Johnny Lightning – Chasing Dollars

By Robin Godwin

Johnny Lightning 1975 VW standard

The new (reissued) Johnny Lightnings are now being sold by online dealers. You can get the regular issue models for about $5.99, and probably less when they hit the big box stores.  But, White Lightning fever has struck. The regular issue Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio is in red, as shown in the photograph above. The White Lightning version is all over white but with a red collector card in the pack. The first I saw on eBay fetched 50 US Dollars,  the second 77 and the latest 97.
The funny thing is, a Greenlight Green Machine, equivalent to a White Lightning, is 2% of the regular production, and there is a website which tells us what the production volumes are, and hence the number of Green Machines. M2 usually indicates the regular production number of any given model, and often also indicates the chase issue numbers.
Johnny Lightning White Lightning production is from 1 to 5% of regular production, but I have never found any reference to regular production quantities. Johnny Lightning production could be considerably higher than Greenlight or M2, which could make the White Lightning quantities greater as well. It will be interesting to see if prices fall accordingly when greater numbers of chase models have been purchased.

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Atlas Jaguar Collection XJ-S

By Maz Woolley

The latest release in this series is a Jaguar XJ-S, photographs below. This vehicle replaced the E-Type V12 but was always a grand  tourer rather than an out and out sports car. This model represents the car as launched in 1975 with the V12 engine from the E-Type carried forward and giving a top speed of just over 150 miles per hour. With some re-styling along the way the model stayed in production for 21 years.

The model is fixed to the base with Ixo triangular recess but I cannot find any reference to Ixo making this model in their Premium X range.  This model is a good one but not as nice as the Minichamps model which features the later alloy wheels. The chrome line should extend around the rear lights on this model as it does on the Minichamps but it does not do so on this Atlas model.

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Oxford Diecast News January 2016

By Maz Woolley


Oxford Diecast have recently announced many more models for 2016. In addition to new liveries and colours on previously seen castings we will see more new castings like the Hillman Imp, MGB GT and Aston Martin in 1:76 scale. The latest press release suggests that we will see more new castings later in 2016 too. Their announcement says “We continue to invest in new tooling, in all areas and at all scales – as part of our policy of delivering affordable diecast models“. It certainly looks like Oxford will have something interesting to show at the London and Nuremberg Toy Fairs.

1:72 Scale Aircraft

72AA005 Avro Anson AW665/PP.B 71 Sqn. RAAF
72DV003 DH104 Devon VP975 Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE)
72PP003 Percival Proctor Koninklijke Luchtmacht
72SW001 Supermarine Seagull/Walrus A2-4 RAAF (RAF Museum Hendon)
AC068 Gloster Meteor F2 De Havilland Halford Goblin Jet Engine Test Aircraft

