About MAR Online

Model Auto Review (MAR) was in continuous publication as a printed magazine from early 1982 until 2013. From November 2013 the magazine became online-only, with Maz Woolley as Editor and Rod Ward, the original Editor and Publisher, as Executive Editor of MAR Online.

In November 2015 the company which hosted the zeteo.com website, and which built the content management system used to create MAR Online, collapsed without warning. Maz Woolley is ensuring that MAR continues from December 2015 with a new MAR Online website, carrying on from the point where the old site ceased operations.  We are now using this blog format – please subscribe so you don’t miss a single post (bottom left of the page)!

A new editorial team has been formed:

Rod Ward – Consultant Editor and Founder

Maz Woolley – Online Editor and Website Manager

Karl Schnelle – US Editor and Website Contributor

Hans-Georg Schmitt – Consultant Editor Germany

Visitors familiar with the old website will note that we have taken the opportunity to move to continuous postings, so there will no longer be ‘issues’ of MAR, just rolling postings whenever we have time to add new material. You may use the widget at the foot of the page to enter your email address so that you are alerted to any new postings we make or you may choose to follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ModelAutoReviewOnline/ .

As always, contributions to MAR Online are on an unpaid, ‘volunteer’ basis. This applies to all contributors; amateurs, full-time writers or professional photographers alike.

The new MAR Online will continue be FREE to all readers; there are no paywalls, and no hidden charges. You don’t have to ‘register’ or divulge any personal information to read MAR Online.

We invite additional information, comments, corrections, feature articles, news of new releases – whatever you can offer – to make MAR Online as complete and as interesting as possible.