1966 (67) Ford Galaxie

By John Quilter

A website shows a rather lengthy series of 1:43 scale Mexican cars produced for the Grandes Automobile Memorables  partwork by Premium & Collectibles Trading Co of China (PCT) who are the makers of many other models  for  Atlas and DeAgostini as well as their own brands such as  Ixo, IST and PremiumX.


I was able to find the 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan, shown above, on sale from a  Spanish vendor on eBay. Inquiries to him indicate that he does not have others in this series which is unfortunate as some would be of interest to me.

This subject Galaxie is labelled as a 1967 but in the USA this exact same car was a 1966 model. The model has some issues, the major one being the white roof is moulded with a section of the front scuttle and rear scuttle in a non-matching white colour, the rest of the car being a pale yellow as shown in the photograph above.

I believe Ford did two tone cars in this era but more likely the roof was a vinyl roof, often in black.

When I got my model I wanted to correct the scuttle issue so was able to find a Krylon yellow what was a very close match to the body of the car. With a small brush, I used this to cover the louvred front scuttle, see photograph above.

As luck would have it, a pad of yellow notebook paper was an exact match for the yellow so I cut out a rectangle and using double backed tape stuck it to the mismatched rear scuttle ( I think Post-it-Note yellow is the same). This can be seen in the photograph above.

The next improvement was to add a black wash to the grill and finally since virtually all Fords of this era came with thin whitewall tires, I needed to replicate these as well for the final touch. There are decals out there for adding white walls to black wall tires but they are all too wide, more like one would see from the 1930s to the early to mid-1950s. So how to make a representation of a thin white wall? I found that in the past I have made wheel trim rings (rim embellishers) out of silver coloured wire of various gauges. I thought if I could do this why not some whitewalls. Using 24 gauge wire I wound it around the handle of a small screwdriver and cut it to length. Then laid four of them out, sprayed with white paint and with just a touch of epoxy glue laid them on the tires. Not exactly three dimensionally correct but a fair representation of the period style white wall.

Since I like the basic model, I have ordered another one which will be converted into an LTD four door hard top which Ford had just launched to compete with the, new for 1965 Chevrolet Caprice. Both of these cars were top of the line full sized cars for their respective makes and almost always had black vinyl tops and ultra-fancy seat and interior trim. I hope to replicate one of these in the future.

Now if someone will make available the others in this Grandes Autos Memorables series I can add some more models which have never been made before to my ever growing collection.

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