1:76 Scale Vehicles

76ACF004 Austin Cambridge Farina Grampian Grey/Cumulus Grey (Gaydon)
76AMDB2002 Aston Martin DB2 MkIII DHC Dark British Racing Green
76ATK003 Atkinson Borderer Flatbed Trailer British Rail
76ATV008 Austin ATV Newcastle & Gateshead Fire Service
76AUS003 Austin 1300 Glacier White
76BD021 Bedford OWLC Tanker Petroleum Board
76BLP004 British Leyland Princess Tahiti Blue
76BM28001 BMW 328 Mille Miglia 1938 Fane and James
76BSA008 Motorbike and Sidecar RAF Blue
76CAV002 Vauxhall Cavalier Carnelian Red
76DEF014 Land Rover Defender Station Wagon RNLI
76DOR003 Dorchester ACV 1st Polish Arm. Div. NWE 1945
76DSC005 Daimler Dingo RUC No.9 Platoon – Keady – Co.Armagh
76DT004 Diamond T Ballast Pickfords
76FB6003 Fowler B6 Showmans Loco King Carnival
76FCG004 Ford Cargo Box Van Royal Mail
76FDE003 Ford 400E Post Office Telephones
76FDE014 Ford 400 E Maidstone & District
76FF005 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Jade Green
76FHP001 Fordson Heavy Pump Unit NFS
76FT022 Ford Transit LWB High Network Rail Response Unit
76FT024 Ford Transit LWB High Royal Mail
76FT1004 Ford Transit Mk1 City of Carlisle Fire Service
76FT1005 Ford Transit Mk1 British Rail
76FT3004 Ford Transit Mk3 AA
76FTC007 Ford Transit Connect Garda
76FTC008 Ford Transit Connect Eddie Stobart
76FTYP005 Jaguar F Type British Racing Green Metallic
76GF006 VW Golf GTI Diamond Copper Brown Metallic
76HB004 Vauxhall Viva HB Monaco White
76HI001 Hillman Imp Willow Green
76JI008 Jensen Interceptor Oakland Green and Tan
76JM023 Morris J2 Ambulance Scottish Ambulance Auxiliary Corps
76KRS005 Konecranes Reach Stacker Stobart (Red)
76LAN188021 Land Rover Series 1 88 Hard Back RAF
76LAN188022 Land Rover Series 1 88 Canvas 6th Training Regiment – RCT
76LAN2015 Land Rover Series II Station Wagon Royal Navy
76LRD007 Land Rover Discovery 3 Metropolitan Police
76LRDF006 Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Santorini Black
76LRDF007HE Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Grasmere Green (Heritage)
76LRDF008AD Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Phoenix Orange (Adventure)
76LRDF009AU Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon Corris Grey (Autobiography)
76LRT008 Leyland Royal Tiger Standerwick
76MCS002 Mini Cooper S MkII John Rhodes 1968 Brands Hatch
76MF003 Massey Ferguson Open Red
76MGA004 MGA Old English White
76MGBGT001 MGBGT Tartan Red
76MINGT004 Mini 1275GT Bronze Yellow
76MJ011 Morris J Ice Cream Di Mascios
76MN007 Mini RAF
76MO006 Morris Oxford Salford City Police
76OWB012 Bedford OWB Warstones
76PD2003 Leyland Titan PD2_12 Southdown
76QLR001 Bedford QLR 1st Infantry Div – UK 1942
76QLT001 Bedford QLT Post Office Telephones
76RAN003 Range Rover Vogue Firenze Red
76RM111 Routemaster Blackpool
76RP005 Rover P6 Lunar Grey
76S94003 Scania 6 Wheel Curtainside Lorry White
76SCA04HB Scania Topline Horsebox A W Jenkinson
76SCT002 Scania Evo6 Car Transporter Quinns
76SET39 5 Piece Bentley Set
76SFT004 Standard Flying Twelve Grey
76SHL01ST Scania Highline Nooteboom 3 Axle Semi Low Loader Stobart Rail
76SHL04WF Scania Highline Walking Floor Stobart Ascot Champions Day
76SR006 Sunbeam Rapier MkIII Moonstone/Morocco Brown
76TN003 Thornycroft Nubian Bristol Airport
76TP004 Triumph 2500 Tahiti Blue
76TR012 Mobile Trailer Alfonsos
76VA003 Volvo Amazon Blue Green
76VWB007 VW Beetle Gulf Blue
76WM005 Whitby Mondial Ice Cream Vinces
76XF005 Jaguar XF Saloon Polaris White
76ZEP009 Ford Zephyr Goodwood Green
SP108 Ford Cargo Box Van Swansea Festival of Transport 2016

1:87 Scale

87ED58006 Edsel Citation 1958 Ember Red/Frost White
87ME49007 Mercury Monarch 1949 Teal Blue

1:43 Scale

AH1004 Austin-Healey 100 BN1 Black_Red – Closed
AMDB2003 Aston Martin DB2 MkIII Saloon Peony Red
AMZ001 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato – 2 VEV Metallic Green
ASS005 Austin Seven RN Saloon Black/Red
ASV006 Austin Seven RN Van City of Birmingham Gas Dept.
BN6004 Bentley MkVI Midnight Blue_Shell Grey
DSP004 Daimler SP250 Open Racing Green
DSP004L Daimler SP250 Open Racing Green Limited Run
FDE015 Ford 400E Rediffusion
HPL005 Humber Pullman Limousine Forest Green
JAGXK150007 Jaguar XK150 Fixed Head Coupe Mist Grey
LAN1109009 Land Rover Series 1 109″ Canvas British Railways
VF002 Vauxhall Firenza 1800SL Flamenco Red

