated FOX-4, or SN95. Having a much more aerodynamic shape, it was over 2 inches longer and significantly heavier. A choice of just two bodies, coupe or convertible came with either a base 3.8 V6 or 5.0 V8 GT power units. No hatchback was included as these were extremely difficult to provide with sufficient rigidity without designing a completely new basic structure.
Fords Special Vehicle Team, known as SVT, created the Cobra for 1994, employing a 240hp version of the 5.0 V8. A total of 5,000  Coupes and 1,000  Convertible Cobras were produced in 1994 and this must have impressed sufficiently for it to be chosen as the Pace Car for that years Indy 500, one thousand replicas were sold, all finished in Rio Red. Little change took place for the 1995 models, although mid-year a GTS was quietly produced. In effect this was the 5.0GT but without various regular GT items such as the sports seats, rear spoiler and fog lights. However a Cobra R was also produced in 1995 and this boasted a 300hp 351 V8 and just 250 were made, sold only to race licence holders to try to deter speculators simply buying and storing examples.  They came in white only, all sold within two and a half days of announcement.
With the new Mustang came a flood of contemporary toys and models, all those recorded so far appear to have originated when the cars were current, rather than as retrospective collectibles.
1994 Models
AMT start us off again and they offered contemporary 1:25 plastic promos and kits for the GT Coupe, the latter coming in either glue together form or ‘Snapfast” that simply clip together. Monogram also issued plastic kits for a GT Coupe, an Indy Pace car and a ‘Boss’ Coupe. From Japan came the Tamiya 1:24 plastic kit that could be made into either the Coupe or Convertible.
A range called Detail Cars based in Italy appeared during the 1990s and no less than eight 1:43 versions of a ’94 Mustang were listed that included Coupes, Convertibles in various colours and an Indy Pace Car. None have ever been located, and a 1999 catalogue of the range does not include any of them. An even larger selection, but one that was produced, came from Universal Hobbies/Jouef/Eagles Race in 1:18. Some carry “Jouef Evolution” inscription on the base while others say “Universal Hobbies” while the catalogues include the logo “Eagles Race”. Well over thirty different versions of their Coupe and Convertible models have been listed, most of them differ only in their colour and decal treatment. One variation features “Boss” decals, the original ’94 Boss was a SVT concept but the decal treatment seems to have been available as an aftermarket ‘dress-up’ line. Although the 1996 Jouef catalogue shows Boss models with the concept cars front end, the example in this writers collection is simply the regular GT, with Boss decals and different wheels and so depicts a regular GT with the dress-up kit.
The ‘Boss’ was also covered by Maisto in 1:24 whos budget priced diecast models came as kits or assembled. It appears to be the only ’94 coupe they issued although GT Convertibles and an Indy Pace car were also available, the latter employed the same casting as the regular Convertible but featured Cobra decals on the front fenders, in which case the front end should be different. The models deck lid spoiler was slightly different and the hefty aero rollover bar with pace Car lights was included however although this version doesn’t seem to figure in any of their catalogues. On a much smaller scale Johnny Lightening included a huge range of different coloured Boss Coupes in the late ‘90s as well as some equally wildly coloured Cobra Coupes – at least they got the front end something approximating that of a Cobra.
Mattel are invariably associated with the small Hot Wheels toys but in complete contrast, from 1962, they made numerous large scale forms of transport for their collectible ‘Barbie’ figures including a reasonably accurate 1:8 scale Mustang Convertible in 1994. It has to be admitted that this was in fact an accessory in the Barbie Doll toy catalogue, so if you are not too proud to have her in the collection this represents quite closely the V6 engined Convertible, down to the “running horse” fender badges and the 15” cast aluminium wheels that were an option on V6 cars. Rather bizarrely however the vehicle can be considerably lengthened by simply pulling apart the front and rear, creating room for a couple more figures in the ‘rear seat’
Minichamps waited until 1997 to launch their ’94 GT Convertible and very nice its was despite being closer to 1:45 than 1:43. It too came in several colours but otherwise they are exactly the same. Very similar to the Minichamps are the New Ray Convertibles, the charitable assumption would be that they are so accurate that they have to look the same! Much bigger is a remote controlled GT Coupe from New Bright with a one piece plastic body plus a hefty nudge bar at the front as part of the base to guard against collision damage!
it’s hard to decide if the RoboCop Mustangs that came in two sizes should be included in this discussion of model Mustangs, but apart from the rooflights they seem to represent a ’94 Coupe acceptably, albeit being a tad short aft of the ‘B’ post. A more traditional diecast toy came from Welly with their 1:33 Gt Coupe that featured a pull-back motor working on the rear axle.
1994 Mustang


