1966 Cadillac Variations

By John F. Quilter

All text and photographs by, and copyright of the Author.

The Mexican partworks series offers a gold 1966 Cadillac Coupe De Ville which is, I believe, an Ixo production. This diecast is quite well shaped, of correct 1:43 scale and accurate in most details although most of these would have had white wall tires, at least when new. Since the partworks series cannot be subscribed to by USA residents I was able to find some enterprising vendors on eBay who were selling these and some others in the series. So I got three, one to leave stock, one to convert into a Sedan De Ville (which is actually a pillarless four door hardtop) and one to convert into a top of the line Eldorado convertible.


The sedan conversion was relatively easy as the roof length is the same on the coupe as the sedan but I still needed to break it down, strip off the gold paint and scribe in the four door configurations. Then it was just picking a colour for the exterior and interior and using my technique of making thin white walls using flattened thin gauge wire painted white. All these models benefit from a black wash to the egg crate grill.


The second conversion was the convertible and I chose to do the top of the line Eldorado which has its own side chrome trim and some badge differences. A jeweller’s saw is used to cut the roof off the coupe and a piece of sheet lead is used to form the convertible top boot. The side moulding is a piece of silver coloured wire laid on with some glue then painted with the model to ensure good attachment and finally scraped back to the chrome colour.

A coat of Testors Model Master gloss clear enamel adds the final touch of high gloss to the Krylon Fusion red base colour picked from Google images of period Cadillac colours for the Eldorado.


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