1:148 Scale

NAEC017 AEC Matador 2nd Batt. Gordon Highlanders
NBP005 Bedford Luton Van Slumberland
NCOR3001 Cortina MkIII Gold
NDSC001 Daimler Dingo 23rd Armoured Brigade
NFARM001 Livestock Trailer
NFARM002 Farm Trailer
NFARM003 Baler
NIRZ003 Irizar
NLAN188008 Land Rover Series 1 Civil Defence
NLRT003 Leyland Royal Tiger W Alexander
NMOS004 Morris Minor Saloon Almond Green
NMWD003 Bedford MWD RAF
NPP005 Panorama 1 Sheffield United Tours
NSFE005 Scania Pump Ladder Essex County F & R
NSHL01CT Scania Highline D-TEC Combitrailer – Container Eddie Stobart
NTIL003 Austin Tilly 11th African Div
NUT006 Guy Arab Ribble
NVOL4001 Volvo FH4 Curtainside Eddie Stobart
NVWB004 VW Beetle Anthracite

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News from the Continent 12/2015: Herpa

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here is the news about a selection of Herpa releases in the final quarter of  2015.

1:43 scale

Two more 1:43 scale models have been released. The models are diecast to a high standard of finish and packed in a show case with a clear plastic cover.
070904  BMW X4 black
070911  BMW X4 mineral white metallic
The new BMW X4 comes again as a “crossover” a mixture of a saloon, a coupe and a SUV. Fitted with a  4×4 drive system, four doors and a design similar to the BMW X6. The rear body design is more pleasing on the X4 I think.
The body shape is well replicated. A brown interior is visible through the neatly glazed windows and sunroof. Lots of detailed parts are added and the wheels are nicely made with calipers clearly visible through castings. The model is rounded off with a detailed base plate.
The bonnet and tailgate open and a detailed engine is visible.
070942  Volkswagen Touareg – black
070950  Volkswagen Touareg – Sand gold metallic
This is the latest re-working of Volkswagen’s big SUV and it has been excellently modelled by Herpa.
The contours are true to the original with the gaps between doors, lids, and filler flaps finely engraved. The paint coat is finely applied and fault free. Many small parts are used to add additional detail. The interior is also an authentic replica even the cupholders in the centre console have not been forgotten. Again the wheels are good showing the brakes mounted behind clearly. Finally the baseplate is well detailed with the rear exhaust a separate component for greater realism.

1:87 Scale

745154  GTK Boxer transport vehicle – decorated
The latest armoured military transporter. Developed to meet the needs of the German Bundeswehr today. The miniature is authentically shaped and fitted with a cannon for self-defence. It is  painted in camouflage tan and green.
745161 GTK Boxer Ambulance vehicle – decorated
An Ambulance developed from the military transport vehicle described above.
The military vehicles are released in newly designed boxes for showing the new “Herpa Military” model range. New moulds are quickly joining re-workings of the former ROCO models to build this new series.
305020  Roman Diesel articulated concrete mixer
In the former Soviet states the Roman Diesel was a design licensed from the West German manufacturer MAN. It was common in the GDR. Here it is released as a detailed model of an articulated concrete mixer.
305136  Volvo FH Gl bulk drawbar “Wandt”
The forwarder Wandt operates the new Volvo. It can be seen in the customers livery as well as that of this Brunswick based company.
092142  Wartburg 353 1985 Volkspolizei
The Wartburg saloon is issued again. Now in the 1985 version as a patrol car of the former DDR Volkspolitzei. The body is moulded in white and the lower area of the body is printed in authentic brown-green. The roof carries two blue warning lights and a loudspeaker.
305273  Scania Bonnet tractor with articulated bulk-container
The Dutch company Boere, located near Rotterdam, runs this articulated container transporter using a Scania bonneted tractor unit.
028493 / 038492  Volkswagen Touran pure white/pacific blue metallic
After the Golf and Polo, now the Touran has been updated to adopt  the current design line of the Volkswagen Group. A lot of detail is printed including fine roof racks and even the trim underneath the bumper is embossed.
028561 Audi A4 saloon – brilliant black / 038560  Audi A4 saloon – argus brown metallic
Only just released this model was developed in co-operation with Audi Design and Construction department so it could be released at the same time as the real car. A nice model with nice paint and small parts to detail it.
027694  Audi A4 saloon with camouflage pattern
The new Audi A4 in the decoration applied to the development mules for the the final road tests.
027717  Audi R8 V10 Plus
Here the body painted in matt black with contrasting chromed wheel rims.
028523  Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe indian red
038522  Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe sapphire blue metallic
The Porsche Coupe is well modelled and finished. Featuring fault free printing and a realistic interior.
920421  Audi Q7 “Herpa Cars Club Model 2015”
Members of the Herpa Cars Club get given a special model each year. This year it is a Audi Q7 moulded in deep glossy black. More about Herpa modelcar collectors club can be found at

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News from the Continent 12/2015: M4 Modelcars

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here are details of the final releases by M4 modelcars in their Art, Best and Rio ranges for 2015. These are all to 1:43 scale and diecast in metal in Italy unless otherwise stated.