AMT USA 1994 6295 GT Coupe 184mm 1:25 plastic promo
AMT USA 1994 6178 GT Coupe 1:25 plastic kit
AMT USA 1994 6784 GT Coupe (snapfix kit) 1:25 plastic kit
Detail Cars China Not Made? 280-287 Coupe and Convertible 1:43 diecast
Jouef China 1994 3102 GT Coupe various colours 255mm 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 1994 3105 GT Convertible 255mm 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 3108 Pace Car 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 3112 Cobra Coupe 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 3122 GT Coupe 30th Anniversary 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 3123 GT Convertible 30th Anniversary 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 3135 GT Coupe Graphic 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 3137 GT Convertible Graphic 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 3121 GT Coupe ‘Boss’ 1:18 diecast
Jouef China 3146 Cobra Convertible 1:18 diecast
Maisto Thailand 1990s 31905 GT Convertible 191mm 1:24 diecast/kit
Maisto Thailand 31917 Convertible Pace Car 191mm 1:24 diecast/kit
Maisto Thailand 1990s 31934 Coupe ‘Boss’ 191mm 1:24 diecast/kit
Johnny Lightning China 1998 729 Coupe ‘Boss’ 76mm 1:61 diecast
Majorette 4106 GT Convertible 184mm 1:25 diecast
Minichamps China 1997 85630 GT Convertible 103mm 1:45 diecast
Mattel Italy 1994 Convertible (Barbie) 525mm 1:8 plastic
Monogram 1994 2967 GT Coupe 1:24 plastic kit
Monogram 1994 2975 Convertible Pace Car 1:24 plastic kit
Monogram 6390 Coupe ‘Boss’ 1:24 plastic kit
Motormax 1994 73401 Convertible
New Bright China 1997 3043-3 GT Coupe 275mm 1:16 plastic battery
New Ray China 1997 48521 GT Convertible 103mm 1:45 diecast
New Ray China 48659 GT
Tamiya Japan 1995 24141 GT Coupe/Convertible 1:24 plastic kit
Toy Island 1994 39750 CoupeRoboCop 112mm 1:38 diecast
Toy Island 1994 39501X CoupeRoboCop 258mm 1:22 diecast
Welly China 9873 GT Coupe 138mm 1:33 diecast
 4th gen Mustang illustration 1 AMT 1994 promo
1.  AMT 1:25  Plastic Promo from USA:  6295,  GT Coupe with optional 17” cast aluminium wheels.4th gen Mustang illustration 2 Jouef GT Coupe
2.  Jouef  1:18 diecast from China: 3102, GT Coupe.4th gen Mustang illustration 3 Jouef GT Convertible
3.  Jouef  1:18 diecast from China: 3106, GT Convertible4th gen Mustang illustration 4 Jouef_Universal Coupe with Boss decals
4.  Jouef  1:18 diecast from China : 3143 Coupe with ‘Boss’ decals.4th gen Mustang illustration 5 Maisto 31905 GT convertible
5.  Maisto 1:24 diecast from Thailand: 31905, GT Convertible featuring 16” aluminium wheels.4th gen Mustang illustration 6 Maisto Pace Car
6.  Maisto 1:24 diecast from Thailand : 31917, Pace Car replica.4th gen Mustang illustration 7 Maisto Coupe with Boss decals - kit in box
7.  Maisto 1:24 diecast from Thailand: 39934, Coupe ‘Boss’ in kit form.4th gen Mustang illustration 8 Majorette 4106
8. Majorette 1:25 diecast; 4106, GT Convertible4th gen Mustang illustration 9 Mattel 'Barbie'
9.  Mattel 1:8 plastic from Italy:  Convertible  with optional 15” wheels, from the Barbie Series. 4th gen Mustang illustration 10 Mattel 'Barbie' extended
10.  Mattel 1:8 plastic from Italy: the Barbie Convertible, extended!
4th gen Mustang illustration 11 Minichamps 8563011.  Minichamps 1:45 diecast from China: 85630, GT Convertible4th gen Mustang illustration 12 New Ray GT convertible
12.  New Ray 1:45 diecast from China: 48652, GT Convertible, very similar to Minichamps.4th gen Mustang illustration 13 New Bright GT Coupe
13.  New Bright 1:16 plastic from China: 3043-3, GT Coupe.4th gen Mustang illustration 14 Toy Island 1_38 39750
14.  Toy Island 1:38 diecast from China: 39750, GT Coupe from RoboCop4th gen Mustang illustration 15 Toy Island 1_22 scale
15.  Toy Island 1:22 diecast from China: 39501X, GT Coupe from RoboCop4th gen Mustang illustration 16 Welly 9873
16.  Welly 1:33 diecast from China: 9873, GT Coupe

 1995 Models.

Identifying just which are models of ’95 Mustangs as distinct from ‘94s is generally a case of using the description provided by the models maker. In the case of the ’95-only Cobra R there is no argument of course!
Compared to 30 years earlier, actual promotional issues were extremely infrequent by the mid 1990s, but AMT did offer 1:25 plastic Mustangs in both kit and promo form, the kits issued in ‘95 were for a GT and a Cobra, both as Coupes, the promo was a GT Coupe. Revell offered a 1:25 plastic kit for a ‘Boss’ Coupe while Tamiya did a similar size kit for the Cobra R Coupe. Another plastic ’95 came as a battery powered GT Convertible from Fun Rise in 1:21 scale. This is really a well made toy albeit featuring a fuel filler on both sides. Majorette launched a 1:32 “Ultra Custom Series” in 1995 but it appears that the Mustang Coupe included in the range was simply given a wild decal treatment.
Testor produced a kit for a GT Coupe, possibly in their pre-painted diecast series while diecast models of the Cobra R came from New Ray and Speedy Power. Despite being aimed at the toy market complete with a pull- back motor the latter is quite a good model featuring the correct rear spoiler, bulges on the hood and the wheels unique to the Cobra R.
1995 Mustang
AMT USA 1995 6553 GT Coupe 184mm 1:25 Plastic promo
AMT USA 1995 6200 GT Coupe 1:25 Plastic kit
AMT USA 1995 6201 Cobra Coupe 1:25 Plastic kit
Fun Rise China 2520 GT Convertible 215mm 1:21 Plastic
Majorette 1995 3221 Coupe 1:32 Diecast
Revell 1995 7371/6390 Coupe ‘Boss’ 192mm 1:25 Plastic kit
Tamiya Japan 1996 24156 Cobra R Coupe 1:24 Plastic kit
Testor 1998 193 GT Coupe Kit
New Ray S1113 Cobra R Coupe Diecast
Speedy Power 1998 51109 Cobra R Coupe 138mm 1:33 Diecast
Unknown GT Coupe 128mm 1:36 Plastic
4th gen Mustang 1995 illustration 17 AMT promo 6553 17    AMT    1:25 plastic promo from USA: 6553   GT Coupe4th gen Mustang 1995 Illustration 18 Fun Rise 2520
18.   Fun Rise 1:21 plastic from China: 2520. GT Convertible, battery driven.4th gen Mustang Illustration 19 Speedy Power Cobra R
19.  Speedy Power 1:33 diecast from China: 51109, Cobra R Coupe, correct down to the unique wheels.4th gen Mustang 1995 illustration 20 unknown make GT Coupe
20. Unknown make 1:36 plastic: GT Coupe battery operated flashing lights and police type ‘speech’

1996-8 Mustangs

The old 5.0 V8 motor that dated back to the small block 221 Fairlane of 1961 was finally retired for 1996. A single overhead cam version of the modular 4.6V8 that first appeared in the 1991 Lincoln Town Car now featured under the hood of the Mustang GT. New “GT 4.6L” front fender badges  identified the ’96 GTs while the SVT Cobra got a full-blown double overhead cam version and proved extremely popular, 10,000 examples of Coupe and Convertible Cobras certainly took some sales away from the regular GT. The new engine forced a re-designed cross member and front suspension to be created but the most noticeable external feature of the ’96 Mustang are the triple section rear light assemblies that replaced the horizontally slotted ’94/5 pattern.
The 3.8 V6 engine continued as a less expensive option to the V8s and now featured the set up from the Thunderbird Super Coupe but minus the supercharger. Very little else changed through to the new for ’99 Mustangs although the pod on the facia top that housed the clock was deleted for ’98 versions.
1996 models.
AMT once again did us proud with not only a promo for ’96 but plastic kits for both GT and Cobra Coupes. A minimum of updates were necessary of course, the rear lights being the most significant, the new front fender GT4.6L badges were appropriate decals, the wheels now the correct for ’96 five twin spoke pattern while the ’96 licence plates were now stick-on and show ‘Colorado’, they are on my promo example anyway. Slightly larger and looking very similar in its details is a battery driven plastic GT Coupe from Empire, this even boasts proper rear light ‘glass’  and underside detail that is identical to that on the AMT. If you wanted a Convertible Cobra Monogram issued such a kit alongside the AMTs Coupe.
Diecast ’96 Mustangs came from Mattel with their 1:64 Hot Wheels GT Convertible, much more acceptable than their usual bizarre creations, it is marked ‘1996’ on the base. Larger at 1:43 comes a reasonable Coupe from Realtoy. This came in various stages of stock to ‘way out’, the example to hand boasted an assortment of spoilers on the roof and trunk plus some apparition coming out of the centre of the hood but once given the ‘back-to-stock’ treatment it became a surprisingly nice Coupe, the absence of the correct GT rear deck spoiler on the model as it came left the end result as a V6 Coupe, complete with the optional five twin spoke wheels, two of the inserts for which were unfortunately missing to start with.
AMT USA 1996 8298 GT Coupe 184mm 1:25 plastic promo
AMT USA 1996 8036 GT Coupe 1:25 plastic kit
AMT USA 1996 8118 GT CoupeSnap kit 1:25 plastic kit
AMT USA 1996 8037 Cobra Coupe 1:25 plastic kit
Mattel China 1996 18810 GT Convertible 72mm 1:64 diecast
Monogram 1996 2460 Cobra Convertible 1:25 plastic kit
Realtoy China Coupe 108mm 1:43 diecast
Empire China 1996 5102 GT Coupe 193mm 1:24 plastic
4th gen Mustang 1996 illustration 21 AMT plastic promo21.   AMT  1:25  plastic promo from USA: 8298, GT Coupe, now with the five twin-spoke wheels.4th gen Mustang 1996 illustration 22 Mattel Hot Wheels GT Convertible (Butterfinger)
22.  Mattel  1:64 diecast from China:  18810,  GT Convertible4th gen Mustang 1996 illustration 23 Realtoy
23.  Realtoy 1:43 diecast from China:  V6 Coupe, converted from be-winged toy.4th gen Mustang 1996 illustration 24 Empire 5102
24.  Empire 1:24 plastic from China: 5102,  GT Coupe
1997 Mustang models
AMT provided the inevitable contemporary 1:25 plastic kits for both GT and Cobra Coupes, one kit of which came with a video. To mark the Mustangs 50th Anniversary a re-issue of the GT Coupe took place in 2015 and this sometimes is listed as a Monogram kit.
Auto Art offered big and well detailed 1:18 die casts of ’97 Mustangs although they favoured the exotic end of the listings with Saleen and Super Stallion versions. The Saleen Mustangs were not simply tuning specials but specialised production vehicles sold only through Ford dealerships. They began with 1984 Mustangs but those for the late 1990s were generally based on a production V6 Mustang, although for an extra $10,000 one could start with a SVT Cobra. The Saleen S351 employed a highly tuned 5.7 litre Windsor V8, coupled to substantially modified suspension. Auto Arts Saleens come with all the necessary details, the Convertible version features a fixed tonneau over the rear seats complete with the appropriate ‘Speedster’ decals. With the Super stallion, Auto Art has highlighted a significant Ford concept vehicle that began life as a 1995 Cobra but was turned into this development project by the Ford SVE (Special Vehicle Engineering) team under John Coletti. Among the many features of the real car, was its independent rear suspension and this along with most of all the other unique details has been faithfully created in the model.
1997 was relatively early in the convoluted history of Racing Champions, starting in 1989, subsequently developing into RC2 after taking over numerous other operations and then becoming part of Tomy. A quite acceptable 1:55 scale Cobra Coupe was issued in 1997, featuring the post ’96 hood with twin dummy airs-scoops that accompanied the new higher 4.6 V8. Further diecast Cobras came from MotorMax, their 1:42 scale Convertibles being marked 1998 on their base but the open car allows the pre-’98 dash with clock pod to be clearly seen. At least two wheel patterns have been used on different issues of this.
1997 Ford Mustang Models
AMT USA 1997 8224 GT Coupe 1:25 Plastic kit
AMT USA 1997 8231 Cobra Coupe 1:25 Plastic kit
AMT USA 8066 GT Coupe with video 1:25 Plastic kit
AMT 2015 864 GT Coupe “50th Anniversary” 1:25 Plastic kit
Auto Art China 72710 Super Stallion Concept 253mm 1:18 Diecast
Auto Art China 72720 Saleen S351 Coupe 255mm 1:18 Diecast
Auto Art China 72730 Saleen S351 Speedster 255mm 1:18 Diecast
Motormax China 4002 Cobra Convertible 109mm 1:42 Diecast
Racing Champions China 1997 Cobra Coupe 84mm 1:55 Diecast
4th gen Mustang 1997 illustration 24 Auto Art Super Stallion24.  Auto Art 1:18 diecast from China: 72710, Super Stallion Ford SVE Concept4th gen Mustang 1997 illustration 25 Auto Art Saleen coupe
25.  Auto Art  1:18 diecast from China: 72720, Saleen S351 Coupe
4th gen Mustang 1997 illustration 26 Saleen Speedster26.  Auto Art  1:18 diecast from China: 72730, Saleen S351 Speedster
4th gen Mustang 1997 illustration 27 MotorMax Cobra Convertible27.  MotorMax  1:42 diecast from China: 4002, Cobra Convertible
4th gen Mustang 1997 illustration 28 Racing Champions Cobra coupe - orange28.  Racing Champions 1:55 diecast from China:  Cobra Coupe
 1998 Mustang Models
It appears that as this line of Mustangs continued to the end of its run in 1998 the only models to appear were of the Cobra. Even AMT don’t seem to have ticked the box. However, in their 1:43 Road Champs series Yatming produced a Cobra Coupe in several guises. Confusion seems to have entered the development however as one carries “SVD” decals while both feature the “GT4.6L” decals on the front fenders – appropriate for the GT but not the Cobra. Finally, Motormax included both Cobra Coupe and Convertible in their 1:24 range of inexpensive toys.
1998 Mustang models
Motormax China 73208 Cobra Coupe 1:24 Diecast
Motormax China 73209 Cobra Convertible 1:24 Diecast
Road Champs China 68600 Cobra Coupe 109mm 1:42 Diecast
4th gen Mustang 1998 illustration 29 Road Champs Cobra Coupe29.    Road Champs  1:42   diecast from China: 68600     Cobra Coupe.