Art Models

ART320  Ferrari 500 Mondial – Test car 1954 – Long nose  (Resin)
ART324  Ferrari 212 Export Berlinetta – Mille Miglia 1953 – Gerini and Donazzolo #617
ART325  Ferrari 250 California – dark red
ART204/2  Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta – Spa 1949 – Roosdorp and DE Ridder #40

 BEST Models

BEST9589  Ferrari 312 P Coupe – Bridgehampton 1960 – P.Rodriguez #12
BEST9590  Ferrari 308 GTB – Rally Isle of Elba 1980 – Nico and Barban #11
BEST9591  Porsche Abarth – Nurburgring 1963 – Knunis and Schiller #59 Scuderia Filippinetti
BEST9592  Porsche 550 RS – Le Mans 1957 – Storez and Crawford #34
BEST9593  Ferrari 275 P2 – Winner of Targa Florio 1965 – Vaccarella and Bandini #198
BEST9594  Fiat 1500  1936 black and green
BEST9595  Fiat 1500 1936 – Italian Red Cross 1936
BEST9596  Alfa Romeo TZ1 – Le Mans Test car 1964 – Bussinello and Biscaldi #37

RIO Models

RIO4473  Mercedes Simplex 1902 – Emperor Wilhelm II personal car with figurine
RIO4474  Mercedes 20/35 HP – Taxi of Berlin 1911
RIO4477  Fiat 0 – Italian Red Cross 1915
RIO4478-P  KdF-Wagen (Volkswagen Beetle) Africa Corps 1941 with figurines of Field Marshall Rommel and his driver
RIO4479      Mercedes-Benz 770K – US Army Dachau May 1945
RIO4480  Fiat 525 – donated to Pope Pio XI by Senator Agnelli with figurine

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News from the Continent 12/2015: Wiking

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Wiking releases from December 2015 are listed below with photographs provided by the makers. Most models are made in plastic in Germany and Poland with some models in larger scales made in China.

New Models

1:87 Scale
0378 10  Lemken power harrow Zirkon 12
0378 20  Lemken compact disc harrow Heliodor 9
 0646 07  Winter Service – Mercedes-Benz flatbed dumper with snow plough
0693 26  Mercedes-Benz NG with low-loading trailer “THW”
0861 34  Mercedes-Benz Short nose truck with flat bed “Fire Service”
0676 06  Volvo F89  artic. rear tipper
0678 49  Mercedes-Benz Arocs three-way-tipper
0536 03  Mercedes-Benz Actros artic. 30´tank container truck
1:160 Scale
0923 02  Land Rover
0938 03  Volkswagen T5 GP panel truck

 1:32 Scale

 # 17732    0778 19  Kuhn Big Baler LSB 1290 iD
 # 17733    0778 15  Valtra T174 with front loader
 # 17734/17735    0773 46  Amazone sprayer UX 11200
 # 17736    0778 16  Grimme bunker harvester SE 260

Updated Models

A number of models have been released in updated form including this rather nice set to 1:87 scale with petrol pump and kiosk along with another building and a petrol tanker and tow truck.
0990 89  Set “Gasolin gas station”

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Atlas Dinky Collection: Morris J Capstan

By Maz Woolley

We have already seen the Morris J casting in the Atlas Dinky range as 260 Post Office van. Like Dinky Atlas have re-used the same casting in Capstan livery as released in 1957 and kept in the range until 1959. The advert from the Meccano magazine announcing the Dinky model is shown below.

Meccano Magazine March 1957 Dinky 465 Morris J Capstan


The Atlas model is again a good reproduction of the original with the mask painting being rather more regular than many originals.  Like the original Dinky it retains the security fittings on the rear door which would not have been realistic for many liveries but Cigarettes were high value goods and maybe the vans carrying them might have had added security.

Atlas Dinky Morris J Box

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The story of a model from my collection

By John Quilter

Inspired by posting #20746 on the Forum 43 bulletin board,, where Joop Gisbers suggested “Let’s tell each other a nice story about a model in your collection”. John’s story ended up being too big for a bulletin posting so we publish it here.