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Atlas Dinky Toys – Volkswagen

By Maz Woolley

Atlas Dinky 181 Volkswagen

The latest release in the Atlas Dinky Toys series is a casting we have already seen used for the Swiss Post liveries version. It has also been seen before in the continental Atlas Dinky series.

#181 Volkswagen

The model replicates a later model being painted light blue and fitted with silver dish wheels. The box still features the original painted metal wheels and the picture shows the darker blue shade often seen.

This replica has been nicely produced even if this casting has been used before. It seems amazing now that Dinky had this model in production from 1956 to 1970 by which time it was completely obsolete.

Atlas Dinky 181 Volkswagen

Atlas Dinky 181 Volkswagen

Atlas Dinky 181 Volkswagen

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Atlas Jaguar Collection – XJ12C

By Maz Woolley

Atlas Jaguar XJ12C

The XJ12C was built for three years between 1975 and 1978 after first being shown at a Motor Show in 1973. Based on the short wheelbase XJ model it had longer doors welded up from two existing parts. The coupe was available with six cylinders too which sold in larger quantities that the V12.

Finished with a then fashionable vinyl roof the car certainly looks the part of  luxury coupe. Indeed it was chosen as John Steed’s car in the contemporary revival of the Avengers on TV,  albeit with a body kit fitted to it.

I believe that the model is again sourced from Ixo/PCT and has Atlas tampo printed on base. A similar model was sold in a small series by Ixo at Nuremberg  in red with a beige vinyl roof so collectors who cannot afford that scarce release may be pleased to buy this one.

The model is very good  except for the inclusion of the “leaper”, on this a right hand drive car.  Although often fitted as aftermarket additions the XJ was the point at which the leaper was no longer fitted in the UK due to safety legislation. The badging is neatly printed, grilles and wheels well modelled, and the dashboard inside is excellently printed. Even the little black rubber over-riders at the front are painted on.

Atlas Jaguar XJ12C

Atlas Jaguar XJ12C Atlas Jaguar XJ12C Atlas Jaguar XJ12C

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Oxford Diecast Daimler SP250 Open

By Maz Woolley

Oxford Diecast continue regular releases of new models to 1:43 scale with a regular supply of new castings and modifications to existing ones. They also remain very competitively priced here in the UK.

DSP004L Daimler SP250 Open Racing Green

Oxford Diecast Daimler SP250

This model has already been seen in three other versions. It is available in white with hood up and red with hood down as well as in a Police version. Here we see the racing green “limited” version which is to be followed by another unlimited racing green standard edition. The model captures this car well and it suits the racing green colour too.

Oxford Diecast Daimler SP250

Badging and grille are very well done.

Oxford Diecast Daimler SP250

The lacquered silver plastic rear lights are effective.

Oxford Diecast Daimler SP250

The interior is well moulded but it looks to me that there is still some gear from the police version of the car shown under the dashboard?

Oxford Diecast Daimler SP250

Taff from Oxford Diecast informs me that the limited edition came about because a late change to the interior colour was specified but by that point models were already in production. Rather than scrap these models the limited number made with the cream interior have been sold as a limited series. When the regular DSP004 models appear they will be in racing green with a red interior.

Reader Andrew Davies has pointed out that the registration number on the regular run has also been changed.

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Oxford Diecast – 2016/17 Announcement

By Maz Woolley

Oxford Diecast officially released information about the models that we will see during the remainder of 2016 and into the first quarter of next year. This release includes a mixture of new castings, recoloured ones, and the gradual migration of existing models into other scales.

Some of the items that have caught the editor’s eye include a new 1:18 Heinkel Trojan Bubblecar which one hopes will make it into 1:43 and 1:76 at some point. There are four new 1:87 US cars including a pre-war Buick Special. In 1:43 scale the new Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible  will surely be popular. In 1:76 there are a whole series of new models including modern facelifted Range Rovers, the F-Pace Jaguar, and for classic car collectors the MGB, Triumph TR4 and Stag. The Leyland Sherpa van finally appears in 1:76 scale – it would be nice if this was made in 1:43 as well at some point.

Military collectors are far from neglected with some new Land Rover variants as well as the first Tank Oxford have offered, a Churchill Mark III well suited to the tank transporter already in their range. And finally Aircraft collectors will find new items to choose from too.

The compete listing is included below for readers. It is great news for collectors that Oxford go on investing in new castings as well as producing new and attractive variations on existing models.

Readers who which to see the drawings of the new models and UK prices these can be found at in the section showing 2016-2 releases.

1:148 Coca Cola

NNR004CC New Routemaster London United/Coca Cola Q4/2016

1:148 Oxford Automobile

NAP003 Austin Princess (Late) Carlton Grey/Lt Grey Q1/2017
NMGB001 MGB Roadster Tartan Red Q1/2017
NMN006 Mini M & S Floral Q4/2016
NNMN001 New Mini Chili Red Q1/2017

1:148 Oxford Commercials

NBED003 Bedford J1 Ambulance Dublin Q4/2016
NFT001 Ford Transit SWB Low Roof White Q4/2016
NMA001 Mercedes Ambulance Wales Q1/2017
NTEA003 Ferguson Tractor Emerald Q4/2016

1:148 Oxford Fire

NLAN188010 Land Rover Series 1 Rover Fire Brigade Q4/2016

1:148 Oxford Gift

NSET004 5 Piece Bus Set London Transport Q4/2016

1:148 Oxford Haulage

NSHL01ST Scania Highline Nooteboom 3 axle Semi Low Loader Stobart Rail Q4/2016

1:148 Oxford Military

NCMP001 CMP 1st Canadian Infantry Division Q1/2017

1:148 Oxford Omnibus

NCMP007 CMP Southdown Q1/2017
NNR002 New Routemaster Go Ahead London Central Q242016
NWFA001 Weymann Fanfare South Wales Q1/2017

1:18 Oxford Automobile

18HE001 Heinkel Trojan RHD Roman Blue Q1/2017
18MBC005 Messerschmitt KR200 Polar White Q4/2016

1:43 Oxford Automobile

43MIN023 Tartan Red/Union Jack Austin Mini
43RRC001 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible (Open) Indigo Blue Q4/2016
AH1005 Austin Healey 100 BN1 (Roof down) Carmine Red Q1/2017
AMVT001 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Volcano Red Q4/2016
BN6005 Bentley MkVI Two Tone Grey  (Bergerac) Q1/2017
VA003 Volvo Amazon Blue Green Q4/2016
VF003 Vauxhall Firenza Sport SL Honey Starmist

1:43 Oxford Commercials

43LR2S002 Land Rover Series II SWB Canvas British Rail Q4/2016
LAN188010 Land Rover Series 1 88″ Hard Top Rover Fire Brigade Q4/2016

1:43 Oxford Military

43LRL002 Land Rover 1/2 Ton Lightweight Military Police Q4/2016

1:72 History of Flight

72AO002 Airspeed Oxford PH185 778 Sqn.Fleet Air Arm Q4/2016
72COM005 DH88 Comet CS-AAJ – Salazar – Portugal Q4/2016
72DG001 DH84 Dragon G-ECAN Railway Air Services Q1/2017
72DR013 DH Dragon Rapide VH-UFF Australian National Airways Q4/2016
72DV004 DH104 Dove G-AROI British Eagle Q1/2017
72HOR006 DH103 Sea Hornet TT197 728 Squadron Malta 1953 Q1/2017
72PM007 DH80a Puss Moth VH-UQO My Hildegarde (Air Race) Q4/2016
72SW002 Supermarine Seagull/Walrus RAF 276 Q4/2016
72TM009 DH Tiger Moth Floatplane Royal Navy T7187 Q4/2016

1:72 Oxford Aviation

AC069 Hawker Hurricane MkI 11 Group 6 OUT Sutton Bridge 1940 Q4/2016
AC070 Vought Corsair III 718 Sqn. FAA Ballyhalbert  NI 1945 Q4/2016

1:76 Coca Cola

76RM114CC Routemaster 1:76 Coca Cola Xmas Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Automobile

76AH3004 Austin Healey 3000 British Racing Green Q4/2016
76ALL004 Austin Allegro Estate Tahiti Blue Q1/2017
76AMDB9001 Aston Martin DB9 Coupe Skyfall Silver Q4/2016
76AMV001 Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe Appletree Green Q4/2016
76AMVT001 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Volcano Red Q4/2016
76AMZ001 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato VEV Q4/2016
76BB002 Bentley Blower French Grand Prix 1930 No.8 Birkin Q4/2016
76BM02001 BMW 2002 Colorado Orange Q4/2016
76BN6005 Bentley MkVI Two Tone Grey  Q4/2016
76BT2004 Bentley T2 Saloon Seychelles Blue/Shell Grey Q4/2016
76CAP007 Ford Capri MkIII Merseyside Police Q4/2016
76CDS004 Citroen DS19 Regal Red/White Q4/2016
76DTYP004 Jaguar D Type Green Q4/2016
76ETYP011 Jaguar E Type DHC Closed Carmen Red Q4/2016
76FTYP007 Jaguar F Type Ultimate Black Q3/2016
76JCX75001 Jaguar C-X75 Silver Q4/2016
76JFP001 Jaguar F-PACE Ultimate Black Q4/2016
76JFT001 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 British Racing Green Q4/2016
76JXE001 Jaguar XE Italian Red Q4/2016
76LRDS001 Land Rover Discovery Sport Corris Grey Q4/2016
76MGB007 MGB Roadster Chelsea Grey Q4/2016
76RR005 Range Rover Evoque Firenze Red Q4/2016
76RRE001 Range Rover Evoque Coupe (Facelift) Firenze Red Q4/2016
76RREC001 Range Rover Evoque Convertible Phoenix Orange Q4/2016
76RRS001 Range Rover Sport SVR  Setoril Blue Q4/2016
76TR4001 Triumph TR4 Signal Red Q4/2016 £4.95
76TS001 Triumph Stag Saffron  Q4/2016 £4.95
76VE003 Volvo 245 Estate Light Blue Q4/2016
76VO001 Volvo 760 Gold Metallic Q4/2016
76XJ005 Jaguar XJ Ultimate Black Q3/2016
76XJS005 Jaguar XJS Black Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Commercials