Back in 1955 my father, at the incessant urging of his seven year old son, bought a used 1953 Morris Minor convertible as a second car for the family who were living on the San Francisco Peninsula.   Since I was too young to drive this new acquisition, I wondered if a toy or model of this car might exist.   So with the help of my father, I wrote a letter to the importers of the Morris, (and MG, Riley)  Nuffield Imports, in New York city.    Within a week or so I was overjoyed to receive a box from them in the mail containing a green Morris Minor sedan model and a note that they were sending me this as a gift as it had been used as an office display but was now slightly outdated as the current Morris had been somewhat revised with the introduction of the Series II.   This model turns out to be about 1:18 scale,  all plastic with a tin pressing for the tan seats, and it even contained a small electric motor and provision for three C batteries in the bottom.

Subsequent  research determined this toy was made in England by Victory Industries who I later learned,  also made semi promotional models of other British cars such as the Austin Somerset,  Austin Cambridge, Hillman Minx sedan and convertible, Standard 10, Triumph TR2 and 3, MGTF,  MGA,  and Vauxhall Velox,  all British cars from the 1950s era.  Like many things English, these models have become very collectible and there is even an enterprising individual in the UK who is producing replacement parts for items likely to have gone lost or damaged over the years.

These Victory Industries  Morris Minor models for some reason had a characteristic hump in the middle of the roof although after all these years there is no other distortion to the plastic body unlike American 25th scale plastic promotional auto models by Johan and AMT that often warped significantly over time.   The Morris model has an aluminum molding on the flanks, an aluminum pressed grill (known among Morris cognoscenti as the “cheese grater grill) correct for a 1950 to 1954 version, aluminum bumpers, rubber tires labeled “Dunlop Fort” and of course a very low powered motor accurately replicates the real car’s modest performance.   When new, there was glazing but for some reason it is missing on mine.   There are poseable front wheels that presumably could be set to permit the car to move on the floor in circles or straight.

This was my first “model” car and it set in motion a collecting hobby that has continued for 60 years although once I discovered the 1:43 scale die cast Dinky Toys and others from Europe at the local toy shops and department stores,  I shifted scales which was a good thing as my collection now numbers some 2,000 items from all over the world and accommodating this number in the larger 1:18th scale would have been problematic.

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News from the Continent: Schuco

By Hans-Georg Schmitt

Here is news of some of Schuco’s releases in the final quarter of 2015. All are produced in China for Germany and most are diecast.


450111400  Pop Art Edition I – “Studio1” – orange
450949900  Letter Case without content


450776500  Fuchs Excavator 301 – blue
17792 Schuco 450776500


450027700  Volkswagen T1 Box van “Märklin”
17793 Schuco 450027700


450657200   DKW RT 350 S Solo with spoked wire wheel rims
17794 Schuco 450657200


452613200  Ferrari 458 Italia
452613900  Porsche 918 Spyder
452614000  Porsche 918 Spyder “Salzburg Design”
452616500  Porsche 911 (991) Targa 4S


# 17799   403551646  Airbus A330-300 – German Lufthansa
 17799 Schuco 403551646


450502600  Land Rover Defender “Happy Birthday 2015” 450167800  Porsche 356A Coupe “Edelweiss Classic 2015”
450589600  MAN Racing car transporter loaded with 3 Porsche Spyders
450607101  Piccolo Collector Catalogue 1994-2014 – Paperback


450759100  Porsche Cayman GT4 – indian red
450759200 Porsche Cayman GT4 – white
450759600 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS – sapphire blue metallic   450759700 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS – deep black metallic
450713600 IVECO Magirus HLF 20/16 THW “Facelift”
450211500 BMW Isetta Export with Caravan “1960s”


450899500 Hymermobil 900


452011300 Porsche 918 Spyder – silver
452011400 Porsche 918 Spyder – matt black
452011700 Mini Cooper – red and white
452011800 Mini Cooper – green and white


452615400 AC Cobra
452613600 Land Rover Defender 88
452615200 Mercedes-Benz /8 saloon with camper “Knaus Swallow Nest”
452616400 Porsche 911 S (991) Cabriolet – open
452617000 Porsche 911 S (991) Cabriolet with soft top
452206000 Mercedes-Benz Actros with articulated Curtain Canvas trailer
 452207000 Mercedes-Benz Actros with artic tanker “Schrader Unitas 2000”
 452207100 Mercedes-Benz Actros with artic tanker “Unitas 2000 ARAL”