76ACC001 Pallet/Loads Aspro * 4 Q3/2016
76ACC002 Pallet/Loads Manns Brown Ale * 4 Q3/2016
76BD022 Bedford OX Flatbed Trailer LNER Q4/2016
76BSA009 Motorbike/Sidecar NRMA Q4/2016
76CA028 Bedford CA Van RAC Q4/2016
76CC001 Carlight Continental Caravan Light Grey Q4/2016
76CM009 Commer Q25 Lyons Ice Cream Q4/2016
76FDE011 Ford 400E Fordson Tractors Q4/2016
76FT023 Ford Transit SWB Low Roof Network Rail Q4/2016
76FT025 Ford Transit LWB High Roof City Link Q4/2016
76FT3005 Ford Transit Mk3 Eddie Stobart Q4/2016
76FTC009 Ford Transit Connect Network Rail (Jarvis) Q4/2016
76LR2S001 Land Rover Series II SWB Hard Back Royal Mail Q4/2016
76SDF002 Shelvoke & Drewry Freightlifter British Rail (Crimson) Q4/2016
76SHP001 Sherpa Van Royal Mail (Wales) Q4/2016
76TR013 Mobile Trailer Spicy Sanitas Q4/2016
76TRF002 Thompson Refueller Shell Q4/2016
76TV009 Trivan S. Smith Windscreens Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Construction

763CX001 JCB 3CX Eco Backhoe Loader JCB Q1/2017
76FT027 Ford Transit SWB Medium Roof JCB Q4/2016
76LAN2016 Land Rover Series II LWB Canvas JCBQ4/2016

1:76 Oxford Fire

76FHP002 Fordson Heavy Pump Unit London Fire Brigade Q4/2016
76LRC006 Land Rover FT6 Civil Defence Q1/2017
76REG007 AEC Regent Pump Escape Cardiff City Fire Service Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Gift

76SET40 3 Piece Volvo Set Q4/2016
76SET41 5 Piece Ford Set Q4/2016
76SET42 5 Piece MG Set Q4/2016
76SET48 3 Piece Jaguar Set Q4/2016
76SET50 Metropolitan Police Set Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Haulage

76LV004 ERF LV Flatbed Trailer N Ireland TrailersQ3/2016
76MB004 Mercedes Actros SSC D-TEC Combitrailer/Container John Mitchell Q4/2016
76S143004 Scania 143 Short Curtainside Sandy Kydd Q4/2016
76SHL02CS Scania Highline Curtainside Stobart Power Q4/2016
76SHL16FR Scania Highline Fridge Steady Eddie Q4/2016
76TCAB008 Scania T Cab 3 Axle Nooteboom Semi Low Loader Sandy Kydd Q4/2016
76VOL4004 Volvo FH4 (G) Tipper Wains Transport Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Military

76CHT001 Churchill Tank MkIII Kingforce – Major King Q1/2017
76DOR004 Dorchester ACV Max (Rommel) North Africa 1941 Q1/2017
76HST001 Humber Snipe Tourer Old Faithful General Montgomery Italy 1942 Q1/2017
76LRDF005 Land Rover Defender 90 RAF Flight Safety Q4/2016
76LRL001 Land Rover 1/2 Ton Lightweight United Nations Q4/2016
76QLB003 Bedford QLB Light AA Reg.12 Corps Germany 1945 Q4/2016
76QLR002 Bedford QLR 79th Armoured Division NWE 1944 Q4/2016
76TAC002 TACR2 Queens Flight Q4/2016
76TRF003 Thompson Refueller RAF Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Omnibus

76DR003 Duple Roadmaster Wye Valley Motors Q4/2016
76IR6001 Irizar i6 Translink Goldline Q4/2016
76MW6002 Bristol MW6G Hants & Dorset Q4/2016
76PAN005 Plaxton Panorama Sheffield United Tours Q4/2016
76PD2004 Leyland PD2/12 Samuel Ledgard Q4/2016
76WFA005 Weymann Fanfare Greenslades Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Original Bus

76RM113 Routemaster  Kelvin Scottish Q4/2016

1:76 Oxford Showtime

76FBB001 Fowler BB1 16nhp Ploughing Engine No.15145  Rusty Dorset Q3/2016
76FCR002 Fowler B6 Crane Wolverhampton Wanderer Q4/2016
76SST007 Scammell Showtrac & Dodgem Trailer Arnold Bros Q4/2016

1:87 Oxford Automobile

87BC55001 Buick Century 1955 Turquoise/Polo White Q4/2016
87BS36001 Buick Special Convertible Coupe 1936 Black Q4/2016
87CN57001 Chevrolet Nomad 1957 Dusk Pearl/Imperial Ivory Q4/2016
87CP65001 Chevrolet Stepside Pick Up 1965 Light Blue/White Q4/2016

1:87 Oxford Commercials

87TR013 Mobile Trailer Spicy Sanitas Q4/2016

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Morris Isis conversion

By John Quilter

Ixo Hindustan Ambassador

IXO make a very commonly available Hindustan Ambassador model in taxi and police livery as well as a standard sedan as shown above.  Since this is an inexpensive model and readily available it makes a great donor car for conversions as it is essentially a late 1950s Morris Oxford.   The six cylinder version of the Oxford was the Isis and from the scuttle back it was an Oxford, only the front clip was lengthened to accommodate the big 2600cc inline six cylinder engine, not that different from that fitted to the Austin Healey but with a single SU carburettor.  This car was available with either an automatic gearbox or a four speed manual with overdrive which provided amazingly long legged highway cruising ability.  There were two version of this generation of Isis, a wood bodied Traveller and a saloon.  There never was an Isis version of the all steel four door Traveller that appeared in the Oxford range.

1957 Morris Isis saloon #2

1957 Morris Isis saloon #1

To create the Isis saloon, I had only to cut with a jeweler’s saw the front clip off and extend it with some thin metal bridge work inside and final shaping with my favorite material for this, J B Weld, an epoxy metal material that is great for shaping, filing, sanding and serves as a great glue as well.   The grill had to be created as the Hindustan has a much simplified grill of horizontal bars only.  To do this I used some photoetch mesh and some wire solder of the correct gauge to create the two arched bars.  The solder is silver in color replicating chrome and to preserve this look I coated it with some clear lacquer.    I preserved two of the Hindustan driving/fog lamps which are part of the bumper.

1957 Morris Isis traveller #2

1957 Morris Isis traveler #1

The Traveller project was a bit more complex, requiring the fabrication of a rear roof and the body sides and tail gate.  Wood basswood from the hobby store served as the wood sections and final finishing was with some clear lacquer to give a bit of gloss.    Wheels on both had to be painted body color and trim rings added  as per my guide,  Google images and an original factory brochure gave me some appropriate color choices.

So, two more created in the never ending quest to replicate or acquire in 43rd scale all the BMC, Triumph,  BLMC cars of my youth.

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DeAgostini Dinky Toys

By Maz Woolley

DeAgostini Dinky

Readers may have seen leaflets and adverts for a DeAgostini partwork in the UK based on Norev produced Dinky replicas also being sold by Atlas in their Atlas Dinky series. DeAgostini seem to have sold the first four parts and then stopped with a letter to subscribers saying  that this was due to “unforeseen circumstances”. This is not the case it appears that the circumstances were entirely predictable since this was clearly a test marketing exercise.   In fact comments on a French web site by Atlas’ Dinky expert suggests that the series will launch properly in September.

It seems very strange that DeAgostini should act in this way since Atlas Collectibles web site says that Atlas is part of DeAgostini. Some collectors cancelled the Atlas series as the DeAgostini one is several pounds a model cheaper. The DeAgostini Dinky models already seen have all been seen before in the Atlas Dinky range, albeit in different colours/liveries.

So what have Atlas sold so far in the series:

DeAgostini TR2

111 Triumph TR2A in racing livery #25 in pale blue

DeAgostini Ford Thunderbird

555 Ford Thunderbird in red

DeAgostini Bedford Kodak

480 Bedford CA Kodak

DeAgostini Mini Traveller

197 Mini Traveller white

DeAgostini Jaguar XK120

157 Jaguar XK120 Coupe

The models sent by DeAgostini are better packaged and have a part work magazine which is heavy on pictures and has only limited information. I have two of the models from this series and as shown below the baseplates and boxes have been modified to say DeAgostini and not Atlas.

DeAgostini Dinky 555 Ford Thunderbird

555  Ford Thunderbird

DeAgostini Dinky 555 Ford Thunderbird DeAgostini Dinky 555 Ford Thunderbird

The Atlas model was painted in blue a rare South African shade but the DeAgostini model is in a dark red as pictured on the box.

480 Bedford CA Kodak

DeAgostini Dinky Bedford CA Kodak

The Atlas model was produced in Dinky Toys livery. In this case it is in yellow with Kodak livery.

DeAgostini Dinky Bedford CA Kodak DeAgostini Dinky Bedford CA Kodak DeAgostini Dinky Bedford CA Kodak

Since DeAgostini allow single parts to be ordered as back orders online, or on the telephone, after general release to subscribers this series might appeal to the collector who just wants one or two of the models.

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Atlas Jaguar Collection – Mark IV 3.5 Litre

By Maz Woolley

Atlas Jaguar Mark IV

With the pre-war name SS swept away due to it’s unfortunate connotations all the post war cars became marketed as Jaguars. The Jaguar Mark IV was essentially the same as the pre-war SS 3.5 Saloon. This car had a coachbuilt body fitted to a separate chassis. Though the performance from it’s 3.5 litre engine was good it had a reputation for being heavy on fuel.

The Atlas model again has Atlas tampo printed on base and seems to be typical of PCT/Ixo supplied models. Again a nicely printed dashboard exists and door cards are well replicated with winder and door handles printed.  The massive Lucas Headlights are well modelled as is the grille and a small leaper is fitted which is correct for this vehicle. The two tone paint work is well represented with tampo printed chrome masking the  divides well at the waistline.

I did not expect to stay with this series but the models produced so far are all done to a standard higher than many other subscription series/partworks and have covered well chosen variants. It will be interesting to see how many parts Atlas intend to make.

Atlas Jaguar Mark IV Atlas Jaguar Mark IV Atlas Jaguar Mark IV

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A look at the latest Autocult models

By Maz Woolley

All photographs supplied by Autocult.

Again Auto Cult’s releases mix the obscure with the every day. Auto Cult’s models are resin cast to 1:43 scale in China for Germany.