450111600  Pop Art Edition I “Studio I” – blue
17829 Schuco 450111600


450579500 Ferrari 250 Le Mans
17830 Schuco 450579500


450036500 Volkswagen T1 Camper light grey and green
450018200 Volkswagen T2 Pickup with soap box racers


450008000 Volkswagen Beetle Jolly with soft top


452619900 Porsche 911 (997) Turbo
17837 Schuco 452619900

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Mercedes-Benz 770K W150 “Grosser Mercedes”

To the Victor Go the Spoils – The Saga of Two Mercedes-Benz Classics Modelled by EMC

By Harvey Goranson

Part 2 – 1940 Mercedes-Benz 770K W150 “Grosser Mercedes” used by Adolf Hitler


Recently EMC issued another Third Reich Mercedes, the Type 770K used on at least several occasions by Adolf Hitler. This car is presently in the Canadian War Museum. At first it was believed to be Hermann Goering’s car, but after exhaustive research it was verified to have been used by der Führer.  Please go here to read this history, but I’ll summarize further on:

In 1930, Mercedes replaced the Series 630 with the 770 (internal code W07). (Minichamps has done some nice versions of these, as used by Kaiser Wilhelm II and Emperor Hirohito). By 1938, Daimler-Benz upgraded the 770 with new bodywork and chassis, including independent front suspension and a De Dion axle at the rear. There were three series of the new internal code W150 cars: unarmored, armored, and the Staatskarosse, a more powerful armored version.

I’m going to digress a bit here and discuss a model that, as of 2016, is a half-century old.- Rio’s version of the “Grande Mercedes”’.


Shown above is Rio #22, a closed version. (Rio #23 is an open version, in gray.) By late 1966, Rio had made a name for itself making true collectors’ models, long before today’s super-detailed resin models. The Rio had a lift-off hood and a new novel feature, independently sprung wheels using coil springs:


I guess they didn’t take note of the De Dion rear axle spec, but we’ll give them an “A” for effort.

In researching this article, I checked out the license number of the Rio, and found a blog stating that 1A-148485 on this model corresponds to a car given to Hitler on his birthday in 1939. No photo however, so I don’t know if his present was maroon or not.

Around 1976 or so, Rio reissued the top down version as their own model of “Hitler’s car”, #64:


For this version, they added 5 spotlights, Nazi flags, and a bullet shield behind the rear seat. And, a new license: 1A-103708. So I searched this one out and found it actually belonged to a very similar 540K code W24 car, also used by Hitler. Close but no cigar, Rio.


Even after almost 50 years, the Rio casting compares favorably.

Getting back to history, the car that EMC modelled is Chassis #429334, registered 1Av148697, and delivered to Hitler’s adjutancy on July 8, 1940. Hitler can be seen exiting 1Av148697 here: .

Skipping forward to May, 1945, the car was found on a railway car on a siding near Laufen, Germany by Sgt. T. Joe Azara of the US 20th Armored Division. It had several bullet holes in it (three in the windshield), at least one of which may have been of a caliber to suggest the car was straffed from the air. Anyway, Azara got it running, only to have it commandeered by the US military, painted olive green with white stars, and shipped back in August of 1945 for bond drive appearances like the Blue Goose. Because of this, an engine replacement from a car at Berchtesgaden, and the stories of the Blue Goose’s capture there, it became known as Goering’s car.

It was auctioned off in 1956 at the same sale as the Blue Goose, and purchased for a meager $2725 by H. J. O’Connell. The car swapped hands again, and in late 1969 Claude Pratt offered “Goering’s Mercedes” to the Canadian War Museum as for a tax receipt. The CWR obtained it (long since returned to black) and put it on display.

A CWR librarian, Ludwig Kosche, began looking into the assertion that this was Goering’s car. In 1982, he published the results of his investigation, which revealed conclusively that this was one of Hitler’s cars. Key indicators were the vent louvers at the rear of the hood, and four large slots for ventilation at the base of the windscreen, which are not found on other 770Ks. And, of course, license 1Av148697, combined with a photo of Hitler getting out of this same car.


Above can be seen key details of the CWR car, notably the license and the various wartime headlight covers. All the chrome work is beautifully done.

EMC researched the car well, remembering to add the vents in the hood and ahead of the windshield. The right side rectangular “stiff” flag and left cloth flag match period photos.


With these three and the two earlier Minichamps versions, I now have five 770s in my collection.