Auto Cult Intermechanicca Murena 429GT

#05006 Intermeccanica Murena 429 GT

Two Americans, Joseph “Joe” Vos and Charles Scwendler partnered the Italian company Intermeccanica to produce a luxury two door estate car similar in some ways to the Reliant Scimitar from the UK. The long bonnet concealed a Ford 7 Litre V8. The car had premium leather seats for all four passengers, a stereo sound system, air-conditioning, electrically operated windows, and high quality carpets in the floor area. Shown for the first time at the New York Auto Show in 1969 at the booth of the Murena Motor Corporation. The car cost over 14.000 US$, and despite its style and exclusivity  between 1969 and 1970 just ten cars were sold before Joe Vos and Charles Scwendler called it a day.

Auto Cult Mercedes C111 study Bruno Sacco

#06008 Mercedes-Benz C111 Sacco-Studie

The Classic uncompromisingly angular C111 with its gull wing doors often in vivid orange is a well known Classic which trialled the Wankel rotary engine which promised much but never made it into routine production vehicles at Daimler Benz.
This version was a car styled by Bruno Sacco and used as a test car in the C111 programme. This neat car has shades of Opel Junior and Ferrari Dino styling and although pretty lacks the presence of the better known C111 cars.

Auto Cult Otto Mathe Fetzenflieger

#07002 Otto Mathé Fetzenflieger

Otto Mathé was well-known in Austria in 1950s car racing circles. His “do-it-yourself” car made from VW components and a 130 bhp  Porsche engine created a “beast” which upset even significantly better financed factory teams from time to time.
In 1952 he had created one of the first mid-engined sports cars. The car was skillfully covered by an aluminum skin with open access to plugs and carburettors.

Today the car is on exhibition at the Automuseum PROTOTYP in Hamburg

Auto Cult Citroen 350 Belphegor Guinard

#12002 Citroén 350 Belphégor Guinard

Here is a rather more prosaic vehicle, but a rather attractive one. In 1965, the French manufacturer Citroen produced its first truck and production of trucks under the Citroen name continued until the 1970s. This truck was nicknamed Belphegor, though officiall, it was simply called the type 350.

The truck had idiosyncratic styling which was not to everyone’s taste but which I find distinctive in an era when everything was becoming box shaped. Like a BMC FG small windows at the height of the feet to enabled the driver a better visibility on the street and allowed easier parking.The type 350 was the smallest version in the modular system with a four cylinder petrol or diesel engine.

Many fire services used this model where the driver´s cab was integrated in the body which had a second row of seats fitted leaving storage space for equipment behind.  A large roof track allowed further tools to be carried. This vehicle started in service in the fire department “D´incendie et de secours du haut-rhin” which later became Departement SDIS 68, of the city Colmar.

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Greenlight Gremlins

By Robin Godwin

A while back I discussed the re-launch of Solido, with one of their first cars being a 1:43 Volkswagen Beetle. Regrettably, it was produced by PCT (Premium Collectibles & Trading, parent of Ixo and the source of models for numerous partworks) and was not an original Solido casting in any way. At the end of that article, I said that I thought the new Greenlight (GL) 1:43 “Gremlins” Beetle also looked like a partwork. Proof arrived in the mail today with a DeAgostini partwork model for Brazil. The series is called “Veiculos de Servico do Brasil,” no translation required. You can see from the pictures that there have been some minor modifications to change it from the 1967 Beetle used in the 1984 Gremlins movie, into a 1977 VW Fusco as used by the telephone service in Brazil (this info is printed on an included card). There are different tampo printed vents, wheels, mirror arrangement, and of course, the addition of a roof rack, but it is the same casting, with the same base. PCT is tampoed on the base of the Brazil issue, along with Volkswagen Fusco, so a slide was inserted into the die to accommodate this. Hard to see in the pictures, but the licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Entertainment appears in black tampo on the black plastic base of the Gremlins model, along with Greenlight in white.

Perhaps this goes some way to explain why GL chose to use an existing mould from PCT rather than create their own – money saved by not having to produce your own dies can be put towards the cost of licensing and, apparently, turn a profit at a price point of around $15 US. The GL lineup (1:64/1:43/1:24 and 1:18) is getting crowded with licensed vehicles from various films and TV series, which presumably all require fees of some sort, so models produced by someone else at a contract price may be a very smart business solution. But from this collector’s point of view, it is a real disappointment, in that it is a casting that has been used many times before. GL issued a military Willys Jeep recently in 1:43 which I found tempting, but I’m pretty sure it is from PCT as well. Since I already have the Ixo version, I won’t bother.

There is a large and growing group of “ex-partwork” companies that issue castings already used in partworks as their own lines – Whitebox, Edicola, and now Greenlight and Solido among others, although these latter two may have some originals in their lineup, particularly the current GL 1:64 scale issues (but, GL started with High Speed castings). It will be increasingly difficult for regular die cast manufacturers, i.e., those who make their own dies, to compete with the many old partworks floating around at what appear to be bargain prices. The number of partworks series is increasing all the time, so it could be that, even though Norev, Corgi and Oxford Diecast have supported that market, PCT is the future of die cast models, or at least the main player (perhaps excluding Mattel). If you doubt that statement, then have a look at the sheer volume of models in various partworks coming from PCT at their website Tough to compete, given that virtually all these partworks have a second life in derivative ranges.

Editor’s note. Things have also happened the other way with Corgi supplying moulds for re-use by Atlas, Corgi and Solido providing castings for a partwork series, and of course Norev models are used for partworks and Atlas series as well. Robin’s point is taken that anyone funding a die for their sole use may struggle to compete when PCT, Universal Hobbies, Hongwell, High Speed  or Hongwell make a casting of the same model and make it available at  a contract rate to a number of others.


Gremlins VW in orange, front; Vieculos de Servico partwork Telephone Service vehicle, rear



Effective tampo printing can significantly change vehicle appearance



Base differences. An insert to the die was used to cast specific vehicle